Blood-C – 11 Review

We noticed, you know, taking ten episodes to do this isn’t really the definition of “speed”…

Reviews by M0rg0th and Saranaufogus

M0rg0th: Saya doesn’t feel too good being confronted by the nightmare of “story-progess”, so here the episode in summary for those who can’t wait to hear of the big revelation: Sensei is an old, unimportant, liberal hippy believing in the bogeyman, the twins are like Boney and Clyde but are twins and Tokizane is broke, workless and didn’t manage to graduate any school, in short: he needs money, lots of it. And the big villain has a skin-problem, seriously it makes him look like a monster if you know what I mean…


The twins start to complain about Saya not getting her memory back despite her and part of the “main-cast” trying to do so and Sensei explans to her how everything was just a play enacted by a number of people with the main-cast being able to survive which is shown by also Tokizane appearing who admits to have done the whole thing just for money while the twins took part because of a crime they want to have disappeared from the records.

Sensei asks then Tokizane to give her a phial of blood he had smuggled from a fight between Saya and an Elder Bairn. Giving Saya the blood should force her to remember and she does have a flashback of her being cornered by Fumito’s soldiers and being captured by him as he transforms into his monster-form. But it’s not enough and the present “main-cast” quibble about their reasons for being there while they complain about the whole play being far too long. As Sensei sees not the results she wanted in Saya she gives her the rest of the blood and Saya remembers now her talk with Fumito as they talked about her entering the contest drugged (which isn’t doping in this case, mind you).

But then an Elder Bairn attacks surprisingly which forces the “main-cast”-rebels to flee with Sensei dragging Saya behind her as they are suddenly stopped by Yuko and Glasses-Guy who are also part of the “main-cast”. As soon as they talked about the play the discussion leads to the topic of Fumito and how he stopped the play from ending fast and prolonging it indefinitely. And that’s exactly the point when Fumito mysteriously appears getting everyone to wet their pants which means that they are really scared.

You and me both, pal, you and me both… On a side-note: I just like these series that try to show self-awareness by criticizing itself and also are right to do so.

M0rg0th’s Review:

So it IS boring! I knew it! Even the cast agrees with me! Ten episodes of showing us how badass Fumito’s hynosis and drug-knowledge are were just too much, honestly, it was far too much…!

They really have got guts to admit that they made ten boring episodes, you have to admit that but hey, this is Blood-C, the wannabe-David-Lynch-series of animes, like hell they would try to think about the audience. So that’s the mystery: it’s a play, a crappy one to that, which isn’t liked by the cast but they are ignored and I guess the critics won’t love it either for that matter. It’s even worse than what happened to the background-information concerning L.A. Noire, at least they made (after long suffering) a good game but Blood-C…?

Ten episodes deliberately being boring and crappy – and now things get moving because the cast has lost its patience… You see, this series isn’t about vampires, death, love or blood… it’s about directors dealing with crappy actors. He doesn’t even have the budget to get decent actors, just these pitiful idiots who he had to bribe with outrageous lies to get them to work, that’s not professional… Fumito tries to make the first action-docu-soap of this century and what is it the actors do? They betray and actually try to get a decent plot out of the crappy script. I can already see Fumito quoting Max Bialystock by saying “How could this happen? I was so careful. I picked the wrong play, the wrong director, the wrong cast. Where did I go right?“ when Saya forces her Happy End upon the audience who is supposed to be amazed by the whole thing which was supposed to be crappy.

It’s still slow, you have to admit as there’s just the revelation that our seemingly dumb cast is just a group of wimpy people who are mostly criminal or/and wackos. The flashbacks Saya have are more of a „What’s to come“-sort, I think, as it seemingly all comes down to the real villain being badass and turning into a monster (with which I mean Fumito). It will be interesting to see what happens to the „main-cast“, with which I mean what happens to the „despicable part“ of it, if there’s something like that and Glasses-guy and Yuko not being entirely Anit-Saya like the rest.

The subtlety of how despicable the farce was, seemed to be portrayed again with the subtlety of a sledgehammer here as Tokizane for example mentioned a few times how he did the whole thing just for money (Christ, that seiyuu must have felt bad having this distinct feeling of telling the truth and not acting) and Sensei also got her share of „Hey, I’m just a bad scientist!“ while the twins’ reason is along the lines of „The only way to avoid being publicly seen as criminal is being even more criminal“.

