Anime News Updates! 30/8/11

So here is a beefy Anime News Update for you guys since I did not do one last week. I am so tired so I shall not say more… Hope you enjoy reading it.

In this Anime News Update:

  • New Usagi Drop Movie Clip Appears Online
  • Horror Manga turns OVA to be released
  • New Gundam Age Trailer
  • New Ben-To Trailer
  • New Rurouni Kenshin to be a 2 part OVA not Series
  • Season 4 of Zero no Tsukaima Greenlit
  • K-On! Movie Preview
  • New Fate/Zero Trailer
  • Aquarion Evol Trailer
  • New Hayate no Gotoku Anime To Be Animated


New Usagi Drop Movie Clip Appears Online

Usagi Drop is the story of a 30-something bachelor who begins caring for the six-year-old illegitimate child of his recently deceased grandfather.

The movie opened on the 20th of August in Japan.



Horror Manga turns OVA to be released

“For a great, seasonally appropriate horror manga, track down Viz’s release of Gyo, influential genre talent Junji Ito’s (Tomie, Uzumaki) tale of a young couple who visit the beaches of Okinawa in time to be victims of a land invasion by a plague of scurrying dead fish that attack people both bodily and with their smell.” – Crunchyroll

The OVA comes out on 14th of December.

This looks cool. I have not read the manga but I am definitely going to be watching this when it comes out. I love watching horror anime when it is done well.



New Gundam Age Trailer

Excited to see next season’s Gundam AGE anime?

Well here is another PV just to help keep you happy until then. Maybe 9th of October won’t feel as far away after seeing this 15 seconds preview.



New Ben-To Trailer

Ben-To‘s story centers on poor high school student Yo Sato. One day, while at the supermarket, Sato discovers a half-price bento (boxed meal), but falls unconscious just as he goes to grab it. Sato, you’re now officially knee deep in the “supermarket survival battle” for half-price bento!

Shin Itagaki (Devil May Cry, Mayoi Neko Overrun!) is directing the adaptation, with character design and chief animation director duties falling to Katsuzo Hirata (Cosplay Complex, Hand Maid May). Ben-To premieres in Japan this October.” – Crunchyroll

Personally, I think that the show sounds kinda lame. But I guess we will just have to wait and see how it turns out. Might end up being a good show =/



New Rurouni Kenshin to be a 2 part OVA not Series

“The New Kyoto Arc has been told previously in Nobuhiro Watsuki’s original manga, as well as the anime adaptation. This time the fight between Kenshin Himura and Makoto Shishio will be told from the perspective of Oniwabanshu ninja Miso Makimachi.” – Cruncyroll

Aww, damn. I kind help but feel sad that this is not going to be a remake of the original series. I guess I will take what I can get. The sad thing is that this OVA is currently being produced by Studio DEEN (and we all know that they are not the epitome of mind-blowing animation) so I won’t be having any high hopes for it.

The OVA will be out in Japan in December.



Season 4 of Zero no Tsukaima Greenlit

Zero no Tsukaima fans rejoice! The Fourth and final season of Zero no Tsukaima has been given the green light.

Any further announcements will be made on the official website.

I personally don’t really care for the series all that much but I know a few people who love it so that is why I decided to add this to the news updates.



K-On! Movie Preview

A preview of the K-on! movie (above) that is coming out in Japan on the 3rd of Decemeber was displayed at Comiket.

Too bad the quality of the video is not that good. But something is always better than nothing.

Here is a random article related to K-On! It is about a cosplay contest in Australia for K-On!



New Fate/Zero Trailer

A new official PV for Fate/Zero that is coming out in October has been released.

I can’t wait to see it when it airs!

“The anime adapts the prequel novel by Gen Urobuchi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Phantom – The Animation, Blassreiter) to Type-Moon‘s Fate/stay night visual novel software. The story is set a decade before Fate/stay night and reveals the 4th Holy Grail War that sets the stage for the war in the software. Director Ei Aoki (Hourou Musuko, Ga-Rei: Zero, Girls Bravo), the anime studio ufotable, and composer Yuki Kajiura (Madoka Magica, .hack, Kara no Kyoukai) are all involved in this anime which will premiere this October. ” – ANN



Aquarion Evol Trailer

Original Aquarion Series sypnosis:

” In a distant future, humanity once again is facing the threat of the “Shadow Angels”. Mystical creatures who returned after 12.000 years of absence. They attack human cities and kidnap their inhabitants in order to drain their “prana” (vital energy). To fight against them, youngsters with special powers from arround the world were gathered and trained to pilot the “vector machines”, three ancient ships that together form mankind’s ultimate weapon, “Aquarion”. The story revolves mainly arround Apollo, a teenager rumored as the reencarnation of Apolonius, a fallen angel who fought against his own kind to protect mankind. Few believe it could be true, but the fact is that dispite his untamed and reckless nature, he proved to be an invaluable asset in the battle against the Shadow Angels.” -ANN

Aquarion Evol info:

“Shoji Kawamori was one of the primary creators of perennially poplar idols and mecha franchise Macross […] Now, Aquarion is back, with a new story set 12 centuries after the original.  

Fan favorite Yoko Kanno is back on the theme music, but Kawamori college buddy and frequent collaborator Hiroshi Ohnogi (RIN – Daughters of Mnemosyne ) is being replaced as screen writer by the prolific Mari Okada (Fractale, Gosick).” – Crunchyroll

This trailer looks good. I guess this is another anime to hopefully look forward to. I am not sure how I am feeling about the fact that the screen writer is going to be Mari Okada as I did not think too much of Gosick’s script. It is not that the script was bad for Gosick but more towards the fact that I felt that it was not great



New Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere Trailer

I get really baffled by the “Trailers” of some series sometimes. Still images is not a trailer just because you have words on them and neither is simply showing random scene taken from the Anime. =_=” Trailers are meant to at least tell a mini-story so with the main focus of teasing the crowd.



New Hayate no Gotoku! Anime To Be Animated

“The last page of volume 99 of Hayate no Gotoku (aka Hayate the Combat Butler) announces that a new Hayate anime production has been green-lit. However, it does not mention if it will be an OVA or TV or another movie. Volume 99 of Hayate no Gotoku or Volume 0 of Mahou Sensei Negima was distributed to movie goers of the Hayate no Gotoku: Heaven is a Place on Earth and Mahou Sensei Negima: Anime Final double billing which opened today in Japan.” –  Crunchyroll


-ra out!


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