Manifest 2011 – Part 1

What better way to start the post than to use an image of my friends cosplaying?
Love the costumes guys!

So last weekend was Manifest 2011. For those of you who don’t know, it is essentially the Melbourne Anime Festival.

I have a few photos so I have decided that I will split it up into parts. Sadly, do not expect great quality images since I do not own a camera and had to resort to using my phone. That plus all the moving around and everyone rushing everywhere, lets just say that these images were not great but hopefully it will give you a slight feel of the event.

An ATM van was the first thing I saw at Manifest, needless to say, I was pretty intrigued by it since I have never seen one before.

I had enjoyed last year a lot more than this year and the scale of the event seemed like was smaller this year. There were not as many “fan-traders” as compared to last year.

The early ticket collection crowd.

I like this new setup. Having a set amount of people who can apply for a token so they can skip the queue and collect their tickets earlier.

This was the itenary for Saturday.

Manifest usually falls over 3 days – from Friday to Sunday. Usually, I would just go on Saturdays simply because I feel like I am getting old and would not be able to last going for all 3 days. That plus the fact that it is expensive and a bulk of the things that happen happens on Satuday.

The design of the Saturday pass for Manifest 2011

This is the map of the different event halls

While waiting in line for the doors to the Traders Hall to open, we have a few cosplayers dancing away. It was pretty cute. I think that this is the first close up image of the Kon cosplayer that I took. That cosplayer kept running away everytime I tried to take a picture so my friend and I decided to give up. Lucky for us, he ain’t running away when he is busy dancing.

Manifest 2011 Goodie Bag, it even comes with a bottle of juice! *puke* (you will know why I have such an adverse reaction to this drink in the next image)

This is the reason why.

OMG! Look at that list of ingredients. Some things really should NOT be in a drink! And as you would expect from a drink with that list of ingredients… it was… unique. Like how Saya from Blood-C is endearing. (I just saw the latest ep and can’t get it out of my head. XP)

A long queue that wraps around the left area and then goes back towards the right. I did not bother taking a shot of the long queue but I figured that this would be a decent enough shot.

The worse part of all of this was the waiting around. We were at the place at 8am to collect the tickets and the doors to the hall only opened at 10am.

So whilst bored and hungry my friend and I decided to grab this…

Yes, a hotdog

I know it is a very westernised thing to be eating at a anime convention but the shocking part was this… there were no Japanese food stalls.

OMG. How is that possible?! If a stall like that opened up they would make ALOT of cash. It would be taking candy from a baby, or in this case, money from Anime crazed fans who like anything Japanese.

So instead, my friend and I had to result to eating a sugar filled bun with a steamed dog on it. But it was still yummy. Nothing beats dodge food sometimes.

So whilst we were bored, we took a shot together.

This would be the last that you will see of her and I in the batch of Manifest images.
I know no one wants to see us normal people.

So here are somemore shots from Manifest:

I love the Ball Jointed Dolls

How many of you actually own these mouse pads?

The kind lady at the store was very enthusiastic at telling us that it was filled with real silicone and was like real breasts and wanted us to poke it to test it out. haha. A tad disturbing but cool.

This was taken as we were queuing to cloak our stuff before heading to watch Last Exile – Fam the Silver Wing.

And I shall end this part of the post. The next part would be of cosplayers. =p

Once again, I apologise for the quality of the images, I was rushing to take these pictures as I did not want to miss any of the first hand experienc, I always regret living the event through the camera and I made it a point to concentrate on the here and now instead. =p

-ra out!

Part 2 will be up soonish. Just wanted to get something out since it has already been a week after Manifest.


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  1. what was the name of the shop that sold the Ball Jointed Dolls??


  2. Hey Shannon,

    The name of the store is called Indollgence but it seems like they are on hiatus and will be back soon. You can check out their website. =)

    Hope this helps. =)


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