*sigh* I wish, someone would pay me for having watched this bad play, they clearly didn’t have the appropriate actors at hand…

After this episode you won’t like the „main-cast“ because they’re part of the establishment and they’re payed by someone bad to do bad things for bad reasons (which is bad if you haven’t noticed). So, I guess, it’s only natural to not like them at this point but I guess seeing the extras as expendable trash makes watching the whole thing again far more entertaining as everyone who is not part of the main-cast is expendable extra-trash. And that’s where the tragic part comes in: Someone forgot to tell the extra’s that their contract involves death. Man, seeing this show for a second time will be really entertaining as these „extras“ are just cheap „blood-effects“ to justify the title of the show (it’s nice how the „tragic victims“ of the show are just „extras“, really, good choice of words). One has to admit how the show becomes even more unintentionally funny with that part because it’s not only like they are expendable they really are candidates waiting for death.
It wasn’t really the best idea, I think, to end the long waiting with a “screw you, audience”-twist that basically laughs about you enjoying the wait with the series itself being tired of it and all. It’s just so forced when the main-character on whose perspective we rely gets manhandled by the rest of the “main-cast” because they can’t wait for the natural progression of the plot to play out (rightly so but well… still, forced and all). It has this distinctive “Why didn’t they do this earlier?”-vibe that you usually have when you complain about plotholes but this show’s plothole seemingly is just that it waited far too goddamn long to tell its story. At this point only a few still care about Saya and her pointless escapades while the rest of the cast tries to save the series excitement.
The question is where is the battle here? Saya is a helpless character who doesn’t really have that great of a role in this plot and I would even describe it as thankless with the whole incompetence that is part of her brainwashing-program. It’s like Rain Man only that in this case Saya can kill Elder Bairns as her only really great talent while she’s retarded in every aspect of her life.

Continuing its revelation of the story, one does see what makes Blood-C a good story but the way the story is constructed just makes it unintentionally funny at this point to see how the series struggles to be surprising and full of plot-twists in its last episodes but instead manages to get even more ridiculous.

Episode-Rating: 5,5/10

Saranaufogus’ Review

You would think that after watching this series week after week, this show would no longer disappoint me, but it still does.

So, we finally learn some information plus we get to see more ambiguous flashbacks, yet why am I feeling disappointed about all of this?

A few simple reasons:

  • What is with the groping?!
  • Boring Revelation Method
  • No smart revelations
  • Saya is a retard
  • Twins and the “badass” group are freaking annoying
  • The magical Elder Bairns
  • Magical Plotholes and Questions

What is with the groping?!

Seriously, we finally get some plot progress in this show and some answers instead of more mystery and the writers decided to have a stupid idea that groping a person would bring the revelations to a whole new level. The show always had an issue with pacing, but when it came to atmosphere building it really was never terrible. However, this episode was simply too boring and lacked any decent atmosphere.

Boring Revelation Method

It was like a brain/mind dump without proper creative execution. The style of revelation was very simple. Talk -> Flashback -> More Talking -> More flashbacks -> Cliffhanger of sorts. I could have had the show on in the background whilst simply listen to the dialogue and it would not have made much of a difference. Oh, and how could one forget how much the characters just love to stand around?

Also, if the episode was not boring enough, the writers decided to drag out the whole scene with the vile of blood to create some sort of make-shift suspense. That was really stupid seeing as to how they decided to reveal it after what? 2 minutes? I just wished that this show learn the concept of getting straight to the point. You don’t have to blatantly state things out, but don’t drag things out for no reason.

I did not have much expectations when it came to this series, but that being said, I also did not expect to end up yawning constantly while watching to episode (my eyes are so wet from tears). One of the biggest reasons could be that there were…

The writers expect us (the audience) to be as slow as Saya, they felt that we needed to see things more than once to get the point.

No smart revelations

Everything about this screamed last minute idea. The flashbacks about Saya drinking the blood of the Elder Bairns were definitely not smart. Unlike ‘Sixth Sense’ or many other shows with revelations, hints about the twist are dropped along the way and when it came time to revelations, they simply flashback to a scene that already happened. But what did this show do? They decided that it was perfectly fine to create new scenes just to prove a point and this rendered the flashbacks as simply boring scenes.

What I found worse was the fact that they could not resist repeating the whole scene of Saya drinking the blood after killing each Elder Bairns. I felt that once was enough to make a point, but if the first 3 episodes of this season has taught us anything, it would be the fact that they writers sure love repeating themselves. With regards to her drinking the blood, what I thought I would have seen was an explanation to perhaps why she only “activates” midway through a fight. But alas, we get no such explanation.

Saya needs someone to tell her she has no memories

Saya is a retard

One can excuse a mediocre plot but one can’t excuse the fact that the main character is a retard and I will stand by it.

Did you see how shock she was to find out that all the extras were dead? What the hell is with that? She was the one who stood by and let many of them die and yet here she is, all shocked and upset that they are dead.

