Kamisama no Memo-chou – 09 Review

Episode 9

Such a pointless and terrible episode without any meaning at all. The only consistent thing about this show is the animation quality.

Just as the series finally gains some momentum from the previous case, they decided to throw in a pointless crappy episode that destroys all the hope that I had for this episode.

I would essentially call this a filler episode (which is ridiculous since there are only 12 episodes) if not for the very last minute of the episode which seems like it will be the lead into the next NEET case.

But the fact remains, it was a pointless and poorly executed slice-of-life episode which is not even a detective case of sorts.

Short Summary + Comments

I am really not happy with this episode and nothing much happened anyway so I will just be giving you a short summary.

The NEET team minus Alice (of course) are at a game arcade playing an electronic online baseball game when they were interrupted by a group of Yakuzas who were there to raise the rental of the place by a ridiculous amount. Leading that group was Nemo (big dude from the previous case involving Meo). He makes an agreement with the NEET team that he would let the rent remain if they are able to win a game of baseball. Never knew Yakuza settled things on whatever whim they suddenly felt (i.e. baseball), especially since he is the not the head of the group.

The whole NEET team starts to train and they seek Alice’s “help” (for what reason other than data? I have no clue) and she digs up some of Nemo’s past. Apparently Nemo was a ace pitcher for a winning team at Koshien (the biggest game each year for highschool baseball, it even gets televised). Narumi starts to wonder Nemo and the next time he sees Nemo, Nemo tells him that he hates baseball games as people forget about the people who play them after the summer is done. The whole episode essentially plays on that fact and totally ignores the other things such as why Nemo quit baseball in the first place.

The team has trained hard and it is the day of the match. The team is losing and finally catches up after Narumi hits the secret forkball of Nemo. (Narumi had gain the data of Nemo as it was conveniently stored in the online baseball game.)

The last scene is of the NEETs at the arcade playing the game when the store owner says that Ayaka’s brother was in the arcade. (This seems to be related to the next case)


So, what is wrong with this episode?

Many things, but lets put that aside and just ask ourselves why this show, despite the fact that it is nearing the end, does not seem to have an end in sight? When I say “end”, I mean having a point to make.

With 3 episodes left (which is the length of a decent case), it does not feel like this show is working towards any closure. All that we have gotten out of this show, so far in terms of progress, is that Narumi has grown as a character with each passing case and we have learned of some of the side character’s past. I would have liked if all the cases simply revolved around the NEET team and their past seeing as to how each of them have some sort of twisted past instead of the animators wasting time with cases that are unrelated to the group. At least then, we would be able to see the focus of the show and there would be some sort of underlying pattern. (If you want to say that Alice has progressed as a person as well, I won’t even consider the minute ridiculous “progress” that Alice makes towards becoming a normal human being as relevant.)

Oh, I forget to mention how ridiculous the actual baseball match was. Alice made the opposing team out to be superior than the NEET team with experience in the game. Yet, they were unable to hit/score much from pitches that were thrown by a guy with no experience and is badly injured and should not even be exercising. The turnaround hit at the end by Narumi was also really horribly cliche.

The only interesting thing about this episode.

The plot itself had so many loopholes:

  • The past of Nemo was never explained.
  • Why is the strong team so weak?
  • Why Nemo chose baseball. Did he choose it because he simply saw it in the arcade and it brought up bad memories of the past? And why even bother listening to a bunch of kids in the first place?
  • Narumi being able to find data on Nemo that Alice couldn’t (Isn’t Alice the genius? I thought that was the whole point of her character, it is sad that she was reduced to being a “awkwardly cute” character this episode)
  • (This is not a loophole but…) How is the ending bit about the forkball believable? Who would write a player’s detailed data into an online gaming system, especially when the player last played 30 years ago and never made it big. It was so unbelievable. (but that could just be my naivety speaking)

The good thing about the show is that Narumi has indeed grown and Alice is now looking to be a redundant factor apart from being there to look stupid and making herself important for no reason. The “mystery” in this episode was solved by Narumi and not Alice.

Alice’s foolish personality and characteristics is once again just another form of side entertainment with no real purpose. Then again, this episode has no real purpose either. I have learned that I should stop questioning the importance of Alice’s character being there apart from the pure fan-service factor. But, it was really sad that the writer had to resort to naming the team after her just to prove her importance in this episode.

I am always a fan of previous characters being brought back into the show instead of being left behind and forgotten. Sadly, I am a fan of it only when they actually mean something instead of creating a ridiculous situation just to allow that to happen.

Overall, I am still looking forward to the next episode but am really disappointed that this episode was not a proper case. With so little time left, one would think the writers would have no extra episodes to waste on senseless slice-of-life episodes. After 9 episodes, I still have no clue what this show is meant to be. A detective show with Slice-of-Life in it? And if so, I still feel that the shows biggest problem lies in the way of execution and having a main character that is nothing but fluff also does not help.

Episode Rating: 5.5/10

The slice-of-life mood in this episode on a relaxing Sunday afternoon was alright.

Here is something to entertain you.

-ra out


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