Toriko – 18 Review

Episode 18 – Toriko, Find the BB Corn

Toriko! Boy do I wish I lived in his house, that is only as long as insects don’t exist in that world.

I am not sure how many of you have actually seen this show, but it is a refreshing change from the typical streamline male characters in today’s series so I urge you to give this a try.

If you saw the way Toriko lived, you would probably want to be like him… Wake up to a chocolate tree in morning, squeeze fresh milk out of a fruit (that looked soooo wrong), a mug made out of cocoa (Okay, this could possibly exist and I just don’t own one) and essentially living in a house of sweets. Even the door knob is edible. Now wouldn’t that be nice? (Only if one never gains weight and has Toriko’s metabolism)

Episode Summary

Food of the Week – Hamburgrass – A Hamburger Steak Grass. They look like browned corn croquette with barbeque sauce on it. I wonder what quality meat is used in those steaks.

So this is a plot building episode for the next arc. The team has split up after the Jewel Meat escapade and now they are back to their normal lives, except, things are of course never normal.

Komatsu has been given the task of making the perfect bubbly tuna dish in 7 days to serve to President Doham (the one whom the GT robot had disguised himself as during the battlewolf arc) to pacify his stuborness which is causing the members of the Gourmet Summit a lot of grief.

Coco is heading off towards a task, Sunny is going to go off to do a manicure whilst Rin is back to dreaming of Toriko. Tina the reporter urgently needs new footage without the battlewolf in it and is also not roaming around looking for a new scoop.

Toriko on the other hand is off in his own world trying to find food to feed Terry who has not eaten in weeks. This is when Toriko hears about the mysterious BB Corn (Blue Blood Corn) and decides to head towards the Wuu Jungle in search for it. Komatsu is having trouble coming up with a sauce and after hearing about the Wuu Jungle, he and Tina (who was in search of a story) decides to head there to meet up with Toriko.


You have got to love the bright and vibrant colours in this animation, it makes watching it so much more fun and enjoyable.

The Wuu Jungle Plant Moster

The scene with the Flyer Duck was a tad bit unsettling. Usually most of the food that Toriko eats looks yummy, in a cartoon sort of way. However with the duck meat, it looked really rare. I have not seen anyone eat medium-rare duck meat before, but I guess that since it is a bird meat, perhaps it is possible? After all, some people do eat raw chicken meat in Japan.

The script writers seem to be running low on the creativity aspect when it comes to describing the food. If they do not use Wagyu for meat, they would use Ootoro for Fish. I understand that these are really famous delicacies and thus easier for people to imagine how awesome the food is meant to be, but perhaps they could throw a few other items into the mix.

So far it does not look like the end of the show is nearing, and I don’t think that it is a bad thing. It is nice to have a new weekly series that is an easy watch and something that is a break away from the scrawny protagonist that we get each season in the new anime. Judging from this episode, I would assume this would be the way the show will unfold… Wuu Jungle >> Team Gathers together again >> Gourmet Summit >> Bishokukai Appearance >> more…

Episode Rating: 7/10

I like this show so I might be bias. This is a fun show to watch and sadly does not seem to have a huge following. It is not a show for everyone but do give it a try.

-ra out!


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  1. doesn’t have a huge following? it’s always in the top ten ratings in Japan every week. top 5 or 6 usually.


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