Kamisama no Memo-chou – 07 Review

Episode 7

So did this episode fulfill the expectation brought upon by the last episode or did it fall flat on it’s ass once again?

I am happy to say that overall, it was an exciting episode and the cliffhanger at the end really made me excited.

Episode Summary

So Narumi meets up with Renji in the last episode to talk and they finally get to talking except Renji is the one doing most of the talking warning Narumi that he will kill Narumi the next time he sees him. Renji then went on to explain the past about the relationship and essentially, the whole situation was because of a girl called Hison. The three of them use to be close to each other and the two guys had made a vow never to hook up with Hison. One day, Renji finds out that Soichirou had used Hison as a shield causing Hison to get stabbed and die in the process. To top it off, Hison’s body disappeared and is nowhere to be found.

During the course of the conversation, he gets agitated and breaks his handphone which we would later on realise resulted in the NEET squad being unable to trace him using GPS.

To add to Narumi’s worries, he gets a call about the event being cancelled but is grateful because the girl whom he was working with convinced the higher-ups otherwise.

After the conversation, Narumi goes to see Yoshiki to decide on a logo and we discover that Yoshiki is unable to stand up properly due to an old knife wound. Ooooo... so suspicious.

After the conversation with Yoshiki, Narumi makes a phonecall to the Fourth to convince him that it was all a misunderstanding between him and Renji and that they should patch up and he should seek Alice’s help with resolving the issue. Naturally, he cried as well. (Can you see the tears in his eyes in the screen cap? Sorry it is so small)

Alice then rants as usual and Soichirou turns up deciding to seek Alice’s help. The NEET team being who they are have already found various surveillance ways to track Renji and are already in the process of searching for him.

Through Hiroaki’s connection, we find out more of the past and of the Fourth getting stabbed in the shoulder during the whole incident as well as Hison getting dragged off by the thugs from the Goutoda Group.

Whilst talking to Narumi, Alice gets an enlightenment regarding the case and Narumi runs off to find Renji. Whilst he is running he gets a call telling him that the Fourth has been stabbed.


So this whole situation is all about a girl? Argh. Why am I not surprised. My guess is that Hison is actually Yoshiki and that all along Hison was not a girl but a guy. Or maybe Yoshiki use to be a girl and went through a sex change. (my mind is running wild with possibilities that would make this case even more interesting)

The progress made in this episode was nice and it revealed more information about the past between Soichirou, Renji and Hison and managed to move onto solving the case as well. I am surprised that they decided to pace it the way they did but I am happy with it. This series does not really have a pacing issue but rather has an issue of starting off nicely but losing its steam as the cases went on. Then again, some of the cases were never even interesting to begin with. It is nice to see that this case still remains intriguing.

Personally, I am sick of the whole concept of a middle man trying to make people remain friends by convincing them that it was all a misunderstanding. I understand that this is a timeless message (the whole everyone should be friends and happy together and there is no such thing as a boogey man) and it can’t be erase, but it was the way this message was executed in this episode that got me annoyed. Narumi thought that by simply shouting into the phone and crying he would be able to change Soichirou’s mind. Sure, he had some facts that he had used to try and convince the guy so that is a plus, but someone should tell him that he should stop sounding so whiny and perhaps a more mature approach towards the matter might help. The good thing that came out of that scene was that it looks like the writers are trying to tie the whole story back into the detective theme. Funny thing is that, his whining actually convinced Soichirou to seek Alice’s help despite him blatantly telling Narumi off through the phone, go figure. The story does not even give a satisfying reason as to why Soichirou changed his mind apart from Alice saying that Soichirou always “returns anything he is entrusted with”. =_=?? What is that suppose to mean?

Now onto our dearest Alice. The whole philosophical scene with Alice talking to Narumi (she is turning into another preacher) bored me to tears. (_ _)zZ I managed to adsorb what she said at the beginning but the moment she said she was not going to care about the case I stopped caring about what she said too and zoned out. Yet she still kept on preaching about life. If a kind soul out there would like to do a brief description of what she was trying to convey, that would be appreciated.

Another thing about Alice is that I am sick of alice talking in riddles, does she think it makes her sound smarter? ARGH, she is frustratingly pretentious. To me, this episodes’ downfall (and maybe the series’ downfall) is having a character like Alice. The show moves nicely and builds up a decent tense atmosphere but it gets destroyed the moment Alice appears and opens her big mouth and start her “smarter than thou” rant on things.

One plot hole is during the last scene when Narumi runs off to look for Renji. How does Narumi know where to go? I thought that the whole reason why the Fourth hired them was to find Renji and yet just because Alice says to find him Narumi goes running off without thinking about where he is running to? I guess since the Fourth got stabbed he would end up running towards the Fourth and that situation would not be an issue at all. Tsk tsk writers, you did not think that one through did you?

I felt like the animation got lazy during the flashback scene with still images. The whole black and white concept seemed like it was meant to be cool and add to the atmosphere of it being something dark and unknown but it did not come across that way to me. Instead, it just felt like the animators got lazy and decided to head out to grab a drink earlier instead of adding the colours in.

Episode Rating: 7/10

Overall, I liked this episode and it had its moments. I was worried for a moment about it becoming a disappointment but I am glad that it managed to more or less keep up the excitement levels from the previous episode. I can’t wait to see what next episode is and if Soichirou is fine T_T Please don’t die…. you are my favourite character!! I just hope that the case after this one would be of Alice’s past coming back to haunt her and explaining why she has such a screwed up attitude.

P.S: Someone should tell Narumi that no one can see him bow when he is just talking through the phone. (at approx 7:43 minutes into the show, you can refer to screen shots above)

-ra out!


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