Blood-C – 07 Review

“What, you don’t believe me or something?! I said that I’m a redundant xxxHolic-Character! Is it really that hard to believe?”

Episode 07

Reviews by M0rg0th and Saranaufogus

M0rg0th: So that’s it then… Six episodes build-up finally end and we get a glimpse of the real story behind this series. Perhaps knowing that this series was done by Clamp should’ve given the audience a good hint where this was heading but now it’s sure: Blood-C is a typical Clamp-treat of the usual wishy-washy business. So it’s a Clamp-Series for Clamp-fans but should be actually a Blood-Spinoff. Seemingly it’s already part of the Blood-franchise for just having a lot of bloody action.


Saya meditates in the shrine as a policeman arrives who warns Tadayoshi that Saya’s life may be in danger since the twins have disappeared as have also a dozen other villagers. Tadayoshi talks with Saya about her last fights and tries to console her about the mistakes she made. At one point of the talk the dog interjects the question whom Saya had promised to protect everyone. Saya asks then this Tadayoshi but he avoids answering the question and that’s when Saya is getting a headache and also has flashbacks from the Blood: The Last Vampire-Movie. After that Tadayoshi calms her down by reminding her of her duty to destroy the Elder Bairn.
That’s when the scene changes to one of the flashbacks with Mr. Mysterious Voice who has a long talk (probably with Saya) about this experiment they want to start, how it’s deciding which one of them is right, how they need more than the two of them to start the experiment and so on. At some point her flashback ends and she wakes up – it’s midnight. She leaves the shrine and meets the dog on the steps to the shrine-grounds. They talk a while about the nature of the dog and he reveals that he’s in that form because it’s part of a wish he promised to grant someone since he works at a shop for granting wishes. The dialogue just ends as Saya wakes up in the morning asking herself whether it was just a dream but quickly realizes that it wasn’t. Rather depressed she leaves the shrine taking the sword with her because she fears an Elder Bairn might appear. First she goes to Fumito’s café who at once notices her gloomy mood and gives her the usual ‘doses’ of coffee, guimauve and some other stuff. A little bit cheered up she leaves and goes to school where she finds an empty classroom and her teacher who tells her that the school is closed and reminds her of the stories she told about the monsters who eat people. Asking herself why she mentioned them again Saya leaves again and is stopped by a policeman on her way back who wants to warn her how dangerous it is to wander alone in the village these days but that’s just as the Bug-Samurai appears who kills the policeman and who wants to fight against Saya. While fighting with her he notices that she has gotten weak and ridicules her for the illusions about her life that Saya believes in. Since she isn’t in Hack&Slay-Mode at once she is on the losing side for a long time but finally as she’s about to die she gets into Hack&Slay-Mode and kills the Bug-Samurai whose last words are that she should ask Tadayoshi who she really is. Sinking on her knees in the puddle of blood at her feet he begins to unconsciously lower her head to the blood as surprisingly Tokizane appears.

Isn’t it always a great dramatic moment when incompetent main-characters realize that they aren’t up to the job?

M0rg0th’s Review:

Okay, so that’s the story of Blood-C? They just thought to take the same old concept of someone going into The Shop to get their wish granted? Oh, right, they were of course real geniuses by changing the order of the usual formula and begin with the fulfillment of the wish and keep the wish a secret. But I think that concept shows two essential problems:
First, a happy-end-start is rather boring and nobody cares about the peace if one doesn’t know the characters. This show tried to be cute for its own sake without hardly any purpose in the first third – but wasn’t. It was stupid, boring and bland. It tried then to build up excitement over revealing the plot – but didn’t. It was a bunch of passable fights without any progression at all storywise. And where has it led? Of course to the revelation that Clamp made a crossover-anime with this series – again.
Second, why was this called Blood-C again? Yeah, right, probably because it involves flashbacks that reference to Blood: The Last Vampire, really good reason to make this (stereotypical) Clamp-Series a part of the Blood-franchise. It’s not like they rather should have made this a kind of xxxHolic-Spinoff-Series since it involves Watanuki and the plottwist this series has built up to is redundant and unoriginal. I mean, that’s all there is to it? No conspiracy, no great secret – just a wish Saya can’t remember that explains everything?

Saya’s “success” in protecting everyone takes its toll on the town and leaves it looking more like a ghost-town than anything else. In the end, it really seems like this series wants to blame Saya for everything that happened…

So the episode shows that official policemen are concerned with the safety of the village but don’t seem to be aware of Saya’s role in it (haha, these stupid policemen couldn’t even find out where Nene was headed shortly after leaving school), the dog reveals himself to the Clamp-Fans to be Watanuki and a Bug-Samurai makes fun of Saya (yeah, he isn’t the only one who laughed at Saya’s fluffy worldview…). The story is revealed or at least what the whole thing is ultimately about and… it’s not much. I really wonder who actually gets excited to see after all that buildup just another Clamp-Series with the same ideas and concepts we’ve already seen before. I mean, this series relied on that twist and that in the end all the build-up was used to take an average idea like that and thinking that they can make this plot entertaining by just changing the usual pattern and making it a secret that it’s essentially another Clamp-Show and has nearly nothing to do with the Blood-Franchise – it doesn’t work. There’s no surprise involved when you finally get a lukewarm explanation you’ve seen before. I really expect more of a concept Clampf has used that often before and with that my standards are rather high what I expect story-wise. Just rehashing the same old stuff will make this a very bad series in my eyes. Would’ve been this the first time that the wishy-washy business became part of a sort of crossover-Clamp-series it would’ve been acceptable but it’s been done before and therefore my standards for reusing the same concept rise and Blood-C definitely hasn’t met these standards and ultimately just copies known concepts of its two franchises in an unoriginal way.

