No.6 – 07 Review

Episode 7

Such a nice and touching episode including a first kiss between Nezumi and Shion. \(^ ^)/

Ahh.. So this episode resolves a few issues and the main characters are starting to express their thoughts as well as their feeling more openly. There is still a shroud of mystery surrounding No.6 but it seems like the plot is starting to come together nicely.


The episode starts off with Nezumi hiring Inukashi for a job. As usual, there is tension between the two. Inukashi decides to turn Nezumi down, but Nezumi uses Inukashi’s fear of death to change the situation and the both of them strike a deal where if Inukashi accepts the job of gathering information regarding the correctional facility in No.6, Nezumi will come to Inukashi and sing to Inukashi when he is in pain.

Over in No.6, Karan is looking for Safu but has been told that Safu does not exist. Karan then makes her way to the park and meets an old lady there who was talking about how much of a Utopia No.6 really is. Just as Karan was about to question the truth in that statement Yoming appears and drags Karan away explaining to her how the old lady could have been a spy for No.6 sent to retrieve information as to whether Karan was no longer suitable for being in No.6 due to her questioning the government.

Back in the West City, Shion and Rikigan are walking and Rikigan decides to buy Shion some clothes (after dissing Eve/Nezumi in a rather comical manner). At the store, the store lady knocks over a pile of clothes that had came from No.6 and discovers Safu’s jacket in the pile of clothes. Shion starts to panic.

At the correctional facility in No.6, a couple of people working there are discussing how Safu is like a Golden Egg who has maxed out the statistics. Safu is disoriented and manages to only overhear part of the conversation whilst she is suspended upside down in a glass container filled with liquid.

In an alley somewhere in the West City, Nezumi and Inukashi meet up once again. Inukashi warns Nezumi that Shion has discovered the fact that Safu is in danger and might run off to save her without letting Nezumi know about it.

Nezumi heads home that night and Shion is waiting for him with a feast. They start to discuss about what Shion would do if Safu returns and asks for sex and Shion reponses saying that he is not sure about what love is but believes he is a good judge of character. He then goes on to explain his judge of Nezumi’s character and moves in to kiss him. Despite Shion claiming it to be a goodnight kiss, Nezumi knows better.

That morning, Nezumi spots Shion heading out and punches Shion in the face for lying to him. Shion retaliates after finding out that Nezumi is lying and they have a heart to heart talk. Shion expresses his doubts and his insecurities pertaining to Nezumi and Nezumi tells Shion how important he is and how he is who he is today because of Shion saving him 4 years ago and thus giving him hope.

The episode ends with the two of them agreeing to gather more information before running to save Safu.


I like the fact that this episode resolves a few issues.

Firstly, now that Shion about Safu’s predicament, that part of the issue is being handled and this means that the story can move on from here.

Secondly, simply through this whole Safu escapade we get to see character development:

  • Shion expresses his thoughts and feelings, including having to resort to lying and deceit. Of course that in turn resulted in
  • Nezumi himself expressing what Shion has done for him and how important Shion is to him (aka Nezumi is finally opening up). All this was brought about by
  • Inukashi who was worried about the situation between Shion and Nezumi and even tried to help resolve the situation despite the tension that existed between the both of them and how Inukashi is portrayed as a selfish character that was typical of someone who stemmed from the West District.
  • Back in No.6, we see Shion’s mom questioning the fact that No. 6 is a Utopia, thus showing us that she is starting to think and question her surroundings instead of simply accepting everything (you already know how I feel about the whole Utopia thing from my review on last episode, so I won’t bother saying more)
  • And we have the reappearance of Yoming who has apparently been researching about the ongoings of No.6

It is good that the story is starting to come together with the various characters whom we have seen throughout the series making a reappearance. It is nice to know that the show does not simply create characters and toss them aside after they have done their part but instead finds a way to bring them back into the story. Even clothing can play a major part in helping the story unravel.

The problem is that these last few episodes seem very character driven rather than plot driven. We are no closer to finding out what the bees are after or why they are there and we still have no idea what No. 6 really is despite the whole sci-fi scene of Safu trapped in the glass container filled with liquid. (How does she breathe anyway?)

The pacing of this episode seemed slightly inconsistent but not too much of a worry. There were points when the pacing was absolutely fine but then you have the last scene where it felt like the dialogue between Nezumi and Shion is coming out faster than what the mood was trying to set, even the sunrise felt like it was on fast forward rising above the horizon at such a fast pace. Also, the absolute silence from when the piano piece faded out to when the ED song started was odd and awkward. I understand silence being done to create a dramatic effect but there was really no reason why the music should fade out during that scene instead of simply overflowing into the ED song.

Now onto my Nezumi x Shion rant…

A speical big picture of Nezumi thinking about the kiss for you guys

KYAAA! (okay I am fangirling, so what?) A KISS!!! Finally! I don’t care if it is a goodnight, goodbye, or good riddance kiss, they finally kissed. It was a nice simple lip on lip touch but the shocked look on Nezumi’s face along with the concern her felt was enough to make me happy. ESPECIALLY since this was brought about by Nezumi asking Shion of he will have sex with Safu if Safu were to ask again, and instead of answering Nezumi’s question about love regarding Safu, he changes the topic to it being about Nezumi and how he felt about Nezumi.. *happy sigh* It is good to know that it is not looking like Safu is just going to re-enter and destroy the whole r/s between them. I would still like to know if this is as far as the writers are willing to push the r/s between Nezumi and Shion though.

Episode Rating: 7.5/10

Overall, I am happy with the episodes. The story is starting to come together and the characters are also starting to look like they will all be meeting up with one another soon. Judging from the way the series is going, it looks like the future for this series is bright. We are left with some hints in this episode, including the one which seemed like No.6 might already know about the Bees situation and are starting to look for a solution and from the looks of it Safu might be the answer to it all. But with such an ambiguos dialogue in the correctional facility scene, it could have really been a talk about anything.

-ra out!

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