Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou – 11 Review

My string makes good dental floss

Episode 11

There is just something odd about this series with how the execution of the ideas is always mediocre and never as good as what it probably could be.

This episode revolves around multiple fights taking place in the sky. It centers around Rikuo and his friend on board the ship towards Kyoto as they encounter trouble along the way.


Kubinashi and Itaku’s fight continues and Itaku is getting overwhelmed by Kubinashi’s fear.

Back at Kyoto, Hagu-chan has removed the 2nd Seal and there is now only 1 left.

Kubinashi goes on to explain that he use to be famous and demands Itaku to state his name. He also explains that his strings when reinforced are as tough as steel. Kubinashi then breaks out of the strings by changing into his full Yokai form.

Just as the battle is getting heated, the two a slashed with a liquid and it is shown that Zen had snucked onto the ship. (He had splashed them with medicine)

Rikuo gets pissed as he fears that Zen’s weak health would not be able to withstand the intensity of the upcoming Kyoto battle.

The Nura fleet then gets attacked by the Kyoto demons who are in charge of protecting the sky. Their leader Hakuzozu then asks them to state their business in Kyoto and if they were friend or foe refusing to attack until they responded. (This yokai is a missing a few screws)

Rikuo then goes towards their leader and Kubinashi tries to stop him only to realise that Rikuo does not have a form. Itaku then makes a comment saying the reason why he feels that Rikuo would never become strong is because of the overzealous people he has around him who are ready and willing to baby him.

A fight between Rikuo and Hakuzozu ensues and Rikuo wins by smashing Hakuzozu’s spear (his name is so tiring to type).

Kubinashi then flashes back to when the 2nd had told him about how he would like Rikuo to choose for himself if he wanted to be a yokai or human as he is only 1/4 yokai and there was no going back once he entered that world.

Hakuzozu then asks Rikuo to kill him but suddenly thinks of an awesome poem to write down. Rikuo decides that he likes Hakuzozu and would like him to join Rikuo’s forces.

The episode ends with the rest of the yokai’s attacking and the Nura clan trying to hold out until dawn. The problem is that dawn has no effect on the yokais in Kyoto due to the state of chaos in that city currently.


Let me talk about the plot first. After last week’s cliffhanger, I could not sit still and decided to spoil myself by reading the next few chapters that were to follow (which is essentially everything this episode covered). Seeing how it was such an action pack situation, it would only be natural to think that the animated version would be overwhelmingly better than reading the manga. Sadly, this episode was nothing out of the ordinary.

One of the biggest reasons as to why the mood was probably not as good as what it could have been would be due to the director’s love for panning scenes. I know that this is an easy and cheaper way of animating a show, but it does destroy the mood of action scenes when you have so many still frames of the characters simply on screen mimicking statues. Everyone probably knows how I feel about Blood-C’s lack of creativity in the fighting-choreography department with the usual slash and thrust but although there are so many problems with that series, the fight scenes are still more energetic than Nurarihyon’s one. =( Also, I felt like this show has the typical shounen-fighting issue of characters simply waiting around and talking in the middle of a big battle scene. (although no where near as bad as Naruto or Dragonball Z)

I just hope that this will not become a trend for this series because I felt that the series had started off really strong.

That being said, I am way more interested in this show than I am in Blood-C. I guess this just goes to show that an intriguing plot is still more important than graphics. (Don’t get me wrong, I do not think that Blood-C’s animation is fantastic or anything, I feel that Blood-C’s animation is pretty average) Every episode makes me want to watch the next one just to find out what happens next and that is a good thing. At the end of the day, it is all about generating viewership and interest.

An annoying thing about this series is how inconsistent Rikuo’s powers are. As and when the mangaka pleases, Rikuo is strong and able to defeat the opponent, and when it comes time for him to be weak, he is just simply written off as such.

How did Rikuo suddenly become so strong in this episode? Sure, he has his fear illusion move going for him now, but what about his ability to break the opponent’s spear, where did that come from? (I know it was explained briefly but it felt really out-of-the-blue) I guess my point is that there is no rulebook when it comes to Rikuo’s powers and so there is never a consistency. Without a proper gauge that can be used universally in this series, we are unable to really judge for ourselves if Rikuo is strong or weak and can only depend on how the other characters judge him in that situation and take their word for it. My problem is how this series throws in random powers that are barely connected to one another except through an ideal and it makes it hard to follow.

(I hope I did not confuse you with my above rant)

As for the comedy, this episode was once again filled with the usual Nurarihyon no Mago comedy but unlike other episodes, I did not think that they were that funny this episode.

Episode Rating: 6.5/10

Overall, it is still an interesting episode to watch because of the interesting plot and characters in this series. A decent series for a casual Monday night after a day at work, afterall, I feel that I need my fair share of watching things go up in smoke when suffering from Monday blues.

-ra out


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