Hunter x Hunter 2011 Commercial Released

Alright, so it is not exactly a Trailer but it is better than nothing.

This short commercial clip of Gon being hyperactive over wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps allowed us to hear how the new voice actor of Gon sounds like.

Surprisingly it is not as bad as I thought it would be. The voice actually does not sound shockingly different from the original.

I am hoping that this would mean that there might be a longer release of a proper Trailer for Hunter x Hunter soon.

(Am still unsure about the overly happy and child-like Gon, but the clip is too short to judge)


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  1. Howdy rara, so many reviews! … oh, and paging for you!


  2. I can’t wait for Hunter x Hunter, I wonder if it will continue past the old one…


  3. Lol, one can only hope I guess. =P Who really knows how things will turn out with anime these days. =P

    Last I saw, Hunter x Hunter was slated for more than 45 episodes. =_=” I think the number 45 is a very low number even if it is a tentative one because if they had arranged for it to go past where the original left off, 45 is way too little. =/ It makes me worried.


    • Where did you see it was 45 episodes? I think it will be longer, maybe it will get enough popularity and they will make it go on forever!!! 😛


    • I saw it on ANN that it was meant to be 45+ episodes. =_=”

      45 plus…
      I am just shocked that they had even confirmed the series for only 45.



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