Ouran To Be A Live Action Movie As Well?

We are only 5 episodes into the series and already a movie for Ouran has been green-lit.

In the story, high school freshman Haruhi Fujioka pretends to be a boy so that she can take part in the wealthy school’s Host Club, to which she owes a large debt. 16-year-old actress Haruna Kawaguchi will reprise her lead role as Haruhi; it will be the first time that she headlines a feature film. Kawaguchi said that the film will depict an aspect of the story not seen in the live-action television series.

Yusuke Yamamoto and Shunsuke Daito will return as the host club’s president Tamaki Suou and vice-president Kyoya Ootori, respectively. “ – ANN

I am not sure how it will turn out with only Haruhi, Tamaki and Kyoya being confirmed to reprise their roles whilst there is nothing about the rest of the Host Club so far.

It would be a terrible idea to change the cast whilst keeping some of the main cast the same. I would much rather them change all the cast or keep all the cast.

Seeing as to how this is going to be a movie, I am hoping that the issue of disappointing props and sets would cease to be an issue.

The movie is slated to be out in March next year.

Do you want them to replace the rest of the cast or keep them the same?

-ra out!


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