Kamisama no Memo-chou – 10 Review

Episode 10

I have been putting off reviewing this episode for fear that it would be bad.

Surprisingly, I actually really liked this episode and it reminded me of the very first episode of the series. Beautiful animation, interesting mystery/case, a dark melancholic atmosphere and a nice touch of slice-of-life.


The arcade owner lets the group know that Toshi (ayaka’s brother) was in the arcade. Toshi then leaves after pushing Ayaka away when Ayaka tried to touch him. Narumi being the character that he was chases after Toshi to make sure that everything was fine.

Toshi then tells Narumi about how much he hates Ayaka and that Ayaka was just treating Narumi as a replacement brother. (I really want to see how Toshi takes the news about what happened to Ayaka)

Toshi starts to have a fit of coughs and he takes out a bag containing pink pills which he calls Angel Fix. He pops a pill and walks off.

Narumi calls Ayaka and Tetsuo tells Narumi not to let Ayaka know that her brother is taking drugs. (This is the beginning of Narumi being placed in a tight spot again.)

The next day at Alice’s apartment, the Third pays Alice a visit regarding deaths in town revolving around a drug called Angel Fix and he requires Alice’s assistance in finding out how the drug is getting circulated and who is behind it.

The team gathers together to discuss the case and Narumi is told to stay out of it due to him being a normal person. (Apparently you need some sort of special clearance to solve cases. XP)

As Narumi is walking home with Ayaka, he and Ayaka gets into an argument about Toshi and the case as Ayaka suspects that all the secrecy at the NEET base is related to Toshi. Ayaka accuses Narumi for being the same as her brother due to him hiding things from her and Narumi loses his cool remembering what Toshi had told him about being a replacement brother for Ayaka. He apologises  but Ayaka remained angry.

The next day at school, Ayaka is still angry at Narumi and Narumi accidentally break’s Ayaka’s shoulder band.

In order to cheer Ayaka up, Narumi takes a couple of days off from school to design a new Garden Club band.

Ayaka then tells Narumi about how she met him and how she did not see him as a replacement for her brother. They both get back to looking after the gardens and all is good until Ayaka is told that the club has to move their plants away from the roof to make it available for the cultural festival.

Back at the store, the NEET team is discussing the case.

Whilst they were still discussing, Ayaka arrives and overhears about her brother doing drugs.

That night, Narumi and Ayaka get treated to Tiramisu made by Min. Narumi then talks about the Tiramisu meaning ‘pick me up’ and Ayaka wondered about what the creator for the dish was feeling when he picked that name

Before they parted ways, Narumi tells Ayaka about how they could talk to the teacher and make sure that the garden does not get moved. He also then states that that place was theirs. (Ayaka and Narumi). Ayaka then bids Narumi good night and smiles at him before crossing the road.

The last scene is of Ayaka committing suicide jumping off the roof of the school.

I don’t like the fact that Ayaka looks like she had smudge eyeliner under her eyes. I don’t know how dead people who committed suicide look but I don’t think that that would be how they would look immediately after dying.


It took a good 9 episodes of unsatisfying cases and unbalanced slice-of-life VS detective episodes before the series finally goes back to its roots of the first episode – heavy Narumi presence with the case not pushing the show forward but rather everything else that happens pushes the case forward.

If only this was a 20+ episode series stretching over 2 season, episode 10 might not be too late for redemption. However, with only another 2 episodes left, will this final case be enough to raise people’s thoughts on this series?

This case goes back and forth between the first episode of the meeting between Ayaka and Narumi where it all started and the development of their relationship. It is looking like this case is going to tie up the whole show with everything starting because of Ayaka and the last case of the series coming back to Ayaka. For some reason, I felt like the episode made the 9 episodes between the 1st and 10th episode of this series feel like they did not happen. Narumi is once again an outcast from the group and placed back into the role of being a normal citizen doing minor tasks. The excuse given was that he was a ordinary person and since the case involved deaths, he should not participate in it.

The first 1/3 of the episode revolved around this new case whilst the 2/3 of the episode was slice-of-life heavy, the last 3/3 brings us back to the case once again, but with a gloomier atmosphere before finally ending with a shocking yet melancholic cliffhanger. (I still do not understand the idea of the God’s Memo Book and how it relates to the show. I can only assume that Narumi is using that book as a metaphor for what happens in life.) This style of breakdown was interesting but I am not sure if I really liked the segmented feeling of the episode.

I was really worried throughout this episode as to whether this show would remain a disappointment or bring itself back up. The beginning of the episode regarding the case of the drug was interesting since the audience would feel a quick connection to Toshi through Ayaka’s character. One thing that I did not like was how Narumi is constantly being put in a spot between 2 hard places. Back with the Renji case, Narumi was also unable to be honest about his thoughts having to play mediator to both sides. Now with this case, he was once again unable to be honest towards Ayaka.

When the slice of life kicked in, I felt like I was going to cry. I don’t really like the past few episodes when it came to the slice-of-life element as it always lacked a certain depth to it, this episode however managed to bring that depth back.

Narumi’s internal monologue is as usual about the “what-if“s about life, but what I did like about it in this episode was the way it pulled the whole of the last scene together giving the ending a bigger impact rather than the scene having played out on its own without Narumi’s speech. I however, did not like the fact that Narumi skipped school without any consequences but I guess that just goes to show the lack of a relationship between Narumi and his family.

I did think that Ayaka really overreacted to the situation but because we are not told too much about her background and her relationship with her family and her brother apart from the few mentions in this episode, it is hard to make a statement about it.

The animation this episode was good as well, Memo-chou has been pretty consistent when it comes to the animation quality and that was probably one of the redeeming factors for this show. But this episode proves that the show is so much better when everything gels together nicely; with a good story, nice animation and good atmosphere.

I was really hoping that this would have been a case related to Alice in some way shape or form but I guess this will have to do for now. I would still like to see a case showing us more about Narumi’s family (seeing as to how the show revolves around him) and a case explaining Alice’s current situation. But I guess that won’t happen unless this case turns into some huge mess in the next 2 episodes.

Episode Rating 8.5/10

Overall, I am not sure how this case will play out and I doubt that it would be able to be as good as the first case, but this episode on its own felt like it had the elements right again.

-ra out!

Did you enjoy this episode as well or was I just simply high on chocolates while watching it?


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