No. 6 – 06 Review

Episode 6

Oh man, this was such a tense episode! The shifting dynamics between the relationship of Nezumi, Safu and Shion in this episode was worrying to watch. I can’t wait to see where this leads to but somehow I feel that it won’t be to a good place without hurt.

And Safu, why did you have to come back and toss everything into turmoil! Damn you. Anyway, here is the episode summary…


Safu has returned to No.6 to see her grandmother’s body. After Safu’s Grandmother’s belongings are handed over to her, Safu sits by a field to reminisce. Safu then tries to smell her grandmother’s clothes but realizes that there is no scent, she looks around and notices that the flowers in bloom aren’t moving, the windmills are not churning and realizes that something is off about No.6. This is when she searches for Shion and finds out that he has been taken away.

Safu runs to find Shion’s mom to find out what has happened to Shion. After finding out that Shion is in the West District, she decides to head there declaring that she loves Shion and wants to meet him. As she leaves the house, she is taken away by the district police. Shion’s mom notices this and sends a message to Shion using the rat.

Back at No.6, Shion is burying one of Inukami’s dogs that had died. After doing so, he returns back home and Nezumi is there. This is where things get tense. Shion is still trying to save No.6 and Nezumi declares that they will end up as enemies because Shion loves No.6 whilst Nezumi hates it. Shion asks Nezumi for his reason but Nezumi keeps dodging the question with answers about the city being a parasite that drains its surroundings so that it is able to survive. Shion gets agitated about the fact that everything with Nezumi has to be black and white and there can never be a gray area whilst Nezumi feels that Shion is too “soft” and is just trying to find a solution that is easy.

After the argument, Nezumi returns to the room leaving Shion outside and the rat delivers the message of Safu’s incident. Nezumi reads it and rushes to the door but before he leaves to tell Shion, he realises that Shion that idiot will rush off and get himself killed. Thus Nezumi decides to keep the incident to himself.


First thing first, how nice for the rat to coincidentally turn up when a urgent message needs to be passed onto Shion. =_=! Now that I have gotten that off my chest….

Damn you Safu, why did you have to go and declare you love Shion in this episode! You could have just remained clueless as usual and that would have been great. The good thing about it is that through the small changes in Safu, we realise along with her the difference between No.6 and the world outside. The bad thing is that can you imagine what sort of humiliation she will go through when she finally says “Shion, I love you” only to be responded by “Sorry, I am gay” (T_T) I weep for her. (At least I hope that that is going to be the response, I am not sure where BONES is going with this ambiguous sexual preference but it just seems like they are trying to please two different crowds. Anyone knows what happens in the novel and if it is similar?)

The whole episode also hints about the lack of life and the “artificialness” of life on No.6. I like that concept a lot, I can’t say that it is anything surprising because it just seemed like that was where the show was going towards since the beginning. But I want to see how everything will tie in together and the subsequent destruction of the perfectly controlled city of No.6 which is a dystopia masquerading as a wannabe utopia.

Sigh, Nezumi. I am glad that despite all the harsh words about how Shion and him will end up enemies, he still decides to protect Shion. Sad part is, he needs to learn to open up, *sob* *pats Nezumi’s back “you will get there, you just need to admit that you love Shion more than you hate No.6″* I love the ending of the episode where Nezumi looks around his room and realises that Shion is now such a big part of his life and he does not want to lose him, that was so sweet.

The really interesting part about this episode would have to be the shift in the mood. Like I mentioned before, this episode’s tense atmosphere feels like a signal that everything will unravel and go spiraling downhill very soon. This should be labelled as “The Turning Point” episode. Considering the amount of episodes this series is meant to have, it is about time we start wrapping things up (like all the back stories and that includes the bees) and head towards the series’ climax. I do not want this to turn into another series with a rushed ending. It might be presumptuous of mr to say this but so far I like the direction of the show and it seems like this series might not end up falling flat and failing to deliver a proper conclusion to the buildup.

Review Conclusion: We still do not know much more about the parasite bees but I guess that might be for the future. For now, this episode puts Safu in a crisis, Nezumi with a huge lie, and Shion being the same (and of course worrying about what will happen being him and Nezumi). =P

So far it is looking like next week is a week to look forward to with all the action building up this week for the different series. Nurarihyon looks like they will finally fight and Natsume ended on a real cliff hanger.

Episode Rating: 7/10

-ra out!

P.S: I hope you readers have been enjoying M0rg0th’s reviews on Kamisama Dolls and Steins;Gate. =) Blood-C was going to be our first combine review but apparently there will not be an episode out this week. =(

Post Updated: I wrote this review before I rushed to work with no chance to check what I was writting.


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