Kamisama no Memo-chou – 08 Review

Episode 08

I woke up at 6am on a Sunday morning to write this review so hopefully what I say makes sense.

This episode brings the Hirasaka-gumi case to an end.

It was a good episode that did not let down the effort that was spent on the build-up and atmosphere in the previous episodes.


Narumi arrives at the hospital asking about the condition of the Fourth. Apparently, the Fourth is currently in an highly unstable state and is not out of danger.

After hearing the news, Narumi goes into emo mode and starts to think about life and violence whilst the rest of the NEET detective squad search for the whereabouts of Renji. Meanwhile, Renji is still continuing to plot his attack on destroying everything that the Fourth had created.

After realising that he had to continue on with planning the event, Narumi heads to the Fourth’s office to retrieve some information. This is where he notices an unfinished and unsent email that Soichirou was writing to him before he was attacked.

Having gained some resolve, Narumi runs towards Alice’s office and bumps into the agitated group of Yakuza’s out for blood. Narumi gives them a speech about being the Fourth’s younger brother and thus the next in line to lead them. He tells them off about how neglecting the blood and sweat the Fourth had placed into planning the event is not the right way to do things and will only disrespect the Fourth. He also warns them that this was just a trap setup by Renji and by attacking, they are simply playing into his hands.

Meanwhile, Major has manage to scout out the Hirasaka base and realised that Narumi was right and it was all indeed a trap.

The NEET detective then decide that it is time to take things into their hands and solve the case.

It is the day of the event and Narumi is leading it.

Narumi sets a bait up for Renji and lures Renji backstage to talk. Alice appears out of the shadows like a ghost and starts to talk about who she is. Renji thankfully tells her to shut-up.

Alice then proceeds to tell the story of how the crazed wife of the Goutoda clan had attacked Hison after finding out that Hison was pregnant and having an affair with her husband. After losing her womb and her femininity. Hison decides to live as a man and thus created the identity of Yoshiki-san with the help of the Fourth and the silence money that the Goutoda clan had paid to keep Hison quiet.

Not wanting to let Renji know about the fact that Hison was sleeping with the Goutoda leader, they decided to keep the whole thing a secret and the Fourth bares the weight of it all; the guilt of not being able to protect Hison, and the hate of Renji over the situation.

Soichirou appears and the two battle it out. (I guess it must be a man to man kind of thing)

After the whole thing is resolved, Narumi goes to Alice to find out the whereabouts of Renji to pass Renji his sunglasses that he had left behind at the Ramen store. Whilst at Alice’s base, the whole hint of romance comes into play and Alice gets all flustered.

The episode ends with Narumi having found Renji and Renji leaves for Osaka after a short chat with Narumi.


First thing to take note of in this series is what the moral of this story is about. Violence does not solve anything.

Feels too cliche? Think that it is better off not having a moral to the story? I would agree.

What I really did like about this episode though was the atmosphere that was created. It had a really slow and dark mood to it which really suit this part of the case. I loved the pauses in actions that the character had after making certain movements, it makes the viewer place more of an emphasis on the final image that we see. That coupled with the forlorn backing soundtrack playing in the background really built up a decent atmosphere that was dramatic yet melancholic at the same time. I felt that that really portrayed the emotions and the situation really well.

As usual, there were a few issues that I had with this episode:

  • What did the email that the Fourth was going to send to Narumi contain?
  • Over the top dramatic emphasis on the characters. For instance, when Narumi was telling the group off (about 6mins into the show), there was this violin piece playing in the background which made it seem like an over-the-top soap opera scene.
  • Alice was sooo corny when she said this to Narumi: “You really are a mysterious man. When the blood rushes to your head, for some reason you arrive at the truth via the shortest route”
    What the hell? What was the point in saying that in the first place? She should just learn to keep quiet. Silence is virtue.
  • How the Fourth is “suddenly” awake and able to crawl out of the ICU without anyone stopping him? Even going so far as to make it to the event. It just seemed all too perfect. I really don’t like how the show just make things magically happened just to push the story forward in the direction that they want it to go without considering the details.
  • During one of the final scenes, Alice is telling Narumi to hurry up and rush to where Renji is also scolding him for being so slow as Renji is about to leave Tokyo. Yet the both of them get to talking about some small romantic thing between them and they forget all about poor Renji who is going to disappear at any moment. Argh! That frustrated me. They had used the scene at the ramen store to create a certain mood but destroyed it by introducing a romance-retarded Alice into the equation. I understand that the animators feel the need to make Alice blush every episode, but couldn’t they have laid off it just this time?

I was really happy when Renji told Alice to shut-up when she went on her pointless rant of how a detective is different from a NEET detective. YAY! I couldn’t help but feel proud of Renji for doing so. I am sorry Alice but your whole NEET speaking for the dead thing does not make any sense.

I also have to rejoice at the fact that I was correct in guessing that Hison was actually Yoshiki. I know that it does not take a brain surgeon to figure that out but… Where was your adrenalin at that point eh Narumi?

Overall, I did enjoy this episode quite a lot. I liked the visuals a lot and the story was good apart from the few nonsensical bits here and there (which we all know by now is expected as this is not some Golden anime that is amazing so we just have to accept those things.) This is probably the best arc in the series thus far, perhaps on equal terms as the first case. Either way, it is about time that we saw a decent case as I would hate to have the anime end without satisfying the expectation created by the first case. I am just hoping that the next case would be just as good or even better, but I think one should not hope for too much when it comes to this show as it has a tendency to disappoint.

Episode Rating: 8/10 (I really liked the animation in this episode)

-ra out!

I would still want to know about Alice. I really am hoping the next case will explain Alice’s past and maybe make her seem more like a person we can relate to.


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