Ouran High School Host Club Live Action – 07 Review

Can you guess what this episode is about from this picture? =D

Episode 07

LOL!!!!! This was such an AWESOME episode!

Hilarious and very nicely done with decent romantic moments and a few sweet scenes. I think it has reached the point where all the cast members have finally grown on me and I am now loving this show more than ever.

I know I am posting this review really late but I have been busy trying to post the other reviews first. =P I hope you will still take your time to read this review.


Worried about the visit to Haruhi’s home, Tamaki decides to pay the Black Magic Club a visit for some advice on the future. What he got from them was a fortune about Tamaki’s future with an Okama-san.

It is the day of the visit and the Host Club arrive outside Haruhi’s complex in a flashy white Hummer Limousine. (I think it is a Hummer)

Tamaki, being the type of character that he is, decides to make a speech on how the Host Club should behave. Haruhi sees them and decides that she did not want them visiting her house.

She however changes her mind when Hunny senpai mentioned that he had brought some nice cakes as a housewarming gift for her. She then agrees to let them into her house on the condition they would leave after eating the cakes.

The Host club enters her house and is in awe and starts to ransack her place to see how she lives. (The funniest scene for me has got to be when Hunny needed to use the toilet and he comes out screaming and running towards Mori, hugging him and crying about how small the toilet was and how he was getting claustrophobic from it.)

They then sit around a table to eat the cakes. (Boy, do the cakes look delicious and expensive, but where is the Strawberry Shortcake that Hunny loves?)

The Host Club convinces Haruhi to let them stay until lunch as they were hungry and the group decides to head to the supermarket to get the ingredients.

Before leaving, Tamaki decides to pay his respects to Haruhi’s mother and Haruhi is touched by it.

The two shares a nice moment with Haruhi staring at the picture of her mother and Tamaki looking at her with tender eyes. Just as he was standing up, Tamaki trips and and pins Haruhi down the same moment Haruhi’s Okama father returns home.

He sees the scene and swiftly throws Tamaki against the window

Tamaki then talks to Haruhi’s father calling him Otou-san (father) and naturually, he gets angry and pins Tamaki down with his leg.

Tamaki, hurt from being ignored, goes into the closet to hide and grow adorable colourful poisonous-looking mushrooms.

The rest of the Host Club return to the apartment when Haruhi and Tamaki failed to come out and notices that Haruhi’s dad was home. They start to discuss and bond whilst leaving Tamaki out of the loop.

Tamaki then runs away and cries and Haruhi looks for him and cheers him up. (I love the pouting Tamaki in this scene, he was so adorable…like a little kid T^T) Haruhi then decides to invite Tamaki along with her to the supermarket and the two head off.

Back at the apartment, Haruhi’s father comes up with a game to play with the Host Club – follow Haruhi to the supermarket.

The Host Club naturally goes nuts at the supermarket buying things.

While Haruhi was buying things, a little girl knocks over a pile of cans and Tamaki shields Haruhi with his body. This touches Haruhi’s dad’s heart and he realises that soon enough, he would have to give up the role of protecting Haruhi to someone else.

Everybody goes back to the apartment to eat the hotpot around a kotatsu and just when the tension between Tamaki and Haruhi’s dad seem like it would disappear. Tamaki opens his big mouth and destroys all the progress made.


I really love this episode. It was so funny! This is my favourite episode of the season!

The actor playing Haruhi’s father was so awesome! He acted the part of a feminine okama well yet when it came time to scare people, he had a full on Yakuza-mode going for him. It was hilarious watching him bully the hell out of Tamaki. Perhaps the curse of the terrible co-stars is finally over?

Tamaki is once again the star of the episode. His reactions were as good as usual but the best part had got to be when he cried, pouted and acted like a child. That was just way too adorable!!! I wanted to squish him!!! Usually Tamaki’s over-the-top reactions does not get on my nerve, but the last part of this episode where Tamaki stands up and screams “Otou-san!!!” was a bit too much. I felt that the show could have ended nicely without that part.

The interaction between those two characters were great. Seeing as to how this episode was heavily dependent on the chemistry between Tamaki and Haruhi’s father, it was a relief that they did such a good job. The dynamic interaction between the two of them definitely was the most memorable part of this episode.

We have our fair share of CGI in this episode but they were all done tastefully and nothing horrible. Afterall, don’t the mushroom above look adorable? =p (Poisonous perhaps, but still adorable.)

I am sure that all the Mori and Hunny fans also had their share of fanservice with Hunny hugging Mori after seeing the toilet.

It was also nice to see how the writers integrated Tamaki’s love for the Kotatsu into the story. They made it out be that this was the first time Tamaki is using a Kotatsu which means that this might change the past between Tamaki and Kyoya seeing as to how in the original, Kyoya had set out the kotatsu for Tamaki.

I especially loved the internal monologue moment that Tamaki had with himself when he saw Haruhi’s father finding them in a compromising position. I found the music playing in the background during that moment funny.

I could go on and on about the things I love in this episode because I really liked it but I shall stop for now.

Episode Rating: 8.5/10

Overall, it was a great episode and I can’t wait to see even more! Perhaps it was the change in the setting where they did not need to spend money on portraying a high society lifestyle and thus making this episode seem more “believable”.

Whatever it is, I feel that the characters in this show have grown in such a way that I no longer compare them to the original and think of them as seperate entities with the same lovable attributes and all this tiny improvements have made this episode nicely balanced and entertaining.

-ra out!

Do you feel differently about this episode? Or are you loving it too?


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  1. I thought I ever seen Haruhi’s father’s actor…
    What’s his name? :3


  2. Yes … the design is clearly needed to be changed 🙂
    What would be brighter , nebudu (


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