No.6 – 08 Review

Nezumi: Nice view Shion

Episode 08

I am not sure what to make of this episode. Everything is starting to come together (it feels like the stars are aligning up) and everything is falling into place in preparation for the attack on No.6.

The whole episode was spent on divulging more on the past of Nezumi and explaining what No.6 is as well as the connection that it has to all the characters including the bee epidemic issue.


Nezumi and Shion are scaling a cliff side when Shion starts to complain about being unable to handle it. Nezumi then uses what Shion had said about wanting to be his equal and throws it back in his face. (Nice going Nezumi. lol). After they scale the wall, they get captured and is brought into a cave.

Apparently this cave is where the outcasts of No.6 live including the leader of the outcasts in the cave who was one of the founders of No.6

Did you guys wonder what the point of Shion taking his shirt off was?
He could see the scars without Shion’s shirt off so why did the exiled Founder needed Shion to strip?

The founder asks Shion to remove his shirt so he could take a look at those scars. (I bet he just wanted to see a young guy’s body)

Meanwhile back at No.6, Yoming is explaining the history of No.6 to Karan. (Do they have to sit in the dark to talk? If the the place is bugged the place is bugged, and so why not just turn on the lights? No one is actually going to be able to hear what they said even if they knew Karan was home and were stalking her.)

Safu and Shion then start to hear a song sung by a woman and the both of them start to get a headache. We have more cryptic dialogue and a confused Safu looking for Shion back at the correctional facility, but the scene does not explain much to us. After Nezumi nearly collapse from his headache, the ex-Founder decided to ask Nezumi to sing the song that he heard in his head. Nezumi starts to sing (surprisingly not as bad as I feared it would be) and the water surrounding them starts to glow different colours.

At the West City, Inukashi visits Rikiga to get some information that would help Shion.

Back at the cave, the story of No.6 past is being told and that leads to Nezumi’s past being revealed and the existence of Elyurius who seems like a mystical creature stronger than man. (We now understand past of Nezumi’s hatred but I am sure there is definitely more to his hatred than his forest getting burned down. Afterall, Nezumi looks too young in that scene to be the same Nezumi as in the first epiosde)

Shion is then handed all the research information pertaining to Elyurius and No.6. (Essentially it contains the life work of the exiled Founder)

Back at No.6 Yoming tells Karan about his wife going missing and him losing his son as well and tried to invite Karan to join a group of people who are monitoring and trying to unveil No.6. He then proceeds to hug Karan after that “heartwrenching” story. (You sneaky man)

Don’t worry Karan, it is normal for your son to love you.

Nezumi and Shion arrives back home to find Rikiga and Inukashi there waiting for them. After some conflict regarding going to the correctional facility, they manage to change Rikiga’s mind and the scooby gang are now “in it to win it” together.

The episode ends with a hysterical Karan who is worried for Shion’s safety (at least it is his safety she is worried about not the fact that he loves her).


The whole episode jumps between the different scenes and characters showing us an overview (like we were god) of the happenings in the show. I quite like this style and it does feel like many things are happening at once which helps with the building up of the mood of the show. However, it can get a bit disorienting and might feel sudden at times.

I could not help but feel that this episode borderline on being overindulgent at times. I appreciate the fact that the story is coming together and the pacing of it is just right but the execution method this week seemed pretty unpolished.

For instance, the singing. Boy was that really tacky, the whole getting Nezumi to sing (and for such a long time even) that was when I felt that it was being overindulgent. The point that they were trying to make had been made halfway through the scene and singing the whole song just made it over the top. I just hope that ultimately there is a huge reason as to why they places such a big focus on Nezumi singing. I could not help but feel when watching that scene like I was watching Macross again. I actually feared that it was going to end up being a show about singing and I was pretty much freaking out at that stage. Thankfully the singing ended.