Well, Blood-C showed finally what it has to offer – and it’s disappointing. If you’re a Clamp-Fan this might interest you but anyone else will surely feel disappointed after all that buildup to get just this.

Episode-Rating: 4/10



Saranaufogus’ Review

OMG. What is wrong with this show?!

Okay, this is my really late review on this episode but I have not had the time to watch this episode until now. I was contemplating not reviewing this episode but after watching this show at 12:20am in the middle of the night, I doubt I will be able to sleep unless I rant about it and get it out of my system. But fear not, I shall be brief on my complaints, or so I hope.

First off on my list of issues with this episode. Did anyone feel that the animation was really odd this week? There were a whole bunch of focus and unfocused scenes where it felt like the camera was having trouble focusing on the actual characters/objects-of-interesting. Odd thing is, it is not a live film but an animation, so that must mean it was done on purpose. It is 12am and I would rather not think about what is going through the art director’s mind when he decided that this new style would appeal to people.

Another issue with the graphics this week was the horrendous fight scene. Seriously, what is with the slow-motion, lagging frame by frame style this week? Was this week meant to be ‘Experimental Animation‘ 101 week?

Secondly, the battle scene was horrible. It was terrible beyond words. Forget the fact that after all the toruble Saya was having and how she was getting pawned left right and center… are the animators so uninspired that they are unable to find a believable way to show Saya winning the battle? Nearly every fight scene goes likes:

Talk > slash > innocent people die > Saya is losing > Saya activates eye only halfway through the fight > Saya ends it with a straight forward thrust that apparently she is suddenly able to do because she is in “activated mode” yet the animators fail to explain week after week how she is different from when she is deactivated; exempting the fact that when she has red eyes, miracles seem to happen.

Oh ya, lets not forget the crazy amounts of blood since that is the only thing that is not disappointing about this show. That, plus the fact that the character designs are very obviously CLAMP and the fact that we have the usual CLAMP style cross-over of universes. Oh wait, this is meant to be a Blood franchise show. T^T I want to cry, someone tell me why they decided that they just had to do this with the whole xxxHolic crossover logic?

Which bring me to point number Three… Does Saya never feel the need to wipe off the blood from her face? That and the fact that she seems invincible as she feels no pain getting slashed like a dummy. What does she eat to get that way and can I have some of what she is having? I think it might be the Guimauve that is pink and apparently like lips.

Point Four is still related to point Two which is, why did Saya only activate after hearing that her father’s safety was threatened? Was an innocent police man not good enough to irritate her?

The Fifth point is about the fighting style of this week’s Elder Bairns. He has 8 hands (i think, was not counting) and yet he fights in the same style. It is either up, down, left or right. After releasing more hands, all he does is that instead of 1 hand slashing it is now 3 in the same time in the same way. Why can’t he use each hand separately and control them like they were different limbs? I don’t see myself having to put both hands in the air just because I need to use one to reach for something high up. What a baffling fighting style. If the animators can’t think of ways to make a fight scene available, I suggest they put less on an emphasis on it. I know that the characters can only distract us from a fight scene for so long, but still… they need to get some advice from other animators.

However, I would like to say that if one held no expectation of this show, the revelation in this episode might seem “cool”. I do think that it is nice that CLAMP is putting their mark on their show, but I would appreciate if they did it on a show that they created from scratch and not a franchise that they have inherited.

Last but not least, the script writers should learn to cut down on the dialogue because the show depends too heavily on what is being said. I feel like I am reading a novel rather than watching an anime. All the talking while the characters are just standing around most of the time gets me bored.

I shall leave you with the above points and lay off the whole xxxHolic and Blood-C plot progression because I felt that M0rg0th has already mentioned quite a bit on that topic in his review.

Episode Rating: 5.5/10

If seen as a separate entity from the Blood and CLAMP franchise without any prior expectations, this episode was not terrible. Sure, there were huge amounts of horrifying badness. But at the same time, the mood was relatively nice and relaxing with a decent Slice-of-Life atmosphere going on. Then again, the relaxing atmosphere can be interpreted as ‘nothing is happening’.

-ra out (I hope this review makes sense, I was going to make it a short one but I got carried away, I need to sleep and have work tomorrow, so no screen caps for you folks! sorry! Don’t forget to comment and leave your thoughts on this show behind!)


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  1. Granted the show has been boring up until now however… It’s only the 7th episode dude I am a Clamp and XXXHolic fan so I do believe the show is going to pick up. Don’t know the show might seriously be crap but honestly I think it’s worth a chance.


    • You’re right of course that future episodes may be a complete change for the positive (one can always hope, right?) but two things make me rate the series so low.
      1.) It’s been done before. Of course the idea itself of a wish-shop with Watanuki and all isn’t bad but if it’s been used in another two series already, this series needs a damn good reason to reuse the same idea as these two series – and well, the idea isn’t that spectacular (right now of course but there’s little hope of it getting better, I’d say). It’s basically a known plot-device that hasn’t changed so there’s no surprise involved how it’s working, why it exists etc, this series will probably don’t even bother to explain it fully but will instead nod to the other Clamp-Series.
      2.) The storytelling doesn’t show that it makes use of this story-element. Despite the dog’s role and the whole wishy-washy business this series made no attempt to involve the wishing into its plot-structure. I’ve complained in last weeks episode already how this storytelling didn’t tell a story but just build up suspense by hinting at a story but ultimately never saying anything about it. This series avoided its story and now it’s obvious why: It’s not very original. Everyone who isn’t a Clamp-Fan and who knows Clamp will just say “Been there, done that.” and be disappointed with the development.


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