Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou – 07 Review

Episode 07

This was such a disappointing episode and it is probably the first time this season that I am complaining that any episode is rushed.

The whole training phase of this show felt rushed and I didn’t see any real point to it except for it to be a chance to introduce more new characters. But we will have to see what the next episode brings. For now, this is the first time this season where I am not jumping up and down for the next episode after having seen this episode.


The fight continues and Rikuo’s Fear easily gets “cut through” by Itaku. The Tono Villagers start to discuss the meaning of Fear and the the concept of how to cut through fear (their attacking method). For instance, Yuki Onna uses ice, and Kappa uses Water. So it came down to the question of what a Nurarihyon is meant to be.

The next day, a few Yokai from Kyoto visits the Tono village to get 20-30 recruits to aid in the rise/return of Haguromo Gitsune (she needs a shorter name, should we just call her Hagu-chan? I can imagine getting cursed for doing so. Anyway, back to the summary…) On their way out of the village after having their request turned down, they bump into Rikuo who was busy doing some chores by the stream.

A fight breaks out and Rikuo uses his Fear technique to hide himself, however that only worked for short period of time before his Fear was cut and blown away. Just when Rikuo found himself in deep trouble, Itaku comes to the rescue.

Rikuo then notices a reflection of a moon in the water and reminisces about what his grandfather had told him in the past.

This lead to Rikuo discovering the Nurarihyon secret Technique which was essentially becoming an illusion and confusing the senses of the people around him.

Rikuo attacks back and manages to defeat a couple of the lackeys but right when Rikuo was in trouble, the rest of the Tono group comes to the rescue.

The Kyoto Yokai retreats back to Kyoto vowing to kill Rikuo after they are done with the Kekain Clan.

The episode ends with the reintroduction of Hagu-chan and her Yokai Committee.


I hope that this is not a sign that the episode 7 of this week’s series will all disappoint me because after last week’s string of exciting anime, I really hoped that things would have remained entertaining. Alas, it did not seem to be the case for Nurarihyon no Mago.

So lets start with what is wrong with the episode:

1) The fight scene this episode was so anti climatic and did not build to anything. What promised to be a interesting fight of Rikuo kicking butt was just Rikuo getting his butt kicked instantly instead. I felt like I had ordered hot chocolate but received warm milk water instead .

2) The over use of the word Fear also started to wear on me and it ended up sounding more and more lame as the explanations continued. I understand that Fear is the “signature word” for this series but it does not change the fact that it became tacky quickly instead of cool.

3) The sudden bond between the Tono Group and Rikuo, along with how the both of them shared a common goal of hating the Kyoto Yokai seemed more like a random excuse/idea created just to move the plot forward as quickly as possible whilst introducing new characters. I would have much preferred more of a back story as to a 1 minute explanation.

4) The fight between Rikuo and the Kyoto Yokais. OMG. What was wrong with the music in that scene? The corny background music with stupid beats felt like the sound effects came out of a 1980s disco movie. What the heck? Go and listen to that part, it is aprroximately 13 mins 50 seconds into the show. (I actually went back to make sure that I did not dream up that music)

5) If Rikuo had no method of attacking apart from the sword, what was his sake cup technique that he used to save Yura and Kana from the Rat Yokai in the first season?

Overall, the whole episode felt rushed and I hope that the training arc does not simply end with Rikuo suddenly realising how to use the technique because honestly, all he did was remember some of the past. He barely learnt anything at all. He could have just gotten hypnotized to remember how to do those techniques (or be told by Nurarihyon), what was the point of him being sent to the village apart from meeting new allies?

I am hoping that this was just an introduction to the training arc and the real training starts now. If that is not so, then the lack of substance is really disappointing. After all, if they spent 2 episodes exploring the past of Hagu-chan and Nurarihyon, I am hoping that they will be spending more than a couple of episodes on Rikuo’s development.

Episode Rating: 5.5/10

It felt rushed and was a disappointing one.

-ra out


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  1. For point 5, he seems to need the special sake to do the technique. Alas, he doesn’t bring the bottle around wherever he goes ^_^;

    The Sound Direction has been terrible through entire series IMO. And I mean Very Terrible.


    • Ahh, so special sake is the reason why. That kinda makes a bit more sense.

      As for the sound direction. It is true that the sound direction has been odd but this episode’s fight scene was plain horrible. I could not help but cringe. =P


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