Mawaru Penguindrum – 07 Review

What an OCD and creepy Penguin…

Sorry for this super late review!! Have been so busy.

Oh My God!! I can’t take it. “Tokikago….Fabulous Max.” LMAO!!! This episode is too full of crap. LOL!!!!!! It is so full of rubbish that it is SOOOO AWESOME! Even the penguins can’t help but join in the fun. It is just one ridiculous antic after another.


This episode starts off with Ringo still living underneath Tabuki’s house stalking him and thinking about Mission M. The only difference is that Shouma is with her this time. That night, Ringo receives a mail from Tabuki inviting her to a concert as he had receive 2 free tickets for it.

Ringo naturally gets all hyper and imagines her perfect date with Tabuki. The sad part is that after arriving a the theatre, Ringo realise that Tabuki indeed did get the tickets for free and worse still, he had gotten it from Yuri who is the star of the play.

The main lead’s eyes look like huge puppy dog eyes!

A hilarious play filled with corny lines and horrible songs dominates the screen for a few minutes before finally ending. Tabuki then brings Ringo out for dinner and Yuri shows up to join them for the meal. You can just imagine what was going through Ringo’s mind…

Well, whatever it was that you imagined, I bet it wasn’t this…

Man-eater shark by the name of Yuri attacking Tabuki. Yuri selling herself to a random kingpin. Yup, just another day in Ringo’s wild mind.

During the dinner, Tabuki and Yuri invites Ringo to a party that Yuri is hosting.

At the party, Yuri reveals that she is going to quit the troupe and is now engaged to Tabuki. Oh boy…

On the way home, in one carriage, a shocked Ringo sits despairing about the diary and her love life with Tabuki. In another carriage,  a mysterious man (let’s call him Mr X for the fun of it) in a cliche trench coat approaches Kanba with money for his rent and Kanba questions if it was that Mr. X’s group who had shot those balls in the previous episode. In a different carriage spying on Kanba is the evil woman. But as we all know, not even an evil bad girl in this case, is able to stand up to the powers of a old lady. (you have to watch to understand what I mean)

To pick herself up from despair, Ringo decides on her next move which is to concoct a love potion. The only issue is that it is made out of eggs from a frog that exist only every 16 years and will only mate on top of a 16 year old boy. =_=” What the. That scene was so funny! ^^

After failing to get the diary, the brothers are summoned by the penguin queen who orders them to seduce Tabuki into have a one night stand with Ringo in order to fulfill Ringo’s wish and obtain the diary.

Ringo dreams about how she lost to Yuri and makes up her mind to continue with Mission M, which we finally find out actually stands for Mission Marriage. (If you are thinking “Oh No!”…. it is definitely “Oh yes… =_=”)

Ringo breaks into Tabuki’s house and crawls into his room and the episodes ends there.


So this episode focuses more on Ringo’s psychotic love life which inadvertently equates to FABULOUS MAX HILARITY!

I love how everything in this episode is so over the top and hilarious!!! From the crazy nonsensical play and crazy frog sex scene to the way the stick figures suddenly react like normal humans (in the restaurant), this episode just went and made my day.

I think that the reason why this show is so successful in making useless scenes and pointless things come across as being hilarious instead of horrible is because it does not take itself seriously and the animators try to make things go as out of control as possible so as to make sure that the viewers won’t be able to take it seriously (unlike one show I can name off the top of my head.)

Ringo’s imagination in this episode never fails to crack me up with her ridiculous ideas. But I guess I should not be surprise seeing as to the sort of perverted character Ringo is.

Even during depressing/darker scenes, the director finds a way to inject some humor into the show, refraining the mood from becoming too heavy.

I know that I have been ranting on and on about the comedy element in this episode and have been ignoring the other parts so I shall talk a bit about it now…

I don’t think that I have previously mentioned the fact that I like the use of the “human symbols”. Although, it really adds to the creative flare of this series, one can’t help but feel like it is also a cop out in a way where the animators are able to save a huge amounts of time when it comes to drawing random faces that no one remembers. But honestly, who really cares about that point since this show is filled with symbolism and this is just another effective use of one. I can help but feel like the animators are saying: “Why should I spend time and effort in drawing the background people since no one is going to remember or care anyway.”

Despite the fact that there is little progress when it comes to answering questions in this episode, I can’t help but find that the show is pacing itself correctly. We are less than 1/3 way through the series and everything seems to be building up towards some big hidden secret and I don’t think that this is such a bad thing. The show looks like it is on track with coming up with some satisfying way to tie everything together and I don’t think that all this build up will leave us disappointed when the time comes to reveal everything. At least I am hoping not.

Ringo: “My fans say I haven’t been creepy enough this episode so…”

The Maternity Mission, I have a very bad feeling about this. If the weird creepy incestuous kissing scene at the beginning of episode one and the obsessive perverted/twisted nature of Ringo is anything to go by, this is going to turn into one terrible and horrifying mess. You know that shit is going to happen when Ringo creeps into Tabuki’s house like Ju-On high on pills for some hidden agenda to rape the poor guy. But instead of panicking right now, I can’t wait to see what happens next and if Ringo goes through with it.

Episode Rating: 9/10

Overall it is a awesome comedic episode that just reminds me that I should never assume to know what to expect out of this series. The only thing this series guarantees is that you will have a good time watching it. So I leave you with a few questions…

  • I could not help but feel was that the style of comedy in this episode reminded me of Gintama. Did anyone else feel that way?
  • I have a question though, can a guy claim that he got rape by a girl without sounding like he is gay?

-ra out!


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