Kamisama Dolls – 12 Review

One has to admire Utao’s willingness to be ridiculous until the end…

And that’s when we expect to see a setup for the finale but like usual this show seems to care more about its own way of telling the story instead of looking back what appeared to matter. But it seems that Kyohei finally gets his chance to shine as something resembling a main-character.


Hibino is threatened by a goon in the bedroom of the hideout. While Hibino’s viginhood is in danger it’s revealed that Karahari had just used Aki to get near Takeshi who according to her research had a connection to The Village. She infiltrates the base of Takeshi, the villain and after getting the information she wanted she frees Aki who apparently already freed himself and just waited for someone to open the door of his cell. In the bedroom of the hideout the goon argues how unfair the hierarchy of The Village is and how good life must be for Kyohei for example. Hibino just stares at him pitifully. That’s when Karahari appears and she saves Hibino escaping with her after that. But Takeshi finds them and before they can escape he threatens them with a gun. Letting Hibino escape Karahari sacrifices herself to save Hibino and faces Takeshi. As Hibino wants to go back to Karahari#s help she’s stopped by Mahiru who wants to know from her why Kyohei refuses her. At the same time Karahari struggles with Takeshi and manages to kill him while shifting the blame for it to the goon with who she then escapes. Mahiru angry by Hibino’s ambiguous reaction attacks her and causes her to fall but Kyohei and the rest make it in time with Kukuri to save her.
As they land on the rooftop of the building they are followed by Mahiru who wants to take Kyohei by force now. Utao faces her in a battle and they are evenly matched until a certain point where Utao gets the upper hand by having a good timing with an attack. Mahiru full of mad despair urges Magatsuhi to continue despite its obvious grave injury which causes it to go berserk and to take Hibino. In the following battle despite the involvement of Koushirou and Kirio Magatsuhi (now out of control) seems to succeed in killing Hibino and Kyohei trying to save Hibino also seems to be in danger but as Kyohei seems to fall Kukuri comes back.

Isn’t it amazing how easily conflicts between good and evil seem to be solved when there are no Kakashi involved?


This show is simply crazy. If there’s no second season for this, I would even rate this show worse than Blood-C. There is simply no plausible logic to this rushed plot that jumps around like a frog on drugs. It’s anyone’s guess with what kind of message one is left after the last episode of this series because seriously this series could talk about a lot of things but no matter what it chooses, it will always be only a tiny part of the chaos and it will make a great part of the plot useless when the series settles for one concept.
It starts with the explanation for the plottwist at the end of the last episode and it worked pretty well, I think. It made sense if you think only about the current situation, what gave Karahari the idea to investigate that politician only because he came from The Village is still a mystery to me. It just doesn’t seem logical that this supposedly “secret village” would send people to the outside-world taking public positions without making sure that they can be trusted. She also frees Aki while she was at it which was another pointless scene because of how much is going on.
The whole Villain-Politician-business was rather useless and timewasting as this episode shows again, it just doesn’t lead anywhere by itself and it also doesn’t really support other parts of the story (seemingly it was just a plothook to make Mahiru part of the plot and get Hibino kidnapped). Karahari also saves Hibino and in a scene that was far too long helped Hibino escape while she struggled with that evil dude.
There was a moment in this scene that tried to create tension when Hibino stood outside hearing a shot fired and the viewer not knowing who got shot but as far as I was concerned I wasn’t really surprised to see Karahari surviving. I mean, first of all: the struggle wasn’t important. That politician was a rather useless character who was as much a villain as a turtle would be one and Karahari had her moments of glory but they seemed more like they were dictated by the plot rather than her character and with that I don#t have that much of an interest in her person. Second, when I see a good character and an obviously evil character struggling I expect the good guy to win out of experience and when the good guy doesn’t win – then it’s a plottwist. When the good guy kills the evil guy the series just approves my expectations and that’s hardly what I would call exciting.
Seemingly this ends the whole business with the evil politician who wanted to go global with The Village but what is it supposed to say about the series? There was this strange moment at the start of this episode when this goon tries to rape Hibino and tells her how much he hates The Village for having a hierarchy in which he is only a peasant. I always thought The Village was supposed to be true villain-breeding-ground but the whole thing with the president was completely controversial with that topic. It seemed to me that the issue rather tried to protect the value of tradition compared to uncontrolled progress. While in a good story this may seem like a sign of variation in this series it simply means that both things stand in the room without acknowledging the controversial nature of both. And with the abrupt way the progress-side was ended this could mean that either seeing The Village is evil isn’t the right way or it’s just ignored for the rest of the finale.

