Blood C – 10 Review

All…? Now you know how we feel Saya…Now you know…

Episode 10 – Since ’tis by its Breath
(what the hell is the title meant to mean?)

Reviews by M0rg0th and Saranaufogus

What the hell?! I am sure that is most people were thinking when they saw this episode.

Saranaufogus: Things are finally getting interesting and I just hope that when they said that the farce should end, it would really end. I don’t think I could handle another let down if the next episode decides to continue on with this hide-and-seek style of story telling.

I just had to grab these screen caps of the dialog. It sums up my experience of the whole series until now.

Summary (by Saranaufogus)

After Tokizane leaves, Saya is attack by an Elder Bairns who continues to rant on about Saya and how Saya is a creature with worse eating habits then them and also about the broken covenant with the humans.

Throughout the whole fight, Saya is getting glimpses of her visions and is continuously seeing double images. Saya finally kills the Elder Bairns after Tokizane gets killed.

The next morning, she wakes up and Fumito is beside her with Guimauve and coffee and they talk about Guimauve once again. Fumito enlightens her about the fact that Guimauve can be made differently and he makes in in that way as he feels that Saya will like the flavour and colour. (suspicious much?)

Fumito then goes to visit Saya’s father to offer him food after Saya falls asleep.

The next day Fumito is sporting an injury on his left arm to which Saya responses with worry. Kanako-sensei then walks in and orders a straight tea and asks Saya if she could look through the books at Saya’s place.

Kanako-sensei then tells Saya to stop playing dumb and to really look (sorry Kanako-san, Saya’s is dumb by nature and she has vision problems so you can’t blame her for not being observant right?) Saya discovers that all the books in the room were made out of new paper and she opens the book and notices that they are empty.

The twins (Nono and Nene) appear and Kanako says that it is time to end the farce. (oh yes please sensei!)

Saranaufogus’ Review

This episode has definitely made some significant progress, but naturally, we can’t forget the fact that the series in general moved at a really slow pace.

Although I said that significant progress was made, the episode itself was once again really slow. A lot of time was spent waiting around, be it Saya standing around and having a staring contest with the Elder Bairns or her simply just standing around like a normal fool. (The vast moments of silence did not help as well.)

So lets recap on the good and bad of this episode shall we?

The Elder Bairns’ brains look like maggots. =/

The first thing that I noted in this episode was the fact that the Elder Bairns are getting more human in form as the season progresses (with the exception of last episode’s dude). I did like the mood that the voice actor for this Elder Bairns created with her monotonous voice, it had this creepy eerie feeling to it. That plus the fact that long hair girls with pale skin and dead eyes are always creepy.

Once again with the activated eyes. I am starting to think that perhaps emotions or anger triggers her transformation but at the same time if we were to remember the first few episodes, Saya transformed without much emotions required. It is starting to seem more and more like animal instinct rather than her being able to control her “transformation”

The animation for this episode was nice. The action scenes were pretty interesting to watch but like I had said above, there were too many standing around and chatting moments. The worse thing is that once again, the match ends with a simple thrust and slash motion. (Is that meant to be Saya’s ultimate secret move or something? Because it is getting pretty boring to watch.)

When Saya finally slashes the Elder Bairns, I am surprised that the scene was not only not censored but a big focus was placed on it instead. I am starting to wonder if the censoring in the previous episodes were perhaps simply censored for a different reason other than censorship laws in Japan.

Now onto the mystery narrator man X in the background. It feels like as though all he has to say for the whole series is 1 page worth of story and he breaks it up into 2 sentences each week (I know he says more than 2, but usually there is only 1 or 2 important sentences worth noting regarding the plot whilst others are just random philosophy until we actually know more). This series might not have a terrible plot (it is mysterious and intriguing enough) but it has serious pacing problems (as everyone has probably already realised anyway).

