Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou – 12 Review

“I think it is time for me to give up…”

Episode 12

This series really does my head it at times. Every time it comes to watching this show, I would lack the enthusiasm to see it, but when I finally get to watching the story gets me interested and excited again although disappointed at the same time.

My biggest problem with this series so far would be after the first few episodes, the quality of the show has dropped. Whilst the story is interesting, the animation quality is bad and there really isn’t too much to talk about week in and week out when it comes to this series.

It is good that at least you are having fun Hagu-chan

So as such, I might be dropping this series from my batch of ‘Anime to Review Regularly‘ and instead do a review every few episodes. I don’t like the idea of dropping series halfway through the season but seeing as to how the Summer Season is over and we are entering the Fall Season, I have decided that it is time to re-evaluated the shows that I will be reviewing for the next season (as there are a whole bunch of them) and sadly this was not high on the list.

I do hope that you have at least enjoyed reading the reviews for this series and enjoy this episode’s review. =)

My favourite scene of this episode and probably the most interesting development in this episode.


This episode progresses the story further and we see the re-appearance of Hidemoto as Yura’s shikigami as he gets introduced to the Kekain Clan. I really like his character a lot as he is hilarious and charming. When I start to think about it, the most interesting personalities in this series for me are the older generation characters.

The airship battle in this episode was quite bad. The animation quality was horrible and there were so many moments of silence and panning scenes that I nearly wanted to sleep. It just felt very half-assed and destroyed whatever excitement we were meant to be feeling during that scene. I really felt that that could have been executed a whole lot better if more effort were put into it.

Doesn’t this line sound like it could have come out of Naruto or most Shounen anime? =P

I won’t comment too much on how the progression of this series follows a pretty cliche typical Shounen storyline without any real creativity. That being said, anyone who is watching this series would know this fact by now.

I am not saying that this is a bad thing as I do like the story and the way it plays out, but it gets to me when the issue is not just the storyline that is familiar but the dialogue as well.

I feel that in this day and age, it is hard to find anything that is totally original and as such I do not think it is right to bash unoriginality but rather applaud those who manage to still remain unique. But, the thing is that for me, I feel that whilst the story may not be original, the dialogue or the way it plays out should at least be unique. I might be a bit harsh with saying this as it is not as terrible as I make it out to be, it is just that even those few moments of cliche-ness coupled with the bad animation is getting to me.

After all the panning scenes, they decide to do a long shot of the characters embarking the ship. I just think that the animators were trying to slack off so that they would not have to animate the characters actions and their speech. Also, doesn’t that ship look too “new” to be the same one that was wrecked?

Speaking of animation, the amount of panning scenes in this episode was ridiculous. =_=” Studio DEEN has never been known for their amazing animation quality so I should not be surprised by this, but when you compare this show to another shounen show currently airing like ‘Ao no Excorcist’ it is ridiculous how much difference there is in the animation quality.

I felt that the director of the series, Michio Fukada, had started off strongly with the first few episode but has lost quite a bit of steam/momentum as the season progressed on. This season is still miles better than the first one but I had much higher expectations after the first few episodes and it has disappointed me.

“Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it seems

Overall, this series thus far has been leaps and bounds ahead of the previous season but like I had mentioned above, it has lost its way through the season. I will still be watching the rest of the series simply because the story is interesting (I know I say it lack originality but I did not say that it was uninteresting, just simply not refreshing)  and I am a sucker for series with a huge cast. I am just hoping that things will pick up once the battle between Haguromo no Gitsune, Keikain and the Nura Clan start.

Episode Rating: 5.5/10

Series Rating thus far: 6.5/10

-ra out!

I apologize as this ended up not being like an episode review but rather more like a mid-series review instead.


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