Ouran High School Host Club Live Action – 04 Review

Episode 4

This was another fun episode of Ouran, and it was way better than last episode.This episode follows the storyline of Renge arriving at Ouran to find Kyoya.

The pacing of this episode and the acting style reminded me of a dance for some reason. It felt like the actors were dancing around each other and speaking their lines in a almost singing manner, something similar to a musical. Whatever the case, it was a fun episode to watch and had me laughing with it.


Firstly, I would like to apologize for the low amounts of screen captures. There were many other good scenes in this episode but I did not want to overload this review with images. So I guess you will have to make do with the few that I have.

It is another event at Ouran and the first part of the episode basically shows Haruhi being confused with the pairings in the show. You have the twins and then you have Hunny and Mori as a pair.

Renge arrives at Ouran and declares that the rest of the members apart from Kyoya (who she thinks is perfect) requires a “shadow” side to them. As such she decides to create one for them.

I liked the reaction that the group had to Renge, calling her a Otaku was funny. I love Tamaki’s reaction as usual in this episode and Hunny is actually starting to grow on me. I am glad that the director decided to leave out the whole animating Hunny into a tiny person because it was destroying the whole show.

Haruhi teaches Renge how to bake cookies so that she can make some for Kyoya. Naturally the twins stole a piece of cookie from Haruhi after she has bitten into it and Tamaki puts up a fuss.

In order to film the promotional movie for the club, Renge hires a bunch of famous directors to do the filming for the movie. All is going smoothly until Hunny is unable to stand playing the part of the villain and runs to apologize to Haruhi for being so mean and tells Haruhi that he does not mean what he said.

It was curious to see that they managed to find so many Caucasian extras just to film the scene, the directors actually looked awkward and out of place in the show because of that. All the actors in the club actually acted out their scenes and characters quite well. My issue with this series is that their supporting actors for each episode can’t act. Renge has not broken that mold; her acting is really stiff and can get uncomfortable to watch at times.

Renge pulls Haruhi aside to show her a few people whom she feels will be perfect in the show. One of the guys pushes Renge after getting agitated and Renge falls back into Haruhi and they both fall into a pile of metal pipes. Tamaki comes to the rescue and Haruhi is tearing up. Tamaki gets all worried but finds out that it was only due to Haruhi’s contacts having fallen out of her eyes. Kyoya then smashes the camera which happened to be there filming the whole thing not wanting to destroy the image of the club by showing the members in any violent light.

The epiosde ends with Kyoya having made copies of the film to sell as DVDs after editing scenes out. Haruhi tells Tamaki that he does not need to change and he is fine the way he is… Tamaki gets all flustered upon hearing it missing out on the sentence Haruhi says after which is that if Tamaki had a shadow side to him, he would just being more troublesome.

I thought that those DVD covers were funny. The images looked like caricature versions of the actors rather than the original “manga characters”. I have no idea why they would not just use the actual characters instead of making the characters look like the actors. Aren’t the actors meant to look like the original characters not the other way around?


I am really starting to really enjoy this show. The host club is growing on me and the animation is more entertaining to watch once they removed all the CGI parts of Hunny. I would still like to see how many episodes this series will end up being and I hope that this does not end after 10 or so episodes halfway through the story.

I am looking forward to the beach episode and would like to see the crab scene if they film it.

The show still needs to find supporting actors that can actually act as it is bringing the show down quite a bit. Last week’s actress was bad, this week’s one was slightly better but still no where near as good as the Host Club.

After comparing this episode with last week, I think that the directors should follow the stories done by the anime and stick to those until they run out of episodes to do as to me, Ouran is all about the comedy and the anime did a good job of picking the right stories to maintain that atmosphere. The issue with this series is that when they are doing funny scenes, it is really fun to watch. But when the show decides to go down a more dramatic path, those scenes are not done well. The actors and the way the show is filmed makes it seem like it is unable to pull off the change in atmosphere effectively without making it look tacky.

Overall, it is still a fun episode to watch and more entertaining than the last. I liked those scenes of Kyoya when Renge’s imagination ran wild and Tamaki is always a joy to watch. Hunny was also pretty cute this episode. My only complaint with the Host Club is that Mori was a bit out of character at one point in the episode.

Episode Rating: 7.5/10

-ra out!

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  1. Thanks for your review. I am also wondering how many episodes the drama will have. Unlike the anime, this version has the completed series to work with.

    It will get really dramatic once they get into Tamaki’s family life as it did in the manga.
    I like however, that the live action is not just focusing on the anime but including chapters from the book that the anime left out. It makes me feel, as an avid Host Club fan, that the producers are really doing their research. (Plus I know that Bisco Hatori is playing a significant role in making sure that the live action respects the original work).

    Another issue I have is that , one thing I really like about the series is that the tamakiXharuhi relationship takes a while to mature. They dont even realize there feeling until the last quarter of the series. If the live action does end before 10-12 episodes, how are they going to end that relationship?

    I would like a little closure with Tamaki and his mother, as well as recognition that Haruhi realizes that she “respects” Tamaki a great deal.


    • I too wonder how they will end this series.

      The budget of this series does not seem that big and the ratings is not that high, but then the time slot is really crap so maybe those factors won’t mean anything when it comes to the length of the series.

      I hope that they manage to develop Haruhi’s relationship with Tamaki and take their time with the progress of their relationship. It is nice to see characters slowly mature and grow to love each other.

      Since the amount of episodes have yet to be announced, we can be hopeful that this series will cover the entire manga. =D


  2. I love the part when Mori and Hunny filming scene! Especially with Mori when he eyed Hunny with those unexpected expressions! I burst out laughing whenever I replay those scene. =)

    I really hope this series will continue. =D


    • Lol! =p I liked hunny in this episode.

      I am starting to like this series more and more and I also don’t want it to end but… where is the bloody episode 5 raw?! I can’t find it anywhere. dammit. I want to watch it.

      I heard that in ep 5 they decided to add things to it that was not in the manga nor anime. =/ I hope it is good.


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