No. 6 – 10 Review

I just love all the “beautiful” scenes of the desolate West District against a sunset/sunrise.

Episode 10

So this was a pretty intense episode with an over darker atmosphere as compared to the rest of the series.

Nezumi and Shion are finally in the correctional facility and they are now making their way through the place to get to Safu with help from Inukashi and Rikigai.

Note: This episode was a pretty emotional one for Nezumi.


The episode starts off with a flashback of what Nezumi had said to Shion before he protected Shion as they were getting dumped down the human rubbish shoot.

Back at the West City, Rikigai and Inukashi are wondering about what they are to do with the baby Shion had left them. After “much deliberation” they decided on letting the dog look after the kid whilst they carry on with their plan. =_=”

Shion comes to at the bottom of the trash shoot and realises that he is surrounded by dead bodies and a huge pile that stacks up to the size of a hill. (I think the animators really over-exaggerated that part, that pile was way to big for a city as small as No.6 and the West District)

Naturally, Shion did what every normal person would do – puke. (Sadly, we did not get to see any tender loving care from Nezumi)

Back at No.6, we see a short scene of Karan and the little girl who frequents her store (can’t remember her name) looking at the skyline of No.6 with a premonition of impending doom. (There were a lot of pretty background scenes in this episode)

Rikigai and Inukashi execute their side of the plan which is to attack the Janitor who is Inukashi’s informant and make him drive them into the facility. They then smoke the place up with a stench that causes everyone to believe that there is a leak of sorts resulting in an evacuation.

Meanwhile, having made to the top of the pile and out of the dump, Shion and Nezumi and running towards Safu. They enter a room with huge blowers (I assume those were for hygiene reasons), those blowers must have been super-powerful mind-blowing ones because from that scene on, Nezumi and Shion’s personalities changed drastically – Nezumi becomes the follower whilst Shion takes the lead. (Shion’s change in personality could be due to Elyurius but I am uncertain about that fact)

They are finally near the “ending stage” of the facility arc and like with all good games, you have to have the final boss waiting for you.

Nezumi throws a smoke bomb and attacks all the guards, just when it looks like he would win the leader appears and shoots Nezumi.

Shion witnesses this and loses his senses his sense of awareness. He shoots the leader and the leader falls onto the ground, injured but not dead. Shion then walks up to the leader and shoots him despite Nezumi’s pleads to not do so. (It was so touching and sad to see how distraught Nezumi was when Shion shot the man. It was as though he had lost the love of his life  T^T)

Nezumi cries and Shion comes to his senses realising that he had just killed someone. Shion is about to panic and lose his mind but after taking a look at Nezumi’s apologizing frame, he realises that Nezumi needed him and that it was not the time to panic. He then goes to comfort Nezumi and they move forward towards the awaiting Safu/Elyurius.


I felt like that opening scene (flashback of what Nezumi had said prior to the truck dumping them into a human trash chute) was a setup for the main theme of this episode – Shion’s change in personality which makes Nezumi realise what the most important thing to him is. Somewhere along the way in this episode, Nezumi stopped being a cold heartless person but shows us a rather genuine and fragile side of himself.

I really liked the style of this episode. The overall atmosphere of this episode was slightly darker and intense which effectively mirrored the situation that everyone was in where tension is high and everyone’s minds are being played with.

I had trouble really understanding  at which point Shion had stopped being Shion and was being controlled by Elyurius, and where Shion started getting caught up in the situation resulting him in losing his ability to think through things rationally. I assume that the scene with Shion smiling whilst Nezumi was panicking was the point where Shion got caught up in the adrenaline whilst the part where he shoots the guard is him being under Elyurius control? Or was it Shion the whole time?

Speaking of the personality change in Shion, I think what was more shocking to me was the change that we see in Nezumi. Nezumi suddenly went from the being the leader to being the follower in an instant, it did not make sense. It such a sudden change, I just could not help but feel that the animators simply felt like “okay, we shall just make him change his personality here so we can push our point” during that point in the episode.

I must say though that despite the suddenness of the reverse in their (N and S)  roles, it was refreshing to see Shion become the unfeeling character whilst Nezumi takes on the role as the empathetic one.

There were a few plot holes that could probably be ignored but I shan’t do so and write it out for you instead =) :

  1. Such a huge pile of dead bodies at the dumping ground would have created a stench of sorts and blood which I assume Shion would react to. Instead Shion reacted to the idea of it being reality that there were so many dead humans around him, that and the cruelty of No.6. Plus there was a lack of blood in that scene. (Oh well,  I guess it is fine since Blood-C will satisfy anybody’s craving for blood.)
  2. Why would Nezumi and Shion have to resort to getting captured to get into the facility if Inukashi and Rikigai could get into the control station of the facility so easily? They would be in the same area but different wings? (It does not make any sense for the control station to be on a different base.)
  3. When Nezumi suddenly got confused as to where they were meant to be going and Shion had to take over. (Scene right after the big blowers)
    Wouldn’t they have gotten the information regarding the route that they are meant to be taking from the man they kidnapped and questioned in the previous episode? Why would Nezumi be confused? Especially if you take his character/personality into consideration.
  4. Final door opening is meant to be the evidence that there was “someone” guiding Nezumi and Shion to Safu.
    That part does not make sense seeing as to how Safu should not be able to control anything at the location she was at. I mean, it was a lift she controlled. =_=” Why would she be able to control a lift?