The Guimauve
The way Fumito spoke to Saya about the Guimauve, describing how he thought Saya would like it being red and the taste seemed like as though he had laced the coffee and Guimauve that Saya was eating with something “special”. I am not sure what we are meant to feel if we found out that there was something weird going on with Fumito and Saya’s father seeing as to how dismal their character development has been thus far.

At the cafe, when Saya was Fumito’s arm she asked him if he had cut it on a cup. A cup. A CUP. What broken cup would cut your arm? Usually if one were to get cut from a broken cup, it would most likely be on your palm or fingers. In was situation would your arm be the one cut ?? (unless someone slashed you with a broken piece from the cup or if you are Saya I guess…)

Then finally Saya sees Kanako-sensei at the cafe and she forgets to ask about her discovery from the previous episode regarding the empty class rooms and why her class was the only one there that fateful day. *sigh* Someone should really get Saya a brain. I just wish that one of the revelation in the next episode would be that Saya someone sealed her intelligence along with her memories.

The best part of the show had to be the ending. It looks like something major is finally about to happen and I can’t wait to see what it is. The reappearance of the twins were shocking and I wonder if anyone had actually speculated and got the part that perhaps everyone might not be dead correct. It was a decent twist. Once again Saya’s intelligence destroys the scene. Her dumbfounded face was fine as it was expected but what I can’t get over is the fact that she never once bothered to look through a single book in the shrine library. I am hoping that they do not wave this week’s revelation off by having some Elder Bairns appear from nowhere and making a major part of the episode a fight scene as that would be horribly disappointing. (and we all know that this show has its fair share of disappointments as is.)

Saya’s Father
Now he is an interesting character. There could be so many possibilities as to who he is and what he might actually be and who Fumito is as well but I guess that might be a very long rant. For now, I am hoping that next episode will continue at the pace of the ending of this episode and cover some of the mystery surrounding Saya’s Father

Lessons learned from this episode:

  • Best way to waste time? Have characters stand around and stare at one another.
  • Best way to realise that books in your library are empty? Open the book.
  • Kanako-sensei is in on the whole mystery (nothing new)
  • Saya’s father is extremely suspicious (nothing new)
  • Twins are alive (and perhaps so is everyone else?)
  • Love hurts and might get you killed (or make you look like you were dead)
  • The sound of crickets in the background is annoying
  • This episode is all about food

Honestly, if this show were a novel, more than half the book would be filled with descriptions of scenery and scenes rather than actual plot progression.

Episode Rating: 7/10

Overall, it was a good episode. It is once again slow as usual but at least we got more information out of the story. The crappy thing is that we still do not know anything at all. At the end of the day, we shown a few twist but nothing is ever really answered and I am hoping that next episode might actually provide answers instead of a small twist to satisfy the craving of the audience.

-ra out!

M0rg0th’s Review

Wait a second, have you ever heard Saya talk?! She isn’t really the person who looks at books or reads them for that matter, you know…

Well, now that was surprising… It’s all a farce! Really, people don’t die, when they die so nobody should care and Saya becomes the Star-Child, seriously, just wait until Saya gets reborn to drift through the universe – since, like the episode said, it’s just a farce, a big joke so to speak.

Blood-C found its weirdness and I wasn’t quite sure what to say about it at first. I mean, it was predictable but what exactly the series would do to unveil the story was a mystery. And I would say they did a pretty good job of showing how dumb Saya was not to realize that it was all a farce.

First thing about the weird twist is that it definitely wanted to be grotesque horror the way how nothing made sense as far as Saya’s point of view is concerned: The shrine is actually no shrine, the twins who should be dead live and her teacher becomes suddenly an antagonistic person who pushes her into this world of horror. But it’s nothing we didn’t know about and the way the story relied on our sympathy for Saya wasn’t really the greatest idea as Saya didn’t really expressed the point of view the audience had and therefore it’s really difficult for that plot to succeed. And it’s already problematic without considering how bad the pacing of the story is.

