Mawaru Penguindrum – 06 Review

Don’t you just love how exaggerated the expressions of the characters in this series are?
It makes it so much fun to watch! =D

Episode 06

Oh my god. Ringo, did you have to go and open the episode with such creepy thoughts? But “YAY” to being able to see the penguins again this week!!

There is one thing that I can’t help but wonder… What is the possibility of Ringo ending up with Shouma? I mean, if one follows a typical shoujo route, bickering people who hate each other ==> end up a couple. Now I think that that would be pretty hilarious to watch – Ringo changing her stalking target to Shouma. I’m just saying… =P

Okay so this episode essentially follows two different character plot lines. The episode jumps between telling Ringo’s past and the mysterious things happening to Kanba’s ex.

Episode Summary

Kanba goes to the hospital to visit Asami but she no longer remembers who Kanba is. Kanba spots a white ball on the hospital floor as he speaks to Asami. In the other part of town, Shouma is helping Ringo prepare for Project M (aka Project Marriage). Naturally, Ringo is treating Shouma with as much respect as a rat.

After the hospital, Kanba visits two of his ex-girlfriends to find out more about Asami’s condition and to find more clues. While they were talking, the girls gets sniped and hit with a red ball. Both of their characters suddenly change and they start to fight over Kanba. Under the table is the penguin busy reading naughty magazines.

The ball then explodes on their head and drops to the floor turning white.

Meanwhile back at Ringo’s apartment, Ringo falls on top of Shouma and does not move. Just as that happen’s Ringo’s mother walks in.

The episode then goes on to explain Ringo’s past and her overhearing a conversation of her parents arguing over the importance of Momoka (Ringo’s late sister) VS Ringo. (Poor Ringo) It follows onto telling the story of Tabuki and his relationship with Momoka and how Ringo’s twisted mind decides that it is fate for her to live out Momoka’s life.

Back in present time, Ringo’s mother assumes that Shouma is Ringo’s boyfriend and as you can see above, his reaction was “Not.Shocked.At.All”

The episode ends with Ringo, despite her running a high fever, sneaks out of her house and crawls under Tabuki’s house to carry out mission First Night. You have to give that girl props for her determination.

The final scene eludes to the mysterious villain talking about Project M to her superior with a black penguin on her lap. (You know she is a protagonist when her penguin defies logic and is black. *nod*)


This episode was sooo creepy and disturbing but I love it so much! It was awesome! The creative direction in this episode was as usual highly entertaining and fun to watch. The framing of the scenes (image below) were nice and the artistic direction gave the storytelling another dimension. This is my favorite “pretty” series this season and the interesting and well-balanced plot does not hurt at all. It is good to see that after 6 episodes, the quality of Mawaru Penguindrum has not dropped off but has continuously pleased the viewers. The atmosphere is starting to get darker and “heavier” and the creepiness level increases with each passing episode.

I love these shots. There were many other nice dynamic shots but I am too lazy to screen cap them.

It is nice to see that we finally understand Ringo’s past. I never once thought that there was anything behind her actions except the fact that she is a psycho. However, after knowing that she is all twisted up living in the shadow of her deceased sister, I can kinda understand why she acts the way she does. But even so, she is still a psycho. Who stalks the way she does?! I mean seriously, she is highly delusional but in a funny way. I couldn’t help but laugh at the scene where Ringo’s mom thought that Shouma was her boyfriend. I have to ask though, where is Ringo getting all her equipment from? Especially the whole lighting setup that she had going on under Tabuki’s house, who makes them?

There was one point in time when Kanba’s ex-girlfriends shot in the head by that red ball where I actually had a fear that the screen was going to be filled with blood and turn into another Blood-C (refer to top images). I have now develop a fear of blood in anime due to that show. Thanks a lot CLAMP.

The penguins were less than helpful in this episode, instead, they played the part of comedic relief instead. It was always entertaining but quite pointless at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, I love it because I think that this just adds to the quirkiness of the whole show. Speaking of quirkiness, the representation of Ringo’s parents and the toys was spooky and I felt somewhat terrorized by it. The constant hitting of the acorn on the table along with the biting and breaking sound. Too freaky. (T^T)

Overall, this episode tells us more about Ringo and I appreciate this fact about her sister Momoka. However, the brothers are no closer to obtaining the Penguindrum and the plot has thickened with the introduction of penguin-balls-sniper-chick. Since it is a 24 episode anime, the series is developing nicely so far.

Episode Rating: 9/10

I’m loving it! A great way to get back into the show after missing one week.


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  1. What can I say, you’re right this episode and the anime is good!


    I love your reviews !! They're funny and help me understand what's going on a bit more !! 😀
    Will you be going over the first few episodes though?


  3. Hey Annie Yuu,

    I am thinking of going back over the first few episodes (especially after watching the latest episode, but it is all about whether I have the time to do so since the new season of anime is starting soon)

    What episode are you at?


  4. Ahhh.. sorry for the late reply.. it’s linked to school..

    Because school has been stopping me from watching ANY ANIME at the moment (it’s killing me !!), I will probably watch it all over again! (Not that I mind at all XD)

    And I apply no pressure on you to write up a review for them 🙂 Whenever you are able, would be awesome!

    I’ve seen some new titles coming out that certainly sound interesting!

    OOOo !! Just saw in the side bar that you have started reviewing Ben-To! (Another to start watching AND reading your review to! haha) 😀


    • “Because school has been stopping me from watching ANY ANIME at the moment (it’s killing me !!), I will probably watch it all over again! (Not that I mind at all XD)”

      You will actually pick up a lot more the second time around due to the type of show that it is. =)

      “I’ve seen some new titles coming out that certainly sound interesting!”

      Yup, there sure are a few new titles that are relatively interesting (although nothing as great and quirky as Mawaru)

      “OOOo !! Just saw in the side bar that you have started reviewing Ben-To! (Another to start watching AND reading your review to! haha) :D”

      Haha… =D Is school the only place you are able to watch anime from?


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