Usagi Drop Review

The iconic first meeting between Daikichi and Rin

Usagi Drop Series Review

“I want more episodes!”

That was how if felt by the end of the series. There was just something magical about the series and it started to grow on me. I started off appreciating the show but not really enjoying it, but by the last episode I could not help but feel that another season of this series would be something nice to have.

Plot Summary:

Going home from his grandfather’s funeral, thirty-year-old Daikichi is floored to discover that the old man had an illegitimate child with a younger lover. The rest of his family is equally shocked and embarrassed by this surprise development, and not one of them wants anything to do with the silent little girl, Rin Kaga. In a fit of anger, Daikichi decides to take her in himself. As Daikichi nurtures Rin, he started to understand the struggle while at the same time the joy of parenting. -ANN

Genre: Family, Comedy, Drama, Slice-of-life


The Plot:

The story covers a period of approximately 1 year starting from when Rin and Daikichi first meet each other at Daikichi’s grandfather’s funeral.

The story takes the slice out of “slice of life” and presents life on an animated platform. I am not a huge fan of shows that are realistic to the point where I feel like it is life being animated as I feel that anime is my source of escape from life. However, like I mentioned, this show grew on me because of how real the characters are and how simple each story is. It is presented in a clear and clean manner and all you have to do is sit back and observe the show that plays out infront of you.

I was a tad bit disturbed by the concept of Rin being Daikichi’s aunt at first but I quickly got over it. (Weird things happen in life and that is not that weird anyway.) If that concept disturbs you, fear not, you would have forgotten that she is meant to be his aunt by the end of the series.

The nice thing about this story is that it not only focuses on just the two main characters but rather their growing relationship with the people around them; be it immediate family or new friends.

The growth of the characters were another selling point for me. We get to see how Rin and Daikichi grow from being the individuals that they were to becoming a family that depended on one another.

This series adopts an episodic story-telling style which I felt really complimented the type of show it is.

The Characters:

The characters are realistic and are characters that you would be able to relate to. As such, you feel a bigger impact of each episode’s situations and you feel like you are part of that family as they go through their times of trouble when adjusting to the life of parenthood. (I am no expert on the subject of parenthood but the show just reminded me of how some things were like when I was a kid.)

Rin takes on the role as the “mature/wiser” child who still retains her immaturity despite her maturity. (I know it is an oxymoron) She reminds me of kids who have gone through a lot and thus are wiser than the other kids around her age yet her behaviors and knowledge when it comes to things are still that of a kid. I think that is a good thing because that is essentially what her character is meant to be and her complicated past reflects in her behaviour and attitude. I also really like her gentle and adorable nature.

Daikichi is a salary man who has spent his life as a single 30+ years old male without much thought about the future and thus struggles with life as a parent when it is suddenly thrust upon him. His character is so confused when it comes to most of the things regarding childcare and is essentially just taking things as they come which always makes it a fun to watch when he suddenly realises some of the simple things that are important to a kid.

The supporting characters are also interesting to watch. Each of them have their own unique personality that are once again very nicely executed and easy to relate to.

Watching these characters really make me appreciate some of the simpler things from my childhood. =P (I feel so old saying that)

The Animation:

The animation is… unique.

I love the pastel tones that are used for this show as it really gives that gentle and soft feeling that compliments the style of the show very well. (The palette reminds me of Natsume Yuujinchou at times.)

The character designs take some getting used to since they are not similar to the generic style which our eyes would be used to but they are also not too drastically different.

If you do not like those fancy over-the-top creative animation, don’t let the first few minutes of each episode (before the opening song) scare you. The first part put me off as well as I thought that that would be the style they would have followed through. Thankfully it reverted to a more normal and “easy on the eyes” animation style ofter the OP song.


This is a relaxing, gentle family drama series that will leave you with a heartwarming feeling at the end of each episode. To me, ‘relaxing’ would be the key word to describe this series.

There is nothing over-the-top when it comes to this show and it is simply just a good and enjoyable series to watch during your off time. I mentioned above that I did take awhile to get into the series but I don’t regret having continued on. So if the first episode does not do it for you, then you might want to give the next few episodes a try before deciding.

If you are looking for a show that will stir-up your emotions I suggest you look else where as this is the type of show that is more likely to leave a small smile on your face at the end of each episode then get you all excited.

Series Rating: 7.5/10

-ra out!


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  1. I loved this anime. I thought it was cute and portrayed the situation well. It left a smile on my face after each episode. I really enjoyed watching it.


  2. trust me u don’t want a second season if u read the manga. why would you change such a sweet story about family and change it into grossness.


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