If that were not enough, what person would not bother to reminisce. We think back to our past everyday, even if it were just for a single moment. There is no way she could have gone so long without realizing that she had no past or did not remember who she really was. It is like a person who wakes up not knowing who they are but decides to ignore the fact that they can’t remember anything. It was made out in such a way that no memories were implanted into her thus she cant remember about her past, which simply means that she had to wake up one day with no recollection of the day before. Wouldn’t a normal person find that odd?

Twins and the “badass” group are freaking annoying

OMG. What was the point of the twins being so annoying?! We had understood what sort of personalities the twins had after watching 5 mins of the show, the rest just served to further infuriated me. It was not just the twins that got to me, but the overplayed (the writers have this habit of never knowing where the limit is) selfish reasons that each of them had.

What sort of character design is this?! It looks like plastic surgery gone wrong.

Magical Plotholes and Questions

This show has a bunch of, what I would like to call, “magical solutions” aka plot holes but I don’t really want to sit here and think about it all day so I shall just state what I can think off the top of my head after watching this episode. (I have also added a bunch of questions that I have about this show into the post.)

  • Where did Tokizane get the vile of blood from? The monster that he faced was a blood floating head with a spinal chord and no real flesh.
  • Where did all the blood come from when Tokizane was killed? He was not dead, that was showed in this ep, and that amount of blood is too much for it to be an injury (which he did not seem to have, but who really knows, anything goes with this show)
  • How do the characters switch out? I know that Saya is a slow and retarded character, but I think that she would at least have the eyes to see when her friend replaces herself with a doll right before she dies. Which brings me to the question of…
  • What does that special bell do?!
  • What happened to the Elder Bairns that appeared out of nowhere?

And the question that never gets answered, and probably will never get answered, how does Saya’s activation work?! Sigh…

Rating: 5.5/10

For once, M0g0th and I will agree with the rating of this episode.

The whole concept and idea of this show is not bad, it is simply just terribly executed and tedious. I can talk about some of the highlights of this episode but… where’s the fun in that? =P (Plus I have an appointment in 10 mins so I have to scoot)

-ra out!


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  1. At this point I’m watching because I want to see what the connection is going to be with xxxHolic. As you said, the story is good, it has potential, but the pacing is just awful. I also found it funny when the characters started commenting on how improbable the entirety of the setting was; I remember browsing a review of one of the first episodes, that essentially called out the uniforms with their red and black, and chain collar for being out of place. Will I watch it next week? More than likely. I’d like to say I’ll have low expectations, but this episode was really a curveball in addition to being one giant info-dump


    • Well, it would certainly get even funnier when Saya gets help because someone “wished it to be so”. That would be the crowbar-approach of turning the mood around. With Saya not willingly entering the “contest” the whole thing does become the typical good vs. evil-plot and if the “main-cast” just disappears (there are many ways how to make this episode’s revelations insignificant), the build-up will ultimately be just a dragged-out demonstration of power for Fumito while Saya gets saved by the fluffiness of the Clamp-universe.


  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what the hell am I watching?


  3. They keep saying there will be a movie after the series. Anyone else think that movie will be the ONE Fumito and his guys are making now – like Tenjou Tenge’s “Past Chapter” – just the series re-cut a different way ? I mean week-on-week this show keeps losing momentum just as the end approaches – I do adore how freaky the Bairns keep getting every week.

    Also, anyone else notice that Saya didn’t really cut anyone in her flashback, she just sort of butted them with her blade and they ran away only to come back with Tranqs ? Some sort of training camp…


    • just the series re-cut a different way ?

      Oh my god, you seriously think about how this thing could get even worse…?! Don’t you get nightmares from having such thoughts ^^ ? I think, this series’ finale seems more like a hafway-through-semi-finale and the reason for that is that they are trying to save the real good stuff for the movie. And let’s face it, the movie needs only five minutes to summarize the story of the series so it’s not like you’re needed to know the series to understand the movie as it can be summarized VERY fast.

      Also, anyone else notice that Saya didn’t really cut anyone in her flashback, she just sort of butted them with her blade and they ran away only to come back with Tranqs ?

      Well, I guess, Saya is the sort of character who doesn’t want to hurt humans – no matter what happens. She’s just the type of foolish Shounen-“hero” who would have such a kind of “iron rule” that is completely idiotic to uphold in the face of reality. But why the evil soldiers needed that long to capture her? Who knows, perhaps they were trying too hard to be mindless goons.


