Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou – 06 Review

Episode 06

I will kick start the string of episode 6 reviews with Nurarihyon!

What a nice way to start a dreaded Monday as always.

This episode of NnM is what I would like to call the “Training Phase”, most typical Shounen plots go through this:

Main character is an underdog in some way shape or form >>  proves to have some sort of strength >> meets a challenge which he can’t overcome >> “Training Phase” required in order to gain the strength to meet challenge >> etc.


Rikuo’s group of friends have decided to that in a weeks time, they will be heading towards Kyoto to find Yura who is now in Kyoto at the Keikain main house. Rikuo heads home to let his grandfather know about the trip to Kyoto, but instead of getting approval, Nurarihyon beats the crap out of Rikuo and tells Rikuo that if he were to go to Kyoto, he would die.

After some thought, Nurarihyon decides to send Rikuo (whilst Rikuo is still recovering) to the hidden village of Yokai in the Tohoko region which is the birth place of many Yokai to train feeling that he has been too soft on Rikuo ever since the death of Rikuo’s father. (Who seemed to have been killed by Haguromo Gitsune)

Rikuo wakes up in the village in his Yokai form and is made to do menial tasks as he is seen to be a weakling there. Rikuo meets Itaku as he is trying to escape the village. Itaku is meant to be training Rikuo but the both of them end up in a battle with Rikuo trying to prove he knows how to instill “fear” in his opponents by the end of the episode.


This is probably one of my least favorite episode of the season. We are back in present time now and into a new arc of the Kyoto story, as I had mentioned before, this is what I would like to call, “The Training Phase”.

The plot is being built up with flashbacks of the past of when Rikuo’s father was killed and shots of an Onmyouji getting killed by what seems to be Haguromo Gitsune’s daughter. Also we see that the Nura group is gearing up to head to Kyoto and an action scene is lined-up for the next episode. But why do I say that this is one of my least favourite episode? Because it is more plot building and it is a pretty slow episode as compared to the rest of the episodes. However, the story does get more interesting towards the end of the episode when Rikuo starts to fight Itaku.

That being said, this anime is still the only one that really excites me to the point where I would want to watch the next episode NOW. It is also nice to see new characters, like a new Yuki-onna and Kappa. (seems like a never ending introduction to new characters in this show. How does the mangaka keep track of all of them?)

The other issue that I had with this episode was how this season makes Rikuo out to be weak; so much weaker than what he was last season, it is a tad bit unbelievable how weak they portray him to be.

Episode Excitement Level: 6.5/10 (Seems like I have been typing the number 6.5 so many times recently)

-ra out!

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