Kamisama no Memo-chou – 06 Review

Episode 06

So far it has been a good week for anime with the excitement levels building up towards the climax. Kamisama no Memo-chou does the same thing too, but the biggest issue with this show is that the direction this arc is taking seems to be trashing whatever direction the first couple of arcs had manage to build up.

The series is moving towards a more slice-of-life, drama direction which is away from the whole detective genre the first 3 stories mainly were. Perhaps it can be seen as a good thing because the previous “mysteries” were honestly not that great. One can only hope that the show has finally settled and decided on what it wants to be and sticks with it seeing as to how it is already halfway through the series.


Narumi and Renji end up having a talk about their individual pasts after bumping into one another which then led to them exchanging their drinks and becoming sworn brothers. Whilst talking, Narumi gets a message reminding him that he needs to head to the club and tells Renji about it. Renji warns Narumi not to go to the club today and when Narumi turns up at the club, the club is on fire.

Souichiro has captured the “thief” that Alice had provided him an image of and beats him up to get more information. The “case” (if you can call this a case) continues to unfold exposing us to the relationship between Renji and Souichiro and a bit of their past together. Once again caught in the middle of it all is Narumi as usual.

When Souichiro finds out that Narumi has contact with Renji he loses his temper and corners Narumi and warns Narumi to stay away from Renji.

After calming down, he sends a few bodyguards to look after Narumi as Narumi continues on his errands with the Club Event. Narumi ditches the bodyguards feeling that he does not need them and ends up getting into trouble with some of the thugs Renji had sent to beat up Narumi. The plot continues to thicken with the crucial parts of the past between Renji and Souichiro still kept a secret and the episode ends with Narumi and Renji meeting up with one another “to talk”.


Alice is once again pointless in my opinion. Her so called detective skills barely does anything crucial when it comes to information and her deductive skills, though alright, is really overpowered by her massive ego. We seem to also be moving away from the whole NEET agency idea of the show and the focus is now on Narumi and his life with the reappearance of some of the NEET crew when convenient. I think that if the tension and the drama in this episode keeps up throughout the rest of the series, it might end up saving itself from where episodes 2-4 placed it.

Once again I have no clue what the writers were thinking with the whole “love” concept between Narumi and Alice. This show has the tendency to have a “it is because the writer says so” attitude towards things. For example:

  • Alice is a great detective because the writers make her say she is. The fact is backed up with a few points here and there, but nothing really big enough to make it believable.
  • Alice likes Narumi because she just does. Reason why? None give.
    Honestly though, every time I see Alice having a crush on Narumi, I am shocked over that fact because it feels so out of the blue and no explanation is given behind why she would even like Narumi. The word ‘sudden’ is probably an understatement.

One aspect that I like about this episode is that Souichiro is now acting more like a Yakuza. Previously he was just a “yakuza” simply because (once again) the writers said so. But now, they actually have him doing some rather “yakuza-ish” things in this episode.

The problem I had with the show was that none of the NEET crew were actually entertaining enough to hold my attention. Instead, the highlight of every episode to me was when Souichiro and his group appeared. The fact that the last two episodes focused on the past of Souichiro made this show slightly more entertaining and has also changed my perspective on how I should view the show as being; not a detective series.

Other issues that I had would be the last scene. Alice claims that Narumi is disturbing her precious password cracking time yet she goes to sleep immediately after inviting Narumi to sleep? I thought she was meant to be smart? The point is not to come up with an excuse on the spot. (Which was what Alice dissed Narumi for being unable to do so) The point is to come up with a *believable* excuse, what’s the point of an excuse if no one believes it? Might as well save your breath. ARGH.

Possibly the biggest problem with the series would be the fact that after 6 weeks, we still have no idea what the point of the show is meant to be. Where is this show going towards? Is there any back plot towards it? Hopefully the writers come up with one quick because they are running out of time.

Episode Rating: 7/10

If you are hoping for a detective show then this really isn’t one. The first few cases may have been more detective driven but ever since episode 4, the style has gone in a different direction away from the whole detective thing and it may be for the best. Alice still gets on my nerve as per usual and I can’t stand the way she treats Narumi. Narumi is as uninteresting as ever but at least he is getting himself mixed up with interesting characters with more personality than him.

P.S: Was I the only one uninterested in Narumi’s past?

-ra out!


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  1. Ever since the first episode (which I thought was amazing), I really thought the writers would go into more character detail. Maybe I’m just into really deep character development or something, but I’d like some more information on Narumi’s past to actually care about a plain, boring person like him. The pilot episode was dark and definitely fit the mood for a detective story that would’ve had much potential to also focus on the characters. I’m not sure what’s really going on with it after watching the 6th episode. If this is a 12-episode season, I’m really worried that it will crash and burn, but if it’s longer like 26 episodes, then there should be time for the storyline to solidify itself.


    • My problem is that this show is meant to be a 12 episode show and we are already halfway through the season without much direction on the point of the show. =/ If it were a 24 episodes season then all these character development would be fine with case revolving each of the characters’ past, but it is not.

      P.S: I felt that the first episode did a good job of introducing all the characters as well. But ever since the first ep, things seemed to have gone awry.


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