Blood-C – 06 review

You really shouldn’t search for depth when the series is forced to let people and monster explode in such a way…

Episode 6 – Dashed by Fierce Winds
Reviews by M0rg0th and Saranaufogus

M0rg0th: Another episode of Blood-C! Yeah, another chance to prove me wrong and actually start talking about what the series is actually about! Well, partly my prayers were answered because seemingly it was decided to show why this series is called Blood-C which is a nice change from the cheesy slice-of-life in the beginning. But don’t worry it’s still the same kind of Blood-C-Episode full of hints, suspicions and nothing helpful that might explain the story.

M0rg0th’s Episode Summary (with comments since not much happened story-wise):

So we’re back to that again… doing nothing and repeating itself? Well, I might as well talk about everything of that big heap of nothing.

The episode starts with Nene being saved by Saya as this Elder Bairn attacks them both suddenly. Nene has the great idea that just running aimlessly around would help her despite Saya being all ‘I have done this before.’ with the way she calmly faces that monster. As Saya finally gets Nene to follow her, they end up in the temple with Saya getting her hands on Exca… I mean, this holy sword-thingy and she wants to start kick some ass as she hears Nene shrieking who succeeded in getting her head eaten by a sneak attack from a giant monster (really phenomenal how these giant beasts can sneak up on you). Saya gets angry and is in Hack & Slay Mode right from the beginning which means that the fight is decided in moments. But it’s too late… Nene has lost her head. Saya falls asleep beside Nene’s corpse and that of the monster and is woken up by her father who then does some kind of Jedi-trick to make her fall asleep again – because it’s fun! Waking up people and then making them fall asleep again – he really does that all the time…

I still can’t believe how he can say that with a straight face…

Saya wakes up in her pyjamas and doesn’t feel like singing – not one damn bit. Fumito arrives now and acts like her butler giving her the usual cup of coffee because when you have a fever that’s what you get.

A hot cup of coffee.

Yes, things are a bit different in Saya’s town. Her father tells her that she has a slight fever (a “slight fever” can knock out a tyrannosaurus rex as fas as animes go) and that she will stay at home for today leaving after saying that. Fumito declares that he makes her lunch and disappears also. Saya then feels all fuzzy and like wasting time stating the obvious. A great line of dialogue here: “I fell like this has happened before… Was it a dream? No. It was real…” It’s called memory, goddamnit! And people remember stuff all the time, it’s not a mystery, what you’re doing there is just having flashbacks! Falling asleep she dreams for the rest of the day – a dream consisting of the helpful line: “Then let’s try it – the two of us.” Yeah, whatever that was supposed to mean. And so Fumito’s lunch goes wasted… poor guy.

The next day everything’s clean on the temple grounds and Saya prepares to go to school but her father gives her the Holy Sword (not Excalibur, mind you). As he urges her to take the sword she asks: “Did the Eight Trigams show another Elder Bairn?” Uh… What did what? Her father just gives her the sword by saying “Take it.” altough she didn’t frigging asked for that kind of answer! It was a simple yes-or-no-question: Did he saw Elder Bairns with his mojo-stuff or did he not? One simple Question… Not even a subtle “You will need it.” or “Just to be safe.”, no, just “Take it.” – what for then?!

No, that’s normal. What your fever does is making you narrate your whole damn life to the audience in a sort of monologue…

Saya arrives then at school meeting Tokizane in the hallway being all ‘shiny knight’ and “You can trust me.”. But he’s interrupted by the glasses-guy who looks in a mean way at Tokizane who doesn’t look very appreciative of this reaction to him.
In the class Yuka says that Nene is missing for two days now and the teacher repeats that and also adds that the police wants the school to be closed because of the sudden disappearances happening all over town. Saya then gets a headache remembering what happened to Nene and the teacher just remarks after hearing Saya’s complains “Your head. That’s all?” Yeah, so it’s nothing important, who needs a head anyway? Nene perhaps? Well, perceptive insight from the teacher as we all can see. There’s also some perceptive insight from – the dog! He talks – finally! But he hasn’t said much, the same old ‘You know nothing’-routine, been there done that. We know already that Saya should’ve figured this shit out a long time ago, whatever it might be.