In this moment Saya finally realises that the cries of the dead are really terrible and therefore should be not heard.

This already starts with the really important dialogue between Tadayoshi and Saya being interrupted by an Elder Bairn. I was like “Come on! Just for once I want to see these story-parts without any interruption!” and Tadayoshi’s character in this episode was as stoic and “Conan”-like with his dialogue as ever (he didn’t even bother to acknowledge Tokizane’s death in any way). And I can just cringe at worthless scenes like the one where Fumito talked with Saya and Fumito then goes to Tadayoshi just repeating what we heard in his dialogue with Saya. For god’s sake, we know what she said! Can’t he summarize that dialogue?! That’s the second time we get this kind of a scene between Fumito and Tadayoshi with Fumito recapping what Saya said to him which happens for the audience a few seconds after the dialogue had ended and Tadayoshi might as well not be there for all what he contributes to the dialogue.

But the story actually threw in a few interesting titbits like Tadayoshi seemingly also being a vampire and the Guimauve-stuff actually containing blood. Actually I made this joke at the beginning of the show how Saya would give one of her Guimauve to one of her classmates while praising its peculiar taste and the classmate would then say astonishingly “Wait… this tastes like blood!”. But let’s face it: What does it matter at this point? This show wants to pull a weird “Screw logic!”-plot-twist so how should anything matter when everything seems to become part of a fantasy-world without any rules?

I’m still shocked as to how bad the storytelling of this show is and how the ending doesn’t even use this building-up (even if it’s bad) but instead tries to tell us that our conceptions of what we saw until this point are – shit. Exactly, we waited patiently for nine episodes to get told now that everything we saw until now is just crap you shouldn’t believe. The horror of the episodes relied upon how all these people died but now with the twins revived – what does it matter? Is anybody really dead who died until now? Do we get a NGE-Ending where Saya gets her own party after having faced her Freudian issues? The grotesque actually also have a very humorous appeal and I think it’s quite funny how because of the really bad storytelling the horror becomes a laughing matter in a very grotesque way because that’s just how this thing works: Ignoring our preconceptions it ridicules our sense of realism and makes jokes by showing that life shouldn’t be taken seriously. In this case all the drama Saya has to endure… doesn’t matter, really, it doesn’t matter. Like the episode said, it’s all just a farce, it’s as real as watching a play in a theatre. I bet this series will end with the audience laughing at what happened until now because of how stupid it was of Saya to take it serious. And Saya will laugh about it too because now it’s the grotesque that seems to matter.

The twins are back and make sure to let us know that madness is sometimes an appropriate reaction to reality. The only thing left to say is what kind of reason can to be found in this madness.

Blood-C tries to wrap up things by going the weird-fantasy-route and clearly doesn’t realize how counterproductive this is storytelling-wise. It’s hard to still be surprised after all this waiting and the weirdness doesn’t really help with the fact that one wants to ask himself what the point of all this is supposed to be at this point. But then: who cares about all this anyway?

Episode-Rating: 5.5/10


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  1. Oh man this episode was just– I fast forwarded so I could get to the ending.


    • But you did see how Tokizane died, right? It’s easy to miss because the series at this point seemingly doesn’t care about death anymore. Saya can actually sing the next day happily after having seen how Tokizane died. And the end shows that it isn’t just Saya who doesn’t care about death anymore because the end questions every death we have seen until now.


      • Oh, yeah I did see how he died. It kind of– I don’t know. It was such a bad way to kill off a character, to think that Tokizane has been one of the more developed characters. But yes, we’re inching closer to the big reveal I guess. It’s just unfortunate the writing for this show leaves much to be desired.


