Character Designs for Hunter x Hunter 2011

The character designs for next season’s Hunter x Hunter are out!

For more images read on…

The characters don’t look too different from the original series except for a few minor differences here and there.

Leorio still looks the same, so that is a good thing. =D

Am I the only one who thinks that Killua looks like a happy dog in the above-left image? I just hope they don’t change his personality, I kinda like him in the anime series.

Gon looks fine in these character designs.

If I am not wrong, Kurapica’s eye colour is different from that in the original series. I am not sure what his normal eye colour is meant to be, but the black eyes look really boring. I mean, who actually has black eyes with blonde hair?

I just love Hisoka and I like how sadistic he looks in the above character designs.

Can’t wait for Hunter x Hunter 2011 to be out in a month or so! Personally I think that the character designs look fine and the differences from the original anime series are minor. What do you think?

-ra out!

Source: Crunchyroll


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  1. Yes I do think Killua looked like a happy dog or something in that picture.
    The new HXH series will air on October 2, 2011 at around 10:55am in Japan based on the manga announcement. I really do looked forward seeing on in the internet.


    • A sudden thought, where do you guys think the anime will continue? The ants? Which I personally think is really absurd. Or with the Geneiryodan group, finding their Jyonen user?


    • Well, the series won’t continue… it will be a remake from scratch and then perhaps it might continue after they have caught up to it, which means that it will be a horribly long wait before we even know where they plan on animating until. =/


  2. FUCK DAMN ! if these really Gon / Killua / Kurapica pictures that will be in 2011 october then I will quit watching it


  3. How couldn’t they draw better faces?! I can draw them exactly how they are , even you guys won’t be able to compare the real picture from couldn’t they get people that can draw them as they was?!?! Specially if it was anime company I MUST be easy for them to draw faces or the people who’s working in this anime not experienced?! I really feel sorry for the old HxH if this will be the new HxH I don’t like these faces not me only but all people . it’s better to not release it if you’re going to do it that way!


    • i think the issue is that they would probably want to put their own “spin” or “twist” on things. You know how it is like with creative types. =/

      I guess that at the end of the day, they would want this series to be seen as a separate entity from the original series. Oh well, I just hope that they don’t go changing the story in the show.


    • *sigh* I don’t think it’s that bad. Seriously. And I’m not too sure what’s the problem with Kurapika having black eyes/contacts at all. Brings a new spin to the plain ol blue eye yellow hair combination. And even though Kurapika looks a bit less mature, Killua has a nice reform of facial shape that suits his attitude nicely.

      Don’t be so fussy about small details like this. You’re a single person in the sea of humans who watch this show. No one cares if you’re going to watch it or not, but everyone cares if you’re going to complain about not releasing it.

      /shotdead: yeah, one year later.


  4. Oh my, then it will be like the FMA (Full Metal Alchemist) series? That’s a total piece of crap worth of waiting.


    • yeap! ALOT of waiting around for things to catch up. =_=” I just hope that it is worth the wait. I actually liked FMA Brotherhood despite how different it was from the original FMA in style.


  5. kurapika’s eyes are black because he is using contact lens so that if he gets angry people won’t see them red and realised he is part of the kurata clan,his real eye color is a greenish blue,or simply light blue,depends on the version.


    • According to the manga, Kurapika’s eyes are supposed to normally be brown (see Chapter 71 “September First 2” page 6 when he is talking to Senritsu/Melody). It’s somewhat annoying that the 1st anime used blue/green and now the second is using gray.

      The point about using contact lenses is irrelevant. The depicted character design for Kurapika is from the Hunter exam, which occurs before he starts using black contact lenses.


      • yes that always made me thought “why does he bother hiding them now and not before?” they could tell us it was because he wasn’t into the hunter’s world then but that still wouldn’t make’s not like finding pictures oh him of info before he started working would be difficult for another hunter.
        agree, at least with killua’s case it was just lightening a dark color,but here it is completely different,and besides aesthetically speaking a blond with dark grey eyes looks BAD,specially in a character with giant eyes wich makes it more notisable.


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