Then Nono arrives – in her school-uniform. Because she doesn’t wear anything else. So she sees Saya and goes all ‘Psycho’ on her, asking her what she has done to Nene since she went to Saya’s place and Saya is like ‘What can I possibly say – besides the damn truth?’. And while Nono gets a bit more creepy, her shadow gets even creepier – ’cause it eats people. Shadows usually don’t do that. It seemingly also summons people because all of a sudden the street is full of people where before was an empty street when Saya arrived. So while Nono has the whole Monster-thing for her going Saya goes directly into Hack & Slay Mode and starts fighting. A few nobodies die while she’s doing her job (her job is protecting people, yes, she’s not the best in her business) and after some time she gets sucked in by the black thing which starts a surreal scene of Nono being trapped in a spider-web and Saya cutting her loose. That kills the monster and lets it explode in a rain of blood – because it’s not like we haven’t seen enough blood already. Nono also dies. Well, being a friend of Saya isn’t the smartest move one can make these days, it seems.

And the dog just ends the episode with saying: “Wake up, Saya.” Exactly! That’s what I’ve been saying since the first episode and look where that got the series? Just nowhere! Couldn’t one of these characters finally tell Saya what’s happening instead of indirectly telling her that by some miracle she will remember it at some time in the future?

M0rg0th’s Review:

So, the fighting was still mildly entertaining but the rest still behaves like everything is a goddamn secret and nobody is allowed to say anything significant. And there’s blood, a lot of blood and people are killed in all imaginable gruesome ways – is that a new thing that’s supposed to entertaining? With Madoka I could understand it but here? It just happens so often and becomes just a trifling matter after some time. That kind of thing should be used as an exception to the rule and not the other way around…

As far as the story goes the episode didn’t do much and there weren’t even real hints as such. It was weird when Nono got a monster shadow but this could mean anything and all we get is more suspicions about this village and what really happens here. Saya’s father with his Jedi-trick certainly has some kind of hold over her and Fumito is also obviously much more than just the nice neighbour with a café. But that’s stuff I’ve suspected before – it’s time the series starts to give some hard facts in that department. The dog was a good start since he started to speak (although nothing significant) and I hope that he will play a more central role in the next episode – perhaps by finally explaining what the hell is going on here?

And there are still some philosophical comments but they were rather light this time with Saya’s father hoping that Saya will be guided by the light or something and then there was the dream that was just cryptic. With that the episode really got very direct and there was no hint of any kind of subtlety here. Perhaps in some rare case one might be entertained by the gory action of this episode but I doubt that it will satisfy anyone who’s in search of the story of this series. It gets obvious that most of the suspicions one has formed in previous episodes are proven in this one again but there’s still no hard proof for any of it.

In the end it’s another episode that tries to build up tension. One might be entertained by the notion that the style of building-up has changed from showing the contrast of fluffy everyday life and fighting in the night to gory, brutal action of the unsubtle kind but after everything’s done this series is still more hinting at its story instead of telling it.

Episode Rating: 4,5/10

Saranaufogus’ Review

Firstly, this is the first combined review between M0rg0th and I, I hope that you guys will enjoy reading the different opinions that we both have.

Now onto the show…

I surprisingly liked this episode despite its many flaws and its erratic pacing (sorry M0rg0th). There were some moments where nothing happened and time stood still, and then you have those nice moments of added mystery and action. Perhaps it is the one week break that did the trick of distancing myself from the show, but the slow scenes did make me feel relax this episode instead of frustrated. I actually felt like after a hectic day at work; the slow scenes with it’s orchestra backing soundtrack did calmed me down and I enjoyed listening to the creepy yet soothing tones, but then again, that could be a problem in itself.Thankfully though, following episode 5, we do see more “development” and questions appearing instead of the repetitive episode 1-3. (I know, I just can’t let that go)

Speaking of development, I assume that this series’ main objective is to create as many complications and unanswered questions as well as suspicions as possible, all in anticipation of the movie revealing everything. So what progress is there in this episode you ask?

