Mawaru Penguindrum – 10 Review

“Don’t tell Shouma that I love him!”

Episode 10 – Because I Love Him

What an odd week for series this has been. No.6 gave us a crazy ending, Blood-C decided to shock us with a partial revelation and Mawaru Penguindrum failed to satisfy my craving for something awesome.

After last weeks amazingly executed episode, it was no surprise that this episode would fail to be as impactful as the last. That being said, it was still another good episode and we got some more partial revelations as well as new mysteries regarding the main plot.


So Shouma is in the hospital and escaped with only bruises and cuts. Back in the hospital changing room, a nurse is drugged and tied up whilst Masako changes into her.

I loved how the stick man’s legs were not even animated to move and they simply glide instead, lol

In the canteen, Himari is asking Kanba about what presents he would like and he goes on to say that he hates knitted sweaters the most. He then panics when he realises that Himari was knitting a scarf for him and he starts to explain how anybody would be happy to wear something knitted by Himari.

Meanwhile, Ringo is apologizing to Shouma and is feeling regret and guilt that he ended up injured because of her. Masako then enters the room as a nurse and drugs the food she gives to Shouma. She gives the food to Shouma to eat and instructs Ringo to grab some hot water to make tea for Shouma.

I am sorry Shouma, but I couldn’t help but laugh at your predicament.

She kidnaps Shouma and sends a live feed to Kanba and Ringo (who by now have realised that Shouma has gone missing) and demands the Diary in exchange for Shouma.

Kanba uses the handphone GPS to track Shouma and tells Ringo to hold on to the book and not to give it up.

Kanba goes on to look for Shouma and finds a music box which then gets crushed by the red-ball-bullet and Kanba faints after knocking his head.

Kanba wakes up at a building blasting the music from the music box and makes his way through the building whilst being told to remember.

He goes through 4 levels (downwards), each level looks the same and on each level is an item that he had describe to Himari. (I liked the connection made where Masako (or whoever it was that gave him those items) made such a huge impact on his being that they became things he hated)

He finally remembers and makes his way into the room at the end of the corridor. Ringo gets a message saying that Kanba is sent on a goose chase and that she should hand over the Diary. Ringo follows through with it and gives up the diary.

In the room, we learn that the hunt that Masako had mentioned was the hunt for Kanba and she kisses him before disappearing.

The episode ends with a new Penguindrum Queen name Mario being introduced.


Just as the title suggests the whole episode is filled with hints of “romantic relations“:

  • We have Ringo who seem to have become more compassionate towards Shouma and may have changed the way she thinks about him and have learned to care about him. (I think that the change in her attitude is somewhat sudden but still acceptable) Plus Masako said that Shouma was a bargaining chip and it shows that she believes Ringo might have feelings for Shouma.
  • Himari x Kanba : A hint of incestuous relations? (Think back to first episode’s kiss)
    I am tempted to speculate that perhaps the shadow man from ep 9 might be Kanba since it was an apple they were exchanging -> Sin. But that is going down the forbidden path of overthinking.
  • Kanba x Masako

If you notice the title is “Because I Love Him” spoken from the point of view of a woman. The execution of these relations were done really well in this episode where it looks like the guys are clueless and oblivious whilst the females are the ones putting in all the effort into expressing their feelings.

The Adorable Penguins:

This episode also placed a bigger focus than usual on the Penguins. I am not sure if there is any meaning to that yet but from what we have seen in the past episodes, the Penguins are essentially a personification of their “owners”. They take on the attributes of their owners and their internal struggle/current-state-of-mind. Either way, I just thought it was interesting to see that the penguins played an even bigger roles in this episode. When Shouma got hurt the Penguin got hurt too. It was odd seeing as to how only Shouma was sent flying (acrobatically) into the air by the car yet both of them ended up hurt. At the start of the series I just thought that both entities were unrelated and the penguins were simply just taking on their owner’s personality but now I am starting to wonder if perhaps the penguins and owner are in actual fact connected somehow.

All about Himari:

Was I the only one who was annoyed by Himari’s voice in this episode?

When she was talking to Ringo, I just wanted to strangle her for the lack of actual emotion in her tone of voice. It felt really…fake. (I am not going to read into it and am sticking to my belief that the issue lies with the voice actress) This actually got me thinking about last episode where the whole ep revolved around Himari yet I did not feel this “annoyance” and I realised that despite the show revolving around her, she rarely spoke at all.

I did like the scarf/presents scene in this episode with Kanba though. It was really fun to watch Kanba’s reaction despite Himari’s good-girl lack-of-real-emotions attitude in the scene.

Memories = Past -> Future?

The whole scene with Kanba going down memory lane towards Shouma was a tad odd. I can’t help but compare last episode’s execution of tracking down memory lane and although this episode was entirely different since this was artificially constructed by the antagonist, I felt really bored watching the repetitive scene.

The best part for me was the red string of fate which related to the sweater and that is not saying too much. I am not sure if the repetition of each level and the patterned lines (which are like repetitions) are meant to symbolize something, but like I said, I don’t want to over-think it until we are told something definitive – like when the evil-kanba-loving-woman stated about the red string of fate.

I do like how everything that is happening now is related to their past and that the answers might all be hidden within themselves (in their memories) which will in turn affect the future.

I did have an issue with Shouma and the fact that he only managed to spit out the thing that was restricting his ability to talk after the fact. It was weird that he did not do that earlier.

What have we learned?

