Natsume Yuujinchou San – 10 Review

Why does Natsume bother to put a leash on Nyanko Sensei?

Episode 10 (36)

This is going to be another double episode story again, but this time, it is not looking like it would be as exciting nor good as the previous one.

After last week’s episode of Natsume understanding the fact that people are dependent on one another, this episode continues on from that development by having Natsume, Tanuma and Taki actively helping each other out.


After a stormy night, Nyanko sensei decides that he wants to visit the tree that was struck by lightning in the forest as a tree struck by lightning turns into really good sake. (I don’t get the logic)

Whilst there, Natsume hears some smaller spirits chatting about a sparkling thing in the tree and he looks up. Right before Tanuma arrives, something falls into Natsume’s eyes. As they were talking, a yokai attacks them and Tanuma jumps infront on Natsume to protect him. This is where they have their heat to heart talk about wanting to protect one another followed by an awkward moment.

The next day at school, Natsume goes looking for Tanuma only to realise that he had stayed home due to a fever. Natsume visits Tanuma at home and his father tells Natsume that Tanuma is feeling better and would be back at school the next day.

The next day at school, whilst walking down the school corridor, a mirror breaks and Natsume sees a figure run away. For the next few days, Tanuma avoids Natsume everytime he sees him. Natsume spots Tanuma digging in the ground with his fingers and runs towards him.

When at the hole that Tanuma had dug, Natsume’s eyes starts to hurt and a demon attacks him. Around the corner, Tanuma who was possessed previously comes to his senses and notices Natsume getting attacked and chases the demon away.

They decide to find out what is going on and head to the science lab where they see that demon breaking a mirror. They enter and the spirit that is possessing Tanuma appears.

After telling the group (Taki and Nyanko Sensei arrives halfway through when they saw Natsume and Tanuma with the female spirit) about what had happened to her mirror she agrees to leave Tanuma only after her mirror is returned to her. We also learn that Natsume’s eye is like a metal-detector but for mirrors due to the mirror in his eye. (=_=”)

Tanuma asks for Natsume’s help (gee, way to go Tanuma, ignore Taki’s presence will ya?) with finding the mirror pieces and putting back together again.


Nyanko Sensei makes a return in this episode! He is now healthy and back to his old sake-drinking ways. I love his character because he is such an adorable ass. However, that is not the only reason. Throughout this season, Nyanko Sensei’s character has been the character providing the comic relief in each episode, so with his return, you can bet that we will be enjoying more lighthearted funny moments. (On a side note, I found it really funny how Natsume walks Nyako Sensei on a leash.)

As I had mentioned in the intro to this review, the episode’s main purpose is to build on the character development that happened last episode. Early on in this episode, we see Natsume and Tanuma helping one another out voicing out their need to protect the other. This progress of voicing out their need for help really shows that the characters growth and the result of all the things that happened to them this season. If the season were to end after this story, we can be happy knowing that something was achieved.

Speaking about “voicing out” things. The dialogue in this episode was so forced and stiff. For example:

  • When Tanuma started avoiding Natsume and Natsume knew that something was wrong, all Natsume said was “If you have a problem, then tell me” and Tanuma spills the beans reciting everything. It was too convenient.
  •  When everyone has already decided to help Tanuma out, Tanuma still says to Natsume, ” Natsume, I’m sorry, but would you help me find the mirror fragments?” This is a really redundant phrase that was there just so that they could push a message out.

I understand that there was a meaning behind each of these forced dialogue

  1. Instead going around peoples back to help them, Natsume came out said to him that he wanted to help him – this shows that Natsume has become a more open person.
  2. Tanuma reaching out and actually asking for help shows the trust and understanding that they both equally want to help one another.

Yet despite knowing that, I still can’t help but feel annoyed at the stiff dialogue. It just made me realise just how important script writers really are.

There were a couple other issues with this episode:

  • If the spirit’s mirror broke just recently, then how did her mirror pieces get embedded into other mirrors, and how does it get hidden underground with other things buried above it? I understand it is a spiritual mirror, but it could be more realistic since the first piece was up on a tree and that is a believable instance.
  • Personally, did not like the idea of Natsume being a human mirror detector. It was so odd to watch. But I guess it being humorous is better than me cringing.

There were things that I did love about this episode as well.

The animation in this episode was a lot better than last week’s. The animation was more fluid and dynamic and the characters no longer become distorted and look like someone entirely different.

Also, the odd bromance moment between Tanuma and Natsume was funny. =D

Even though I am not a fan of this Treasure Hunting themed story, this is one of those shows that just never really goes too wrong.

Episode Rating: 7.75/10

(I just couldn’t give it a 7.5 and 8 was too high. I apologise for such a weird rating.)

-ra out!


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  1. “Why does Natsume bother to put a leash on Nyanko Sensei?”

    LOL I was wondering the same thing.

    The best part was the very end of the ep, after the preview – Nyanko-sensei: “Ikayaki, I want you’ xDDD


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