  1. Saya’s father has the ability to make her sleep. Quite a cool trick, I want to learn how to do that (though this show does the trick sometimes).
  2. Creepy classmates and creepy teacher with her b*tchy comment – suspicious suspicious suspicious
  3. Dog actually spoke! oh my god! Finally we understand more of about that creature. Sadly though, in usual Blood-C style, Saya asks a question of “what are you?” but does not get a answer and we are left wondering and twiddling out thumbs.
  4. Nono is a monster? (My cliche speculation: Certain humans in that village become monsters once they gather enough negative energy?)

Onto my issues regarding this episode:

So Nene runs away all scared leaving Saya behind, what a nice friend she is, and Saya tries to hold back the monster using her strength? I did not know superhuman strength was one of her powers, here I thought all she could do was make her eyes go red. Oh well, you learn something new each day. (I am being sarcastic, this show brings out the best in me as you can see. =_=”)

Okay, whilst Saya is busying herself with getting a sword and apologizing, Nene gets eaten alive. I am surprised, they actually did not show us blood in this scene but rather blacked it out. =p The same thing happens in the Nono scene and the people are white out instead. I seriously don’t get the point of animating a scene when you block half the screen with a white blur/blob. Did the animators get a memo telling them that a series is not going to sell just because there is a lot of blood in it? What is Blood-C without Blood? Also, was anyone else surprised over Saya’s activated eyes beaming for a second there? It was super mecha like. Nice thing about that scene, the dramatic soundtrack made it even more dramatic. Kinda actually think that it was not that bad. It is one of those moments where I can’t decide if I like it or not.

Maybe it is me, but for some reason the music and color of the glass bubbles filled with blood scene reminds me of Arabian Nights and Aladdin.

The classroom scene where Saya was spooked out by the looks that her classmates were giving her spooked me out too. I had the creeps, they looked like robots there to observe Saya. Maybe it is my over-reactive imagination or hope for more unanswered theories but I could not help but smell the air of conspiracy and coverup when Nene was declared as still being missing. One thing that I can say this scene solidifies about Saya’s character is the fact that she really has no concept of care nor a sense of what right or wrong is, but I guess she has been portrayed in that way throughout the whole season.

M0rg0th, this OP scene should have hinted to all of us that Blood was the main focus of everything.

Bloody hell, yes I am cursing, and yes I mean it literally too. Every episode is bloodier than the previous. Someone should tell the animators that when blood dries up, it turns dark and not remain vibrant red/pink (refer to the scene where Nene gets her head bitten off by the giant vulva (image below)). Whilst as I had mentioned above, they did white-out/black-out the slaughter scene to save themselves some red ink, they sure as hell went out of the way to let it rain blood towards the end of the episode.

I know it is meant to be some sort of mutant scorpion monster, but this just reminds me of a giant vulva with legs and feelers.

Maybe I just find it hard to sympathize with Saya when she is all distraught seeing as to how Nene died by getting her head eaten off at the beginning of the epiosde (by a giant vulva no less, I will leave all the sexual innuendo to your imagination, I blame M0rg0th for making me think of literature making my imagination go hyper) because she was too busy talking to a sword and apologizing to it and she then went on to kill Nono at the end of the episode without even bothering to find a way to “save” Nono. Instead, in usual Saya style, as M0rg0th previously mentioned, kill first question later. I mean really, what was she expecting to happen when she sliced Nono into 2? Last I heard, swords can kill people, not just monsters.

Overall, I did actually enjoy it. Maybe it is because I am so burned out from a busy day and am able to fully appreciate not having to use my brain as much, but this show did continue to build up the story and shows an admittedly slow but continuous progress of the “secret facts/points” brought up in the previous episodes.

Episode Rating: 6.5/10

I hope you guys enjoyed the two different reviews and were not bored to death by the epic amount of words. We would both like to hear your thoughts on whether you like this format or have any suggestions at all. Naturally, we would love to hear your thoughts on this episode as well! =)

-ra out!


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