Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou – 09 Review

Lets play the “Which one is Kappa” game!

Episode 09

This was such an odd episode of Nurarihyon no Mago.

We are into week 9 of the summer anime season and Nurarihyon is no longer on anime on my list of consistently good anime. However, I still like the show.

There were a few moments where I got excited but then it got destroyed when the director decided to become superman and rush the scenes.

Summary + Minor Episode Comments

Rikuo finally arrives back home with his new friend from the Tono village. After questioning Rikuo about who the new Yokais with him were, Nurarihyon decides to talk to Rikuo. The First asks Rikuo if he had learned anything during his time at Tono and Rikuo answers with “I now know what a Nurarihyon is.” (What the hell? Rikuo knew was a Nurarihyon was all along, just because he did not bother to use his brains to think and remember the past does not mean that he had learned something new.) The First decides to test him by attacking him, but Rikuo had his Fear “activated.”

Rikuo then declares that he wants to go to Kyoto and gets the permission to go. Nurarihyon gives him a parting gift – the airship that he had used 300 years ago. OMG, that was a huge ass ship but I could not help but feel that it was sooo like Nurarihyon to be all flashy with that hint hilarity.

The Yokai hunting team arrives at Kyoto with Rikuo and are excited by how different things are there. Kana then wonders about Rikuo. (Really Kana? You only wonder about Rikuo after you have arrived at Kyoto? lol) Naturally, Kana gets attacked when the group decides to go hunting for Yokais.

Lucky for them, Yuki onna and Yura appears to save the day with their combination attack. )The attack scene started off looking like it would be good but then it was all over with an instant KO. That really disappointed me.)

Yura then brings them to the Keikain House and explains to them the situation that is currently occurring in Kyoto. Of course Kana questioned the sudden appearance of Yuki-onna and Aotabo in Kyoto, but naturally, the whole thing gets dismissed/accepted by the group quickly. (I can’t stand how these group of people never learn to question things. Kids these days… *shakes head*)

Yura then proceeds to the scene of the next seal where a bunch of Onmyoujis are trying hard to protect the seal.

A big surprise happens when the barrier breaks with the help of Akifusa (the onmyouji who looked demonic in the last episode). The Yokais attack and the Onmyouji start to get overpowered. Yura then releases her Shikigamis and crushes many of the Yokais.

A confrontation between Akifusa and Yura occurs. Yura starts asking all sorts of questions as to why Akifusa had decided to join the Yokais and explained how she is unable to believe that this betrayal was true in a very uninspired manner. (The animation in this scene was screwed up. You can read my review below for my explanation)

Ryuji appears to help Yura and tells Yura to protect the next seal and leave things here up to him. Akifusa attacks Ryuji and Ryuji manages to block it.

Ryuji then counters and the episode ends with Ryuji smirking.


To me, this episode was like a re-introduction to all the main protagonist characters that will play a part in the Kyoto arc. It was a lot of fun to watch the characters and I would have liked it if they had spent this whole episode on just developing the characters and building up the anticipation for the viewers.

Everything felt so rushed and all over the placed as though the director did not have enough time/epsiodes to animated the whole Kyoto arc and needed to speed things up.

Did anyone else feel that the whole fight scene between Yura and Akifusa was odd? It was just the voice actors talking in the background with a few flashes of panel-like images and then viola, that part was over and Yura was running away because Ryuji appeared? That was just crap. I have no clue what the director was thinking but I hope he does not do that again. I was so confused as to what was happening in that scene.

The same goes with odd direction for all of the fight scenes, the build-up to them are pretty alright but when it gets to the actual fight scene, it is over in a blink of an eye and the story moves on from that point. Argh! I missed the pacing of the first few episodes!! T^T

There were a few moments when I thought that the animation quality had picked up again but then it disappeared as quickly as it appeared. For instance, the combi-attack between Yura and Yuki-onna. That was another weird scene. I know that the water and ice compliment each other but does combining both attacks together make the attack stronger than when they both attack seperately? Because it really does not make much sense. I just hope that the mangaka was using that to hint at Yura being able to fight alongside the Yokais despite her prejudice towards them.

The comedic moments in this episode were probably the highlight of this episode. I think that the show should try and stick to creating a mixture of action and comedy whilst laying off the “dark/creepy” atmosphere because they are not doing a good job and it does not come across well but as something mediocre instead. I think that the show is at its best when the story is character driven and when it is paced the same way the first few episodes were.

Despite its many flaws, Nurarihyon is surprising still one of the more exciting anime that I am looking forward to watching each week. Maybe it is the interesting characters or maybe it is all that supernatural powers that appeal to me. Either way, I still like it. I only hope that things get better from here on and will excite me the way the first few episodes of this season did.

Doesn’t anyone think that Ryuji looks like Sanzo from Saiyuki in this picture?

Episode Rating: 6.5/10

-ra out

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  1. that’s becoz Yura’s water element has a mix, the kind that can do exorcism. Divine. So when you add it ice + divine water = you know the answer. it gets stronger with the added attribute that it can temporarily freeze the enemy while the divine water part do its thing purify them.


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