  2. Well, since everyone is coming back to life and Tokizane’s body was never shown, he could still be alive and part of the whole thing. =/

    But I agree with you on the fast forward part. The whole thing was a couple of information thrown in here and there and the rest was just simply waiting around. So frustrating but better than no info at all. =_=”


    • I have currently this ominous feeling that this series won’t actually touch the story – at all… Because there’s a movie and the whole story is for the movie apparently and this series is just there to create an interest for the movie.
      And with the way information are handled in this series… it was snail-pace like usual with it and that still at this point when a finale should be going on. At this point the story does appear very weird but I doubt that that it will succeed in doing something like Mawaru Penguindrum as far as weirdness is concerned. The change to the weird in this episode had the subtlety of a sledgehammer.


    • I have currently this ominous feeling that this series won’t actually touch the story – at all…

      You are probably right about that but I hope it is not the case because that just means more hints on the conspiracy that is happening but we still don’t know anything tangible.

      If anyone were to ask me right now what the show was about… I would find it hard to describe. lol


  3. I have been thinking about this for quite some time…..
    Based on the older Blood Franchise stories…the “Saya~chan” character always has something mysterious about her w/c in a certain point of time she does not know…
    And since CLAMP is like… “collaborating” w/ these guyz then they might just be sticking to the old plots but just added some “sudden” twists like they usually do…(Come on! They had almost all of the supporting characters dead w/in the 1st 10 episodes… that’s a whole new level of weird…) Saya~chan might actually be a demon or something (I forgot the proper term…a vamiprish something…) like Saya~chan in (Blood +)… And has been sealed or put under an amnesiac situation wherin she lives another life (Im basing this on the sneak peek)…And about that cute doggie who just suddenly speaks it’s quite an obvious Theory:
    Heis Wataniuki-kun from XXX Holic!!! and is also the mysterious narrator guy he place w/ all those floating blood filled containers might be Yuuko-san’s (now His) shop…^_^
    CLAMP might have added “a little touch ” of CLAMPiness in the Blood C world by including the unexplainable crazyness and “Dramaticness”(is there even such a word as this?) of XXX Holic into this series…And CLAMP tends to make sudden twists in their stories sooo….Maybe theyre not really dead…
    *This is a part of my Blog review…more like-“theory blog” for Blood C…^_^ but It pretty much explains A-LOT!!!
    P.S. The twisted world of CLAMP is just soooooo……..? *dunno*


    • Why would you say that Watanuki might be the dog? =) I have heard those theories but have actually thought too much about it.

      CLAMP does like to intertwine their universes when it comes to their series, it has even become a trademark of sorts for them so I am not surprised that we see that happen with this series too. It is just that for me, I really would rather them not putting their influences into a franchise that they are adapting.

      I guess we shall see what next episode brings with the whole Twins thing. I just hope that we actually get some answers for once.


  4. Well…you see…the thing about Watanuki~kun is…after a while he becomes more powerful through the centuries of taking charge of the shop (w/c grants him the power to leave the shop …) and…maybe he happened to have a “client” who…well…u know…that wish/request thingy …the one the dog/Watanuki mentioned…and anyway he already gave a lot of clues regarding his owning of a shop “w/c grants wishes”…and the mysteriousness of the place in Saya’s flashbacks itself is soo much like xxx holic’s…the curtains and eerie atmosphere itself…

    Yeah I get what you mean…but In a way I like how they suddenly got into the gruesome/bloody genre…when back then they were just into those fluffy stuff…hehehe…
    But then…who knows what CLAMP may be planning… they’re unpredictable in a way w/c sort-of becomes annoying…well…at times…and the Blood franchise/group themselves allowed these kind of additions soo there might be something else to the whole story…

    Well, ur right, anyway, these are still the first 10 episodes we still dont know what CLAMP has in store for us…but knowing them…they must have a pretty good reason for killing off almost all the characters…and suddenly having them “appear”… and I also really want some answers right now too…all I can do so far is make up theories and stuff…

    *I suddenly had the thought that “what if…Saya~chan is Saya from Blood the last Vampire and that something occured in her place/world/dimension (CLAMP-iness) w/c had her ending up in that wish granting shop…

    hehehe….my replys are soooo long…LOLZ!


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