Ouran High School Host Club Live Action – 06 Review

Episode 06

Sorry for the late review on this guys!

This episode covers the story of when the twins got into a disagreement with one another and end up fighting each other.

Surprisingly, this episode felt really good. The twins did a great job acting out the scenes and the locations for the shoot were pretty grand looking as well.


It is the past and Hikaru just got confessed to by a girl. Hikaru then asks if she wouldn’t mind dating Kaoru instead and she agrees to date Kaoru. Naturally, the twins were making use of their similar looks to play a trick and test the girl. After tormenting the girl, they suggest that they hope that the girl will make things more interesting for them the next time. (End of flashback scene)

It is a usual afternoon of work for the Host Club and Hikaru and Kaoru are playing “Guess which is Hikaru?” game. Whilst all the girls are unable to guess which is which, Haruhi picks out which one was Hikaru without even blinking her eyes. Nekozawa then appears in the Music Room with a voodoo doll and shows it to the twins.

When asked by the female customers how Haruhi managed to know which was which twin, Haruhi starts to spout words about their terrible individual personalities without even thinking about how what she would say may affect the twins.

The twins start to argue about who is worse and this ends up becoming an all out argument.

The next day at school, Hikaru appears at school with golden hair and Kaoru appears with red hair. They had dyed their hair to refrain from having people mistake them for one another and to differentiate themselves. The argument continues and Haruhi gets caught in the middle of the twins attacking one another with guns.

Lunch time comes around the twins invites Haruhi to seat between them and have lunch with them. They get to ordering their food and the twins end up ordering the same thing despite trying to change the menu after a few times. The Host Club walks in and sees the 3 of them dining there. Meanwhile, the principal walks in and Tamaki and the Club greets him.

Tamaki notices the bento that Haruhi had made and starts to have wild imaginations of Haruhi making bento for a husband, which causes Tamaki to panic and act all fatherly.

Renge then enters the scene to explain the whole situation between Tamaki, the Twins and Haruhi. The twins get to arguing again and a fork ricochets off Tamaki’s head and into the soup of the Principal’s thus splashing soup all over him. He reprimands the Host Club and leaves.

After cleaning up the mess and feeling exhausted, the Host Club return back to the Music Room without the twins as they had run off before helping clean the mess up. Mori discovers a note with a duel that is to take place at 5pm written on it. The group panics and start to run towards the duel location.

They arrive and see the twins at each other’s throats.

Tamaki rushes in to try and help the situation but before he is able to get near, he steps on a few traps that were planted by the twins. Arrows go flying towards him and he tries to ducks them in a very comical manner. When he finally gets close, the twins pushes him away.

Haruhi storms up to the twins and give both a them a good knock on their head telling them that this was not how they should act. She scolds them and tells them that fighting is fine but not when they end up worrying the people around them who care for them. The twins agree to makeup if Haruhi allows them to visit her house and she agrees.

The twins then hug it out and smile their cheeky smile hinting that the whole fight was a ploy to get Haruhi to allow them to visit her house.

Tamaki then starts to get hyper and think about what he should do when he goes to Haruhi’s house only to have Haruhi say that he is not invited.The twins think back to the time where Tamaki offers to entertain them by getting them to join the Host Club and wonders what they would be like now if Tamaki had not found them.

At the next club meeting, the twins are playing the same “Which is Hikaru?” game and Haruhi once agains gets it correct. The twins talk about how Haruhi is not an object and can’t be split into half and contemplates Haruhi’s role in their closed of world belonging only to the both of them.


This episode is more of a comedic episode whereas last episode was one leaning towards romance. Fret not, we get to see the twin’s come out of their shell and realise that they might be attracted to Haruhi.

One of the biggest improvement in this episode were the backdrops. They managed to make the environment look classier and bigger and I felt that it was a good thing as it created a more believable “world of the rich” which these characters are meant to be living in.

The best things about this episode has got to be the twin’s acting. Their emotions and characters had a life of their own, so much so that I had stop comparing them to the anime versions. I actually thought that they did a great job when they switched between speaking in-synced and being angry with one another. I especially loved the scene in the restaurant when they were fighting over what they wanted to order.

The fight scenes in this episode was all CGI-ed, as one would expect. However, because of that, they were able to make the weapons and “attacks” even more dramatic and ridiculous. It was hilarious to watch Tamaki getting attacked by the weapons and traps laid out by the twins. Loved it!

The negative thing was that even though I did like the fight scenes, I did not understand why Haruhi was caught in the middle of a fight (the first fight) and why the twins would choose fight when Haruhi is caught in the middle getting hurt and hit by the bullets instead of the bullets hitting either twin.

I also felt that the principal being there and punishing the Host Club seemed a tad bit odd and pointless. It did have a use but it was not something that was necessary at all. Do they have to introduce a new character each episode?

It was also nice to see Renge make a return even though all she did was to do her trademark appear and disappear act.

Overall, this was another good episode. I can’t help but feel that since the first episode, each episode thereafter has been an improvement. Perhaps I am getting sanitized to the negative aspects of this show the more I watch it, but I doubt it is the case. The fact that we have not seen the terrible CGI-ed Hunny scenes in the last few episodes goes to show that at least there has been one improvement.

Episode Rating: 7/10

I liked it and enjoyed it but it did not have me fan-girling over the things that happened in this episode.

-ra out!

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