Ouran High School Host Club Live Action – 08 Review

The daddy long legs makes an appearance

Episode 08

This episode mainly covers the story of Nekozawa-senpai and his relationship with his younger sister.

That being said though, the writers did throw in information about Tamaki and his family from other episodes to speed up the overall progress of the show.

(Sadly, Renge does not make an appearance in this episode.)


As she is walking into the school, Haruhi meets the Superintendent of Ouran whom then requests a presence with her.

In his office, he gives Haruhi a present and rants on about how he wants to help Haruhi out and that if she ever has any trouble she should feel free to look for him.

After school, Haruhi heads to the Music Room where the Host Club’s Theme of the Day is playing Police. The host club are all decked out in their police gear playing detective to the “criminal” patrons. (my favourite part was when Hunny started pouting about not being able to tie his tie. Naturally, Kyoya is the coolest one there.)

The event is over for the day and the door swings open showing a little girl from Ouran Elementary Department peeking in.

She introduces herself as Kirimi and starts going on a rant on Reverse-Harems and the stereotypical Shoujo “roles” (i.e. cute character, cool character, prince character)

She then declares Tamaki as her brother and Tamaki hugs here and wholeheartedly accepts her as his sister despite knowing that she is not.

Nekozawa-senpai appears and it is revealed that he is her brother. Kirimi is scared of the dark looking Nekowaza and holds onto Tamaki even tighter calling Tamaki brother.

One of the Dark Arts Club members appears to explain the situation in the Nekozawa household. Apparently Nekozawa is a unique case that happens once every hundred years where the person is unable to stay in the light and has to live in darkness. The sad thing is that Kirimi is afraid of the darkness thus resulting in this permanent gap between both brother and sister.

In order to gain Kirimi’s acceptance (after feeling jealous of Kirimi’s attachment to Tamaki), Nekozawa then undergoes training by the Host Club and ditches the black robes and start to learn how to behave like a “prince character” host.

Meanwhile, Haruhi is entertaining Kirimi by reading Shoujo manga after Shoujo manga until Kirimi falls asleep.

Tamaki comes out of the music room to check up on them and then tells Haruhi about his childhood and the fact that he has not seen his mother in 2 years.

Back in the Music Room, Nekozawa-senpai has achieve significant progress and has now reached the 3 minutes mark when being shined by a torch light.

Just as Nekozawa has a torch under his face, Kirimi enters and thinks that Nekozawa is a monster and runs away in fear.

Kyoya looks out of the window and notices that Kirimi was outside on the field with a cat. Hearing this, Nekowaza runs to her rescue after telling everyone that Kirimi hates cats and are extremely afraid of them.

Prince Charming Nekozawa runs towards his sister under the scorching sun and after a few moments of sibling bliss, the sunlight take a toll on him and he faints.

They bring him back to the music room and Tamaki plays the piano to help soothe Kirimi’s worry over her brother.


This is not really one of my favourite Ouran stories, whilst I do like Nekozawa-senpai’s character, I would rather see a story focusing more on the Host Club. However, it is no surprise that the writers did pick this story to film since the live action has been placing a greater importance on the existence of Nekozawa.

The actress who acted as Kirimi was alright, (better than some of the older actors) the only issue that I had with her was the speed as which she spoke at. It felt odd and forced, but she is young so… oh well.

This is the first episode in the show where Nekozawa has gotten majority of the screen time. I never really knew what his actor (Ryusei Ryo) looked like when he is not covered with the black cloth and making funny faces, I must say that he does look a lot different when he acts normal and is decked out in the Ouran uniform.

It would be so much nicer if he could actually play the piano.

The overall mood of this story was less comedic and more family focused and the writers made used of this point to throw Tamaki’s family into the mix. We get to see Tamaki’s father playing out his Daddy Long Legs character, Haruhi learning about Tamaki being the Superintendent’s son and Haruhi realising that Tamaki has not seen his mother in 2 years. I guess this might mean that those stories which revealed all these information would not be filmed. (They had also added in the part about Tamaki being able to play the piano)

Because of this “extra” information being added in, Haruhi’s inclination towards Tamaki is also sped up with her becoming more intrigued by Tamaki and having “soften”-up her views on him.

Episode Rating: 6.5/10

Overall, this is not one of my favourite episodes as I was not as entertained as last week. I was never a fan of the non-comedic style of this show unless it focused on the Host Club even though I know that these breaks from the comedic moments are needed to build a more emotional atmosphere. The up side to this all is that next week is the Karuiza episode which means that we get to see the Hikaru x Haruhi date and hopefully the week following that would be more Kyoya x Haruhi.

-ra out!

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