I really like the flashback style of this episode. Most of the flashbacks were quick and snappy such that the main point is put across in the quickest and most important way without slowing down the fast-action pace of this episode.

A screen caps for you fans of NxS. =p

Now it is time for my short Nezumi x Shion rant.

This episode has got to be the most obvious one when it comes to the BL element. What could be more obvious than Nezumi saying “‘I have fallen”? Especially since it was after a montage of flashbacks with Shion touching him. I really felt for Nezumi when he was yelling out to Shion as though he was watching the Shion he knew die right in-front of his eyes. It was a tad bit over dramatic for Nezumi to cry and wail about it being his fault, but I shall cut him some slack since he has come to realise his feelings.

Now if only Shion would do the same… =P

Either way, I am glad the writers did not simply write off all the hints dropped over the last few episodes.

Episode Rating: 8/10

Overall, with just one episode left I am a bit worried that we would not be able to get all the answers that we are searching for or a proper conclusion to all the lose ends regarding this show. If they do manage to get everything answered in the next episode, I worry about how rushed it would feel. Right now, I am just sad about having to find another show to replace the empty void that I am going to feel when this show is finally over. =(

Few things left for this show to resolve:

  • Elyurius’ connection to Safu and Nezumi’s connection to the both of them. (we know that Nezumi was one of Elyurius’ people but it does not explain the importance of him feeling the pain alongside Safu during the first appearance of Elyurius in this series)
  • Romantic triangle between Nezumi x Shion x Safu (and lets not forget Shion’s dream of all of them living together)
  • What will happen to No. 6?
  • A conclusion of sorts to Shion’s relationship his mother
  • Yoming’s gang of delinquints
  • Breaking of the wall between No.6 and the west city
  • The bees in people that are currently lying dormat
  • Cure to the bees? (this issue is related to Elyurius and her existence)

Some of these are already half solved or on the way to being answered. It would be possible for the next episode to conclude the show but I can just imagine the high amounts of montage scenes that would be done to speed things up.

-ra out!


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  1. one episode left ?!?!?????????

    I can’t breathhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    what are we going to do after this???????seriously????????

    I will miss this anime sooooooooo much T_T


  2. To be fair, the correctional facility shown in Ep.9 looked pretty huge–also, I’d expect that they’d have “the garbage” underground. There’s a lot of space there…


  3. I can’t breathhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    @ heart22: Haha, breathe… breathe… =p

    what are we going to do after this???????seriously????????

    @ heart22: There is always Season 2 of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi coming out in October =)

    To be fair, the correctional facility shown in Ep.9 looked pretty huge–also, I’d expect that they’d have “the garbage” underground. There’s a lot of space there…

    @ Justin: True..but I think my issue is with not whether they have the space for the “garbage” but rather the amount of human “garbage”. That was a big pile… the amount of bodies needed would be thousands I would think. Also I think that most of the bodies would have been decomposed turned to goo. *cringe* X|


  4. I wonder if they’ll have enough time to conclude everything in 20 minutes! I feel like some of the plot holes will be overlooked, most likely the parasite bees part. I think the only things I really care about are Safu’s connection to Elyurius, Shion’s reuniting with his mom, and what will happen with Nezumi. But I agree, I’m gonna be sad once this show is over, there’s not really anything I’m looking forward to in this autumn season besides Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. And the only reason I’m still watching Kamisama no Memo-chou is because of how PERFECT the pilot episode was…the rest of it sucks. Oh well, at least I have my new Clannad DVD to enjoy when I finish watching my current shows :)))


  5. @akagi

    I really hope that they do not overlook the parasite bees part and come up with a miracle that ties everything together. My only worry is that there might be a second season and we don’t get any proper conclusion from this one. I hope that this is not the case because I am not a fan of incomplete series. But a second season would make sense in the case where they could develop the downfall of No.6 and the parasite bees as well as the relationship between Shion x Nezumi x Safu.

    “there’s not really anything I’m looking forward to in this autumn season besides Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. ”

    I have not read that manga but the hype about the show is getting me intrigued. =D Is it a romance/slice-of-life show or more towards the comedic side?

    “I’m still watching Kamisama no Memo-chou is because of how PERFECT the pilot episode was…the rest of it sucks.”

    Lol, I agree with that. I dread watching episode 10 as I fear that it would be another crappy one. I just want that series to end and finish itself off as it has been a big dissapointment.


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