The animation of this series described in one sentence…

The rest of the episode basically continued the Mahiru-sub-plot combined with Kyohei’s relation to Hibino (and next episode it tries to connect that with Kyohei’s issue concerning The Village). As nice as it was to see a fight that was won by Utao (meaning she does have a brain… sort of) but it did seem kinda forced when a Kakashi not only goes berserk all of a sudden which is rare but also is able to use its secret powers which only a few Seki can use and I assume therefore it’s an ability gained by the Seki’s power and not by the Kakashi’s nature, otherwise controlling Kakashi with Seki would mean that those get weakened by the control but something like that wasn’t remarked. But I guess to get that nitpicky with the setting is something one should do for really good anime anyway. It doesn’t make completely sense but I guess the explanations are enough for the rush of the moment in the case you’re enjoying this series.
So what’s happening in the last episode? Will Kyohei convert to Buddhism and try religion as his next escape-plan? Or will he be playing the sour lemon who has to admit that he was wrong about fleeing from The Village? Or… perhaps Kamisama Dolls is one of these few series where Kyohei actually does say it out loud what he feels for Hibino…? Without getting sentimental, that is, of course. Anyway, I am interested to see what the series does with its ending and how important Aki will be or if he’s just playing the “Freudian Devil” for Kyohei’s subconscious again.

It isn’t really clear where the hell this series wants to go but this episode made clear: it wasn’t about demonizing globalization as a way to sell the Kakashi better. One rather pointless villain left the story in a very silent manner and all the action is left with Mahiru whose Kakashi is as crazy as her. But since she’s actually good the series has to accept her Kakashi as sole villain to blame for the whole mess called “evil” in this show. Although one may argue that the ending does have some kick-ass-qualities with Kyohei finally realizing that Seki don’t know the term “early retirement”.

Episode-Rating: 6,5/10

(alone for the final moments that clearly show who should’ve controlled Kukuri in the first place)


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  1. I actually liked this episode because it was looked like it was building up to what I have been anticipating the whole season – Kyouhei showing off how powerful he is and does some butt kicking. =P

    Other than that, the whole show is a mess like you said.


    • Come on, I like characters who kick ass as much as the next person but these few minutes can’t redeem the mistakes of this episode. Even in the last few minutes while Kyohei went into hero-mode the rest of the cast was practically useless making it a superficially forced moment in which Kyohei can shine. Also Karahari’s role in this episode and the one before was just terrible, it reeks of plot-convenience. Stuff like that always leaves a bitter taste no matter what the series does with it.

      But the next one will be interesting, how will this series end and with what message ^^ … Perhaps they let a random super-evil Hyuga appear out of nowhere who gets his ass kicked by Kyohei who goes berserk. And then in a final twist Hibino forces Kyohei to admit that he should better be a vegetarian pacifist to show how bad The Village is.


    • Oh, don’t get me wrong. It does not redeem the show at all. I just like seeing it and enjoyed that part. =P The rest of it was shit.

      As for what message the series will end with? I have given up. The storyline is a mess, and the show seems to be written by a person with Attention Deficit Disorder. I am just going to sit back and stop thinking and enjoy the show… then complain about how disappointing the series was in general. =P

      “vegetarian pacifist”



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