Ouran High School Host Club Live Action – 03 Review

Episode 3

So finally I am reviewing episode 3 of Ouran.

This episode adapts and mixes a couple of stories from the manga (if memory serves me right) that was not used in the anime. I love it when Tamaki just goes “Haruhiiiiiiii” whilst holding the bear in this episode. It is so adorable! Lol… so here is the episode summary and my review of it.


It is Summer time at Ouran and the Host club is all decked out in their shiny Summer Costumes. (I like their costumes, the actors look good in them.)

Haruhi is asking for permission to take time off club activities as her grades have dropped and she is no longer number 1 in her class. In order to keep her scholarship, Haruhi would have to pass the make-up exam or risk getting expelled from Ouran. Tamaki, being the dear that he is, offers his Kuma-chan and his Kuma-pencil to Haruhi for goodluck. (The bear looks sooooooo cute!!! Even Hunny’s Usa-chan can’t compare to the dead eyes Kuma-chan).

Haruhi rejects all the offers from the Host Club to tutor her and gets Ayame Jonouchi, the vice-president of Tamaki and Kyoya’s class to tutor her instead. The Host Club being the Host Club can’t help but gossip in the background and Ayame tells them off by spurting out a whole bunch of warnings in a strict/speedy voice in (what is meant to be) one breath. Thus earning her the nickname of “Miss Morse” because of how she sounds like a Morse code.

Tamaki bear goes missing along with his bear-pencil and he then creates a bunch of flyers to give out to the student body to help find his missing items. Haruhi out of curiosity asks Ayame if she has a problem with the Host Club, and we learn that when Ayame first met Tamaki, he praised her hair and Ayame actually felt like Tamaki was like a real prince, but when she found out that Tamaki acts in the same manner with everyone she got frustrated. That coupled with the fact that despite him looking like an air-head, he actually gets higher scores than her and is ranked no. 2 in their class behind Kyoya. And to make matters worse, instead of him studying like a crazy lunatic at home, Tamaki plays Hosts to the female students after school. Ayame tells Haruhi that those were the reasons behind why she hates Tamaki, but Haruhi calls her bluff and says that it sounds like she is in love with Tamaki.

As the episode goes on, we find out that Ayame was the one who stole the Kuma-pen and Kuma-chan and in typical Tamaki style, he finds Ayame and asks her to attend the Summer party that the Host Club is holding.

Ayame turns up to the party and when it came time to receive a kiss from Tamaki, the notorious Twins changed it to Haruhi and Haruhi goes onto stage to give Ayame a kiss. What happens? Tamaki freaks out and rushes onto stage…


and pushed Haruhi onto Ayame, thus making them kiss.


I have to give props to the actress playing Ayame during her morse-code-like speech. She does a really entertaining job of scolding the Host Club members. Her acting is alright and acceptable when she plays the part of a emotionless being, but when emotions come into play, her acting is really hard to watch. It gets pretty painful at times.

The story itself is not that entertaining and would have been better if the script writers had picked a more light hearted story filled with the typical Ouran humor instead of something more dramatic. This is not to say that there are no funny moments, there are, but just not as many as I would have liked.

Tamaki’s Kuma-chan was sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!! I want one too! That bear looks so huggable.

I don’t really have too much to say about the episode as it was a pretty mediocre one for me. My biggest issue is the horrible acting on the part of Ayame’s actress and my favorite moments is when Tamaki screams “Haruhiiiiiiiiii”.

Episode Rating: 6.5/10

Overall, it is an alright episode, I much prefer the other lighter and funnier stories and I think they should stick to those stories.

-ra out! Hope you enjoyed the review! Gonna go take some meds now… *cough*

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