Like I said, I appreciate the revelations in this show but a lot of the things in this episode just happened and seemed too easy. What do I mean? Simple…

  • Shion was suddenly handed over a drive containing all the information that he would probably need to do what he wants to do without any real reason given behind that action. I can only deduce that Karan had worked together with the exiled-Founder of No.6 and thus he trusted Shion and also because Shion is a survivor and was touched by his story. But even so, it was never really explained and we are left with assuming and accepting what happened.
  • Inukashi has decided to join the group in infiltrating the correctional facility. Why would he do that? Last episode he was so against gathering evidence and this week he is all up for the whole plan? Plus, even though he had his mind changed in the last episode due to Nezumi’s threats, it does not change the fact that his character has been built-up to be one that does not want to help others unless it benefits him. Also, his personality is all about protecting himself to ensure he survives. I can understand him helping them out, but I can’t understand his conviction behind putting his life at risk.
  • Rikiga joins the merry-band of people infiltrating the correctional facility too easily. I know he is a foolish character, but even the idea of him changing his mind in 3 seconds after looking at Shion/Karan felt too much of a jump. It was a big decision and he just went ahead with it because of Shion/Karan. Why did he not put in more effort to try to change their/Shion’s mind before actually going ahead with agreeing with them? He was so adamant in not participating when Nezumi and Inukashi tried to provoke him but all it took was for him to look at Karan’s image and turn his head and see Shion before his mind was made up? Odd isn’t it? I understand him liking Shion because of Karan but it never felt like it was THAT big a thing. It did not help the fact that it was close to the end of the episode and it seemed like they needed to end the scene due to time constraints.
  • Karan just psychically knew that Shion was going to the correctional facility after reading a letter with Shion saying that he loves her? Odd isn’t it?

Karan…. now she is still a mystery. I am not sure if she has a big role to play in this whole situation or if she has lost her memory or is just acting a role because, she was in the photo together with the Founders of No.6 and when Yoming explained to her, she felt looked guilty which would suggest she knew everything all along. Plus the ending of the episode where she freaked out after hearing Shion say that she loves her was interesting, it felt like she knew how dangerous the correctional facility was. That scene was funny… your son writes a letter to you saying he loves you and you scream out…’NO!!!! SHION!!!”. (I know she psychically knew what Shion was going to do, but I still found it funny how she got all that information from a piece of paper that said nothing except him loving her and making it sound like a goodbye note. But if that was the case then I don’t understand those moments where she acts like she knows nothing at all and is just another member of the No.6 Society. I hope that they explain it soon and explain what her role is. (I also kind of what to know who Shion’s father is. Maybe it is the current head of No.6? Ooooo… conspiracy theories.)

Another thing that got to me was that despite all that explanation about No.6 being a monster etc, they never really said how it got that way. They explain the logic behind it and how the higher ups were getting rid of anything that harmed their “Utopian” lifestyle but never explained who made it the way it was. But a city does not run itself and there has got to be people at the top who is abusing the structure of the city. So who is at the top of it all? Who is the one corrupting the city? I sure hope they will get into that and not leave it up to our imaginations.

What do you guys think of the whole Elyurius story about a mystical forest with a being that surpasses man? I felt like it was unnecessary and it was like the creators were trying to dip their hands into every pot that there was just to make sure that there is a little bit of everything in this show. =/

I like these shots of Nezumi and Shion standing on the wasted land outside No.6 with an evening sunset as the backdrop.

Overall, the episode was nice and I love hearing Nezumi singing. I think that whilst his singing was not superb, it was not as bad as I feared it would be but I guess the main point is not the quality of his vocals but what his voice is able to do. I still love the Nezumi x Shion interaction in this episode even though there were really minor. T^T The best NxS thing that I could pick out from this episode was Nezumi wanting to let Shion know about his past and the way they looked at each other (refer to image above). Like I said, this episode had its share of issues but whilst I don’t feel like I am loving this episode, I am not too disappointed about it.

Episode Rating: 6.5/10

The OP song is starting to grow on me even though I hated it at first, the oddity of it seems to suit the show. But I must say that I LOVE the ED song. It was so nice.

-ra out!

P.S: Did you guys think that the background music that played after Nezumi had sung and Shion was speaking with the founder was weird? It did not suit the mood of that scene and I was expecting a more serious/ominous bg music to be playing instead.


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  1. ((Karan…. now she is still a mystery. I am not sure if she has a big role to play in this whole situation or if she has lost her memory or is just acting a role because, she was in the photo together with the Founders of No.6 ……etc))

    I agree with you ^___^
    I wonder who she is and who is Shion father ?! reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll mystery ????


    • I am half and half on the whole father thing. I sort of want it to be a big thing where Shion’s father is some major character in the whole scheme of things, but then I also don’t want it to end up being cliche… I guess we just have to wait until the next episode with the correctional facility. =D


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