Kamisama no Memo-chou – 11 Review

Episode 11

I have been looking forward to this episode all week thinking that perhaps this case would be the redeeming one for Kamisama no Memo-chou but after watching this episode, I have to say that while this is a interesting case, it seemed to have lost some momentum.

Short Summary

Narumi visits the hospital everyday to check up on Ayaka whilst still in his depressed state of not going to school. The rest of the gang are also coping with the fact that Ayaka is in a coma.

After some motivation by his sister, Narumi decide to pay Alice a visit and the have a talk about the case. Alice instruct Narumi to go back to school to observe if there were anything suspicious. They then discover that Ayaka has been unknowingly growing the main ingredient for the drug in the school’s greenhouse using seeds that her brother had given her.

To find Toshi and Shirou, Narumi enlists the help of the NEET team. After gathering information, they then started to paste wanted flyers up around the place with the faces of Toshi and Shirou on them.

Narumi then gets a call from Toshi talking about the flyers and Ayaka after which Shirou grabs the phone and challenges Alice to locate him before he disappears. He then asks Narumi if he wanted to grow wings and fly like Ayaka did.


Seeing as to how the next episode will be the last episode for this show, all I can hope for is that this case will end with a bang.

The first half of the episode really lost the momentum that was built up from the previous episode:

  • Ayaka is not dead.
    I was really hoping for Ayaka to be dead, that way the atmosphere would become bleaker and more serious but I guess this show does not plan on killing off any characters. The fact that she is in a coma just screams “revival”. After this week’s No.6 episode, I expect Ayaka to wake up at the end of the case and for there to be a touching brother-sister reunion.
  • Dealing with the grief.
    Half the episode was spent on character development instead of the case. They focused on Narumi’s reaction to the case and Alice’s sense of failure along with how things have changed for the rest of the group with Ayaka being gone. I did like the character development, but the fact is that we have already spent the whole season on (what seemed to be) really slow character development and atmosphere building, right now I simply want to experience the excitement of the case.
  • Alice just killed me
    You probably know the lack of love that I have for Alice and while it is nice to see her less annoying side she just could not kick the habit of beating around the bush. Just to make one point she says 10 things.
  • To deal with grief, one should box
    Or so Narumi feels. That whole scene was nice in the sense that it expressed his frustration, but, I could not help laughing when he said that he wanted to learn boxing. I went.. “What the hell? Really Narumi? Really? *sigh*”
  • Alice the credit grabber
    Why is Alice getting all the credit? She did not do much and it was mostly Narumi’s work that really pushed things forward when Alice was hitting a dead end. Poor Narumi.

But then it does get better…

  • Case picks up the pace
    When the episode picked up the case again, so did the pacing of the show. Everything became more exciting and we move away from the Slice-of-life genre into the detective genre.
  • Alice has a sense of humor
    Alice is funny for the first time in this series. I could not help but laugh when she said that she had expected Narumi to be slitting his wrist by now. I thought that was hilarious and so true due to the way Narumi has been acting.
  • Toshi the creeper
    Toshi was the highlight of the episode for me. He is so creepy and realistic in his manner, not to mention partially psychotic. It really gave the case an edge and a sense of “realism” which actually brought the case to a different level. Sadly, he is the only character there to do so and with his limited screen time, no matter how effective he is, there is a limit to how much he can contribute to the general atmosphere of the case.
  • Narumi turns into Alice
    It is another character development that I liked. The whole series in general has been focusing on the slow-but-steady growth of Narumi and we can finally see a “conclusion” of sort to that character development. It seems like his character will end up being Alice No. 2. Although I am not too sure how I feel about him turning into another Alice, I do like the fact that there is at least a direction to this show rather than some random cases put together to make a series.
  • Ayaka the druggie?
    I am so upset at myself for not realising that Ayaka could have taken the drug, especially since I went on and on about how her eyes had shadows beneath them. I should have notice that that was how they animated the characters that were under the effects of the drug.
    I like the twist of Ayaka having taken the drug and I am hoping they would play this fact out to be something interesting.

Don’t worry, I won’t rape you…

The best part of this series for me has got to be the animation and the same goes for this episode. The animation has really been pretty good and every episode I can’t help but feel that the only quality thing about this show is the animation.

The series so far has been really heavy handed on the Slice-of-life element in my opinion. I also don’t like how they seem to find it difficult to integrate that element with the case as it is on-going but instead separates it up into segments. Like with this episode, first part is slice of life, second part is case. The case and the genre rarely seem to develop at the same time but rather take turns instead.

Episode Rating: 7.5/10 (A decent watch)

Overall, it was a good episode but not as intriguing as I would have liked it to be. The excitement levels have definitely dropped and the lack of Ayaka’s death really held the show back as I felt that if she had died, the whole story and case would be become more dramatic and punchier.

-ra out!


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