  • We have a cryptic description about Pigeon Blood (which I have no clue about, so if anyone knows any of the meanings behind that, feel free to share)
  • The appearance of another Penguin Queen – Mario (But this was expected all along)
  • Kanba’s past is related to the mystery
  • Ringo has learned to be compassionate
  • Himari is for some reason making a present for Kanba
  • Kanba and Masako have a shared unknown past
  • Ringo loses the diary

Episode Rating: 7.5/10

It was still another fun episode to watch with the usual creative visuals, but it was simply just not as good as the last episode. I also did not like the fact that all Shouma escaped with were bruises and the whole accident was then kinda written off in this episode.

-ra out!


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  1. I have to admit, I lol’ed at the part where the voice tells Kanba that he has to wear the sweater, and then in the next shot he’s wearing the sweater. XD But I do like the symbolism of it with the red thread as well, especially since it’s unfinished… I wonder what that’s alluding to?


    • Haha, if we went down the path of what it might allude to, it may never end =D This show just has too many suggestive things in it (and that is what makes it so fun to watch) but I am not sure if they would be able to pull everything together by the end of the season.

      Looking at the way this show is progressing so far, I have hopes for a good ending. Heh…

      P,S: The sweater scene was funny but I preferred how he reacted when he realised that Himari was asking him about the presents cos she wanted to make him one. lol, esp when he said he would wear the scarf in a dessert.


  2. I agree that this episode just wasn’t as good as the last one (but hey, it’d be hard to top the last ep anyway). And yeah, Shouma escaping almost unscathed after being hit and flying several meters in the air was a tad silly. Unless it’s explained later as being due to the power of the hat or sth like that, I’ll consider it a kind of oversight. Not that it bothered me really but still.
    What bothered me the most (apart from Ringo’s complete change of heart which felt like a bit too much), especially in the first part was the QUALITY. At times the characters, particularly Shouma were drawn…well, bad. And I’m usually not the one to complain about the animation, but it was so noticeable it distracted me from the story a couple of times.

    I also loved the red string of fate part, plus Natsume’s reference to the myth of Ariadne was pretty intriguing and (could be) symbolic as well.

    I don’t really know what Pigeon Blood is supposed to mean and if it is significant at all, but ‘pigeon’s blood’ is sometimes used to refer to the best and most precious red colour a ruby can have (yeah, I used to be a bit interested in precious stones at a time). And with Natsume’s penguin being called Esmeralda – emerald, it could perhaps have some significance or symbolism (since both rubies and emeralds are precious stones) but I’m probably stretching it xD

    If I remember correctly, Mario’s supposed to be a boy. Or so I heard.


    • I can’t believe I did not see your comment until now. Lol. =_=” Sorry metamorphius.

      “At times the characters, particularly Shouma were drawn…well, bad. And I’m usually not the one to complain about the animation, but it was so noticeable it distracted me from the story a couple of times.”

      Lol, I saw some people talking about how nice the animation was for this episode. I too thought that it was not as good as usual but… it did not bother me as much since the show has a pretty high standard when it comes to animation quality. =D

      I like your idea of stones but I wonder how it will all play into the series if that were the case. =D I guess that might be us over thinking things though.

      “If I remember correctly, Mario’s supposed to be a boy. Or so I heard.”

      My logic is that with this show, you never know what you will get. I won’t be surprise if he was a she or if she were a he. =P


  3. I currently have a theory that the Penguins are actually taking more than just the personalities of their owners. The Penguin in Shouma’s case took a LOT more damage than Shouma himself did. I think the Penguins are some sort of breakaways from their personalities or lives even. But then, maybe it’s just the Blood-C this week.

    Thank you for the great reviews – you always make me re-watch the episodes for all the details I missed.


    • Hmm, I think, the penguins just have a symbolic value within the story as penguins do have a supernatural significance like also for example the apple (Ringo’s name is apple and apples appear regularly in the “weird sequences”). As to what exactly they are able to and what exactly the meaning of them within the story is… who knows, at this point, one can only guess as to what their meaning within the setting is. But I wouldn’t put it past the series if there would be such a direct connection like you described. But it could also be just comic relief to let the penguins imitate their respective “human partner” 😉 .

      Well, unlike Blood-C this series actually has a really good reason for its hints and details so I guess, it’s worth rewatching the episodes looking for these. At least that’s what I hope. Because like we know now Blood-C’s explanation was just that it’s basically bad on purpose which the creators think makes the series good and that’s not how you do that and Penguindrum should be better doing that part.


    • drakecrus

      “The Penguin in Shouma’s case took a LOT more damage than Shouma himself”

      Nice observation. The difference in the damage did not click in my head. It could like you say, they could be a breakaway from their lives.

      “maybe it’s just the Blood-C this week.”

      Lol, I just saw the episode of Blood-C and =_=” sigh… what the hell is up with the episode.

      “Thank you for the great reviews – you always make me re-watch the episodes for all the details I missed.”

      Am glad that I manage to point out some things that you may have missed. That is what I am to do! =D (Though I rarely succeed in providing any useful insight) Thanks for reading the reviews.


      Yo pal, where have you been all week? =P Have not seen you review much except for the Blood-C ep. Lol. How’s life? =P

      “penguins just have a symbolic value”

      I did read somewhere about penguins and their meanings about being monogamous and people were speculating that that may relate to the show.

      “Well, unlike Blood-C this series actually has a really good reason for its hints and details so I guess, it’s worth rewatching the episodes looking for these.”

      Lol, totally agree with you on that part. Especially since Blood-C never picks up on the hints that they drop and decide to create new “stuff” to prove a point. argh. Frustration Max!


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