New Inkling by Wacom Might Make Your Doodling Life More Fun

I know that this is not anime related but for all you budding artists, this product might interest you.

The Wacom Inkling would be a pretty cool and useful product if you like to sketch as it allows you to create layers (and we all know that layers is like god’s gift to man in photoshop or illustrator). The best part that I like about this product is that it is that it automatically takes your sketches and turn them into vectors.

It looks like it would be simple to sketch and whilst it is pressure sensitive as well. If the product works as well as the ad suggests it does, then it looks like it would be quite the treat, just in time to add to your christmas wish list.

My only worry is that I am not sure how good it would be if you are unable to draw something and get it down the first time around since it goes by detecting your movements and the pressure of the pen. But if you are a pro sketcher so simply want to take things and vector time without the hassle, this looks like it would be a cool thing to use.

The product is currently out in Europe and priced at €169,90 and will be out in Australia for AUD$219 in Mid-October. I know it may seem expensive, but what Wacom product isn’t?

I can’t wait to see it in stores and read the reviews about this product.

-ra out!

Will you be wishing for one this Christmas?


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