No. 6 – 09 Review

This is never a good sign

Episode 09

Alright, so we are nearing the 3/4 point for most of the summer series and this show is still by far the most intriguing one for me.

This was quite an intense and dramatic episode with things blowing up, humans getting tossed around, incomplete sentences annoying you to death and of course… more secrets.

Whilst this episode did show the plot progressing towards the fateful ‘Holy Day’ and saving Safu, the script writers did not fail to add in more minor questions/secrets after solving some of the current ones.


In order to gain more information about the insides of the correctional facility, Rikigai sets a meeting up with one of his clients who usually goes to him for female entertainment (if you get what I mean).

After meeting the No.6 official, Rikigai shows him the girl of the night who happens to be Inukashi in disguise. After the official gets suspicious as Rikigai forgets to collect the money from him upfront, Inukashi punches the pervert out. Nezumi appears from under the bed and retrains the official from retaliating and they tie him up.

Inukashi runs out of the room claiming it was disgusting to have the guy touch him and just as Shion was about to say something important, he gets cut off by Rikigai who says that the official is now ready to talk.

After attaining the information on the insides of the correctional facility, the team (minus Shion) decide that it is impossible to get in and Nezumi comes up with a plan. What is the plan? They leave you hanging once again.

That night, Shion starts to plan about how they will cope with Summer when it comes and how he wants to live with Nezumi, his mom and Safu together under a roof. (That’s asking a bit much ain’t it? Having your boyfriend and playmate under a roof together. That is bound to be another season worth of entertainment)

The next day at the market, Nezumi and Sion gets attacked by the No.6 Manhunting thing who are clearing the streets of the West District using tanks.

Seeing all the death around him, Shion starts to panic and gets all despaired. He then sees a kid and decides to save him by wrapping it up in a cloth and asking the dog to send it to Inukashi.

Nezumi and Shion surrender and turn themselves in. Shion apologises and Nezumi reveals that this was all part of his plan to get into the correctional facility.

Back at No.6 Yoming is talking to Karan about his plans on taking on No.6. He reveals that he will be calling all his comrades to attack tomorrow – on Holy Day. Karan tells Yoming that the look he has is the same as that of the power corrupted people who started No.6. Yoming looks at Karan and tells her that she was one of them and that he was disappointed in her.

Back in the truck carrying all the prisoners heading towards No.6, Nezumi sings a song to lift their moods and help them forget their pain.

At the correctional facility, Safu gets a visit from Elyurius and her vital reading goes red. The two No.6 scientist panics and everything goes black.

The episode ends with everyone reaching the correctional facility and being tossed off the truck like trash.


I liked the overall atmosphere of this show despite a few odd moments. The drama in this episode was entertaining and it looks like the next episode would be all about the fateful day.

What I had meant about odd moments were things like this:

There were a couple of scenes with distorted colours whilst the characters have a monologue or are simply just there whilst the background colours are used to display their state of mind. I felt like that art direction reminded me of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and whilst i don’t hate those parts, I felt like it was partially odd as there hasn’t been any scenes in that style thus far.

Also, again with Nezumi singing. This time it is to calm the people who are held captive in the truck. If you read the lyrics of the song, it would seem relevant since I assume he is singing a song he had learned from his forest home. But once again, it went on for a significant amount of time and the characters just brush the whole thing off saying that despite the momentary salvation that he was able to provide, reality will not change and they will still have to face it. The good thing about that scene was probably Shion looking at Nezumi in awe and praising him. (Me liking that is the ShionxNezumi fan in me enjoying any minute progress that they make.)

The characters also have developed an annoying habit this week to stop short of completing their sentences. They start saying something that makes you think.. “ooo, what is it?” And then they stop and you just want to go… “Finish what you were saying!!” This was the animators way of introducing more mystery into the show – by simply not finishing their sentences or with cryptic messages.

The thing about this show is that they try to cloak all these secrets but I have yet to go “OMG!!! I am shocked!” when they finally reveal what they were hiding. Perhaps it is because of how much they “show” in each scene and they end up hiding as much as they reveal. For example, it seemed obvious that Nezumi’s plan was to get captured, yet the writers did note state it outright but spent a whole bunch of time dropping massive hints so that you would be able to guess what is going to happen whilst still hoping that you would be surprised when it finally happens.

The only true “secret” that they have managed to keep was that Inukashi is a girl. But then again, that is still a secret…shh…

Okay, they have yet to actually say that Inukashi is a girl since Shion only got as far as “Inukashi, are you…?” and he gets interrupted. But honestly, it just seems like he would be a she since I always thought that Inkuashi was a girl but was simply thrown off by the everyone referring to her as a “he”.

One thing that I really like in this episode was the lengths that the animators went through to put across the message of “West District people are Trash”

They had a whole manhunting scene of people being hunted down like they were animals and the fact that it seemed to be a regular occurrence makes it look like it was just them clearing the monthly trash off the streets. To make things even more obvious, the ending scene of people being dumped from the truck like trash should have made their point even clearer.

I guess the idea that the only way a Utopian Society can remain a Utopia would be to remove anything that signify defiance and everything that is unnecessary/unwated.

We finally know that Karan was part of the group of people who started up No.6. It was interesting to see Karan say that the look Yoming had on was similar to the look of the people who started up No.6.

Perhaps the point that they were trying to make was that; irregardless of what beliefs people have, power can corrupt. No matter what change they wish to make, people started off from the same point and at the end of the day, they get corrupted by believing that their ideals are right. Then again, I could just be over thinking it.

Overall, it was a good episode. Nice action and a nice homely moment with Nezumi and Shion. The plot is finally getting to the climax and we are starting to see some answers that don’t look like they will disappoint. My only issue is that I can’t stand the idea of the Bees and I hope that this show does not turn into some environmental message by the end of the season.


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  1. ( he wants to live with Nezumi, his mom and Safu together under a roof. (That’s asking a bit much ain’t it? Having you boyfriend and playmate under a roof together. That is bound to be another season worth of entertainment)


    i agree with you 😀
    i also agree about the message of “West District people are Trash”

    P.S: i am also a fan of ShionxNezumi ^__^


  2. Dog keeper is a girl


  3. @Danial:

    “Dog keeper is a girl”

    Oooo… =) Well, no shock there. But I do applaud BONES’ effort in successfully making her character believable as a “him”. I think it was nicely done since they did not tip the scale too much in either direction.

    Well, I hope there are no more gender shocks though, we know that Nezumi is a guy, and Shion is a guy… is Safu going to turn into a guy? =p

    It is funny how there is such a blur between the genders in this show with Nezumi Cross-dressing when acting as Eve, and now with Inukashi. Also the blur between the genders when it comes to their “liking” for one another (Nezu x Shion, Shion x Safu). But that is more speculation I guess.

    I guess when they are in the West, anything goes in order to survive.



    i agree with you 😀
    i also agree about the message of “West District people are Trash”

    P.S: i am also a fan of ShionxNezumi ^__^”

    I am glad I made you laugh… (hopefully it was not the miss-spelled “you” in the sentence that you were laughing at instead =P )

    Shion x Nezumi rocks. ^^ They balance each other out. One is an idiot optimist, and the other is painfully cynical.


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