  4. God, this show is magically bad.


  5. i was finally saying to myself that this show isnt actually that bad,,, and poof here comes “episode 11!!!!” -__- i hated how they all turned into bad characters and to me it just didnt make any sense,, they could have done this in episode 3-5 but nooooooooooooo! they had to do it at episode 11 where everything has finally settled down in your head then it messes with it,,,, it sucks,, but im still gonna watch it coz i want to see how it ends,, -_- it better be good,,,,


  6. drakecrus

    “Anyone else think that movie will be the ONE Fumito and his guys are making now – like Tenjou Tenge’s “Past Chapter””

    It has too many unanswered questions for that to be the case, that and the fact that it seems like the series is a super long trailer for the movie. I am sure we will have some sort of flashback or summary of the series in the movie. =/

    “Also, anyone else notice that Saya didn’t really cut anyone in her flashback”

    I did not notice that, maybe she had a conscience and intelligence before she had her brain wiped. =P


    Magically bad.. LOL! I like the way you phrased it. It sure is magical and special.


    “im still gonna watch it coz i want to see how it ends,, -_- it better be good”

    Good… lol, I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you 😉

    “oh and where did that dog go??”

    Shhh.. don’t question them.. =P The dog is probably just missing for this episode. I am sure he will be back either in the movie or the next ep. Or they could have simply forgotten about him. I wouldn’t be surprise if they did that.


    • LOL,,, even though i dont think it will have(a good ending),,,, but im still gonna watch it anyway i wanna see how this shiz is going to end,,,xD

      damn,,-_- i actually wanted a tokizane x saya then….. but they had to make him all baaaaaadddass,,,


      • I know what you mean, I had thought that Tokizane might have been sincere but oh well, it makes sense seeing as to how ridiculous it would have been for him to love her. At least I am glad they did that part right.


  7. i’m just watching this anime because i want to know why they created such a piece of…


  8. I watched the whole thing and thought the plot couldn’t have been worse if Saya woke up and said it was all a dream. That aside I wanted to strangle something after about the third episode for 2 reasons:
    1. The main character even if she is mentally retarded after the drugs and hypnosis really asks little or no questions of life and also does very little to fight against the plot.
    2. I think the plot is about 10x slower than Inuyasha and I skipped every second episode of it; seriously if they had taken any longer I could have wrote the resolution myself.

    Ignoring everything else mentioned above in the review I absolutely hated the lack of plot devices and information. Without information and plot devices writing this type of story is meaningless it does well with the sad part tho (like its going to tear out your heart).

    This is why i read books; because they have way better plots and give you more hints. If I handed this series in as a short story to my English teacher i think i would get the comment: “please hint to this earlier in the plot” or “The plot takes too long to come to resolution”


    • Well, everyone who has even a shred of knowledge concerning storytelling knows how bad the storytelling of this series is. But there are still people out there who love the series even if I find their arguments to be far too vague to explain anything else but their own opinion rather than saying something about the series.

      Without information and plot devices writing this type of story is meaningless

      Well, the series did have a plot-device right from the start, one that I would rather call a “plot-pusher” for the way it really forces the plot-progress, I’m talking about “The Dog” 😉 . That dude got the series to admit how fishy its surface is but it’s of course ridiculous how even that influence couldn’t help Saya to awake. So the whole thing got even more forceful and the “main-cast” practically “resurrected itself” to force Saya to remember. Plot-Progress in this series is really forceful in its key-moments while the rest of the time seems like toddling around for no reason whatsoever.

      it does well with the sad part tho

      And even that became a joke now with the whole “extras”-thing and the way the “main-cast” was protected. Now it isn’t even exciting in case one wants to watch the whole thing again, the explanation is so far off in wishy-washy territory that there seemingly was no chance involved in the whole business. The story doesn’t really try to seem “alive, from beginning to end it’s just a farce and a cheap setup.

      This is why i read books; because they have way better plots and give you more hints. If I handed this series in as a short story to my English teacher i think i would get the comment: “please hint to this earlier in the plot” or “The plot takes too long to come to resolution”

      Well, I would say a book or a short-story is a completely different beast compared to an anime-series, as such I would generally compare those only with a lot of reservations. But what’s wrong with Blood-C’s storytelling is just SO basic that one could even look at stories in other media to see what’s wrong with Blood-C.


  9. This series is just a ”shame” for us,big fan of blood+.Of course i was not expecting the same anime,but after watching 3 episodes,there was no need to watch it again. I think that the ”mangaka” misunderstood the meaning of ”blood”,”the story” and he destroyed and limited Saya’s character by his own vision”high schoolgirl ,fighting and blood”. I have only one thing to tell him:watch the last vampyr and blood+ again,you’ll understand it’s not only about blood!


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