Ouran High School Host Club Live Action – 05 Review

Episode 05

AHHH!!! KYAAA~!!!! AWESOME epiosde filled with YUMMINESS!!!

Half dressed Host Club, tonnes of crabs, Kyoya without his spectacles, hugs, shouting, laughter and everything good. I love this episode. =)

Although the storyline diverts away from the manga storyline and the anime storyline, it is nice to see romance playing a bigger role in this series.


So this episode covers the beach story with a few changes here and there.

The Host Club is having an event on the Nekozawa beach (as all the other members only own beaches that are outside where they are). Whilst on the beach, the Host Club realised that they are unable to find Haruhi’s weakness and thus Kyoya instigates a competition amongst the Host Club members putting up Haruhi’s Middle School pictures as the prize. All the members decide to participate and the Scare Haruhi competition starts.

The twins decide to test if Haruhi is scared of skeletons/ghosts/monsters and surprise surprise, she is not. Hunny senpai decides to test whether Haruhi has a fear of heights. Mori on the other hand tried to scare her with a ‘Mori’ (?) (some harpoon looking thing) and Haruhi thought that it was just Mori trying to crack a cold joke.

After all the failed tests, they start to wonder if Haruhi might really not have any fears after all. Meanwhile on another corner of the beach, Haruhi stumbles upon a few Ouran girls that are being tormented by 3 guys and Haruhi intervenes only to get herself pushed off the cliff.

Tamaki and the club run to Haruhi’s rescue when a female witness decided to alert the Host Club of the situation. Tamaki jumps in after Haruhi and saves her. As Haruhi shows no remorse, Tamaki decides to cease conversations with her until she learns her lesson. (Dumb move Tamaki =p)

Naturally, Tamaki being Tamaki ends up suffering because Haruhi decides not to apologise as she felt like she had done nothing wrong. (that scene was pretty cute. Tamaki was his usual over dramatic self) At the dining table, Tamaki and Haruhi are seated next to each other and ignoring one another. Finally Haruhi speaks up and offers Tamaki a crab leg, the only issue is that the leg was empty and she knew it. This just caused more tension between Haruhi and Tamaki.

Having eaten so many crabs, Haruhi starts to feel sick and runs into a random room’s toilet to puke. When she comes out, she realises that the room she was in was in fact Kyoya’s room. Kyoya decides to teach Haruhi a lesson by showing her how unaware she was and how weak she was. (*fangirling at Kyoya’s half dressed state*) Tamaki enters the room and freaks out at the scene of Haruhi on the bed and Kyoya half naked by the bed. Kyoya leaves the room and thinks about what had transpired that afternoon.

Apparently after Tamaki had dived into the ocean after Haruhi, Kyoya tossed his glasses onto a rock (resulting it in getting smashed) and dives in after her. The scene then cuts to Kyoya panicking (way more than Tamaki was) trying to get Haruhi to respond.

Back in the room, lighting strikes outside and Haruhi panics. She excuses herself saying that she has something to do and walks towards the closet.

A flashback scene happens of when Haruhi was a kid and all alone. Tamaki then comforts her and tries to find a method to help Haruhi cope with her fear of lightning. Just when he had Haruhi blindfolded with headphones on, the Host Club walks in and starts to give Tamaki unapproving looks accusing Tamaki of being into SM.

The last scene cuts back to the Host club back at school and all of them tormenting Tamaki over his SM fetish. Hunny has Mori blindfolded and chained. The twins are chained up with cat ears on and Haruhi also joins in the fun by pretending to be suspicious of Tamaki.


This was such a fun epiosde!

Since I am a Kyoya x Haruhi fan, this episode got me all high and happy. I love Tamaki but I think the serious Kyoya is more attractive. =p Although I loved Ouran, I always felt that it was lacking in the Romance department but this episode made up for it! I just hope that this means that there will be more of love rivalry between the host club members and a bigger focus on Romance as compared to the Manga and Anime. (I know that there is a bigger emphasis on romance in the manga as compared to the anime but I felt like that even then, it was moving very slowly.)

The half naked boys were also a welcomed look. XD (hey! I am only human)

Another good thing about this episode was the fact that we saw more of the twins talking in time with one another. After 5 episode it is starting to look like maybe the actors are starting to get more and more into their characters.

Kyoya was a bit out of character for me but I am starting to grow fond of this version’s Kyoya.

The upsetting thing about this episode was the house itself. It looked really shabby and there was a lack of class and quality in the settings in this episode. =( It is a good thing that this show has a decent acting cast to pick up the slack left behind by the visuals.

Overall, I would have liked for the episode to have slowed down a bit more and developed itself but it was another funny and entertaining episode with a lot of hot moments leaving me feeling like a crazed fangirl, even after the epiosde was well over.

Episode Rating: 8.5/10 (Just because I liked the Kyoya scenes a lot)

-ra out!

Sorry for the low quality screen caps. I could not wait for the HQ version to come out.

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  1. I love this episode too!! i am tamakixharuhi fans btw but seriously this episode is really good. i like it when it doesn’t stick too much with the anime. Kyouya scene make my heart flutter a bit!. Seriously. the part where his glasses are smashed and he is panicking is soooooo cute!!.;DDDD


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