Nurihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou – 10 Review

Episode 10

What an action packed episode, it is just one fight scene after another. This episode has finally brought back my interest in this show.

The first half of the episode covers the Onmyouji in Kyoto and their battle with Hagu-chan whilst the second half focuses on Rikuo and his team en-route towards Kyoto.


Akifusa and Ryuuji continue their battle attacking each other with Ryuuji winning.

Throughout the battle, we are shown flashbacks of Akifusa’s past. We see that he had always been a gifted child from the Branch family and was in line to be the next head of the clan until Ryuuji appeared. Despite Akifusa being more talented than Ryuuji (who is from the main family), Ryuuji looked like he would end up becoming the head of the Keikain Clan. Some time pass and Akifusa gets appointed to look after the first temple and his place in the family seemed secure until Yura appeared withe the ability to summon the shikigami Hagu. Having been prophesied that the next head of the clan would be the gifted child with the ability to summon Hagu. Akifusa’s place as the head is once again questioned.

After having brought Akifusa down in the battle by poisoning him, Ryuji notices an eye on Akisufa’s neck and comes to the conclusion that something has been controlling Akifusa and has been making use of “his darkness” (what a typical name. First Fear now Darkness =_=”).

The creature on Akifusa’s neck (top left) looks disturbing.

Yura appears and tries to save the day. Meanwhile also on scene was Haguromo Gitsune and her sidekicks who are there for the entertainment.

Yura summons Hagu to kill the demon controlling Akifusa hoping to save Akifusa however the shikigami remained unresponsive to Yura’s commands. Yura started to panic until one of the shikigami spoke to her telling her to calm her heart down (another cliche notion).

Yura blasts the demon away and saves Akifusa. (All this while, Haguromo Gitsune was just sitting back doing nothing.)

It is then revealed that the talking Shikigami was the 13th head of the clan and he tells Yura to create a smoke screen so they could run away.

Back on the Nura boat, the smaller Yokai in the Nura clan are getting anxious and start to run around questioning people over how much longer it would take to reach Kyoto. (It was a really stupid scene)

In one of the meeting rooms, the “top” yokai of the Nura clan along with the Tono Village start to discuss a plan of attack.

The Tono villagers refuse to be led like some lackeys by people from the Nura clan who they feek is weaker than them. Kubinashi gets irritated and tells Rikuo to step out for a moment.

When the door closes, Kubinashi turns into a whole different person and tells asks them (Tono people) if they knew about Nura’s father who was the strongest amount Yokais. The storytelling gets sidetrack when Itaku accuses them to be the reason behind why Rikuo does not even know how to control his fear and suggests that the only reason why Rikuo would not know how to do so would be because the people around him were weak and they too had no idea how to use their Fear.

Having been pushed over the limit, Kubinashi suggests a fight against Itaku. The episode ends with the both of them attacking each other.


I like how the story in this episode is split into a Onmyouji-part and a Yokai-part. It was also good to see that the story is finally starting to get interesting once again.

Although this episode was “action-packed” the fight scenes felt slow and draggy due to the insertion of flashbacks scenes and bridging scenes which showed us what happened between episode 8 and 9. The pace remains constant throughout the episode and even falters slightly so if you are looking for some major kick-ass fights then you would be dissapointed.

The problem with the fight scenes:

  1. Uninspired fighting
  2. Too much talking
  3. Constant interruptions with flashback scenes
  4. Action moments are too short
  5. Horrible backing music

‘Mediocre and entertaining enough to not have you want to turn the show off‘ is what I would describe the battle scenes.

The pace does drop when redundant and stupid scenes of the Nura-clan on board the ship were added in. The whole scene with the Nato yokai and his group of small-sized friends was pointless and boring. The story brought the excitement level up once again when Rikuo gathered his underlings along with the Tono Village yokai to discuss their plan of attack.

There was also an overwhelming amount of cliches in this episode. I know that this is not the first time we are seeing it in NnM and so I should not be shocked, but I just felt that this episode had more than usual. (refer to my summary for some instances)

I love the air of mystery when it seemed like Kubinashi and the other main side characters might be stronger than they have been leading on to be. Another exciting thing for me was the elusive nature behind the history of Rikuo’s father and how the past relates to why Rikuo is the way he is now.

My issue with the characters in this series is that humans are so boring. The onmyouji half of the episode was really not entertaining,. The best part of that whole segment was the ghost/spirit of the 13th head of the Keikain Clan with his cute kansai-ben. I just love his character and his sense of humour!

The other annoying fact about this episode or this series in general is their choice of backing songs. Once again we have a weird Midi-like track for one of the onmyouji battles and that really annoyed me. The lack of consistency in quality confuses me. It is not like the show’s backing track is horrible all the time, sure it was never fantastic, but the quality of the songs this season has just been too erratic.

Overall, this episode got me back onto the Nurarihyon wagon and I am once again craving for more. I see this as a good sign, what about you? How has the series been so far for you?

Episode Rating – 7/10

-ra out

P.S: I still can’t decide if we are meant to hate Ryuuji or not.

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  1. Since this is a story about Demons, possessing humans by controlling darkness in their hearts is as cliche as guns in Mafia stories, love in Romance stories, comic moments in Comedies… in other words, for story about demons it is a necessity for such demons to be there.

    As for Ryuuji… well, he is quite a popular guy (hitting 8th place in recent character popularity poll) so I guess we are supposed to like him. Well, I myself like him because he is a cool guy and makes fun of every Shounen Cliche he can ^_^;


    • “Since this is a story about Demons, possessing humans by controlling darkness in their hearts is as cliche as guns in Mafia stories, love in Romance stories, comic moments in Comedies… in other words, for story about demons it is a necessity for such demons to be there.”

      I know that it is expected but I would like to see something slightly more creative? =P
      i mean, the words being used are simply cliche not incorrect, but I am sure that if one racks their brain hard enough, they could find enlightenment in a form of a different word.

      I think my issue with it was not the word itself but the way the sentences were phrased. Besides, the series did get original with the use of the word ‘Fear’ it just so happens that every time they use it, it sounded really corny. Lol

      “As for Ryuuji… well, he is quite a popular guy […] Well, I myself like him because he is a cool guy”

      I like him too! =D Love those cool bad boy characters. I just want to know if he is meant to be a nice guy or a real pain in the butt. Then again, he is meant to be a really good liar so I guess we will never know.


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