Blood-C – 12(Final) Review

This is all the movie is going to amount to be – a search and kill mission.

Episode 12

Finally, the series ends. This is such a frustrating show, up until last week the whole series has been too slow and draggy and then come the final episode, it suddenly attempts to redeem itself.

Everything that they did in this episode is what they should have been doing for the last 11 episodes – good animation, exciting soundtrack and decent plot development. Sure, there were some odd parts to the episode but if this is a sneak peak for the movie, then I my interest in the movie may have been revived.


So essentially this is one huge revelation episode. We finally know the whole truth behind Saya, and everyone in the village and this is most likely the animators trying to tie things up before entering the next part in the movie. Perhaps if the information were more spread out instead of making it a mind-dump final episode, this show would have been better. There were too many sudden things happening in this episode and all the emotional scenes fell a little flat as a result of it; sudden declaration of love, sudden bond between people, way too many sudden things for the viewer to feel that emotional attachment but I would still applaud the great use of background music to help alleviate those scenes. (I found the bonding moment between Saya and her Father to be unimpressive and unexplained)

But that being said, when I think about it, if the show had decided to spread all this information out, I think it might still end up with the series still being overall dull without a smashing last episode (which was what this was) as I still believe that the main issue with this series (forget the plot holes) is the fact that they had not enough material for it to last 13 episodes. It is nice to assume that there is some reason behind this terrible pacing of the series – that because everything was controlled by Fumito, this justifies the first 3 episodes of repetition and lack of progress in general. However, it was still unnecessarily long and repetitive, not to mention how boring this made the series.

The funny thing about this episode is that it feels like a “lets dump whatever leftover material into this” sort of episode. The crazy amounts of blood and the disturbing manner in which they killed off characters is probably the animators way of releasing their frustration with this show (and using up their left over quota for blood and violence). I really do appreciate how disturbing this episode was as this episode is probably the first time I cringed while watching the show because the scenes were too disturbing and not because they were bad, so I applaud the animators for that. The scene with Nono (or was it Nene?) getting pulled apart was definitely mentally painful to watch.

So lets move onto Saya…

Okay, so the whole reason why the monsters were saying that Saya was worse than them (Elder Bairns) was simply because she was a cannibal? Well, if you think about the Cadbury Advertisment with the chocolate man eating themselves, it is really not all that bad. =P Tsk, talk about whiny monsters who complain too much.

I understand that since Saya is close to her “dad”, she would want to mourn him, but she did kill him afterall. Typical Saya. =P Well, that is probably better than the usual: “I will not harm my friend” notion since this show surely does not try to be that.

Although the topic of Saya’s intelligence was never really breached upon in this episode, I did like the fact that she finally has spunk in her and is not as annoying with her attitude about wanting to save people yet not do a thing. The issue is that this sense of comradery that she suddenly feels for the humans is another sudden thing. Despite how much she may seemed to care about others, she never really actually did show it properly until it was after the fact.

Now onto Fumito….

He makes a pretty cool villain and his crazy psychotic behavior made the episode more interesting to watch. Although I do not like the idea that the whole thing is like a huge psychiatric experiment, I would still like to know who the hell Fumito is and I hope that they back his ability to hi-jack a whole island with some substantial status of reason.

What I don’t get is that is how Fumito is controlling the monsters. So what if he uses Saya’s blood? Shouldn’t Saya be the one with the ability to control them because of the bond that they share and not Fumito? So why are they listening to Fumito?

Another thing is that if Fumito is able to control the Elder Bairns (as implied), then why do they still divulge information throughout the series thus making Fumito’s job of brainwashing Saya even harder than it needs to be?

As for the Animation,

Boy was this episode ridiculously better than the rest. The fighting scenes were original and more fluid with good choreography, the camera angles were exciting and once again, we have the damn censorship laws destroying some of the scenes. Instead of the usual run and thrust, Saya is finally fighting like a warrior. I just once again wished that they had done this for the rest of the season and not stinge on the budget so that they could go nuts on the last episode. Which brings me to the issue of the second half of the episode.

Although the second half of the episode was nicely done, the style of the show had changed and more CGI was used so I felt like we were watching a scene from the Blood-C movie due to the difference in animation style. Perhaps they had decided to save some effort by using scenes from the movie in this episode as a “trailer” of sorts for the movie.

The music in this episode was also really good. It might borderline as being too overbearing at times, but it was feeling more grand (as well as movie worthy) and it reminded me of X/1999.

Give mommy a hug

Overall, it was a really good episode and much better than what I was expecting to see. The best part (and slightly anti-climatic moment) was when Saya was about to slash the helicopter into half and Fumito pulls out a gun and shoots her. It was hilarious, I don’t know if I will be able to contain my laughter during the movie if Saya is to remain with an eyepatch on for the whole duration of the movie when it comes out.

The dog finally makes its re-appearance with another crytic message and honestly, that was the worse part of the episode. For once, I had just wish that the show would stop all its half-assed revelations that tells us nothing at all. Thankfully, that scene was rather short so it was tolerable.

Although this series has major issues (and we have definitely established that in the last 12 weeks), this episode was fun and I think that if one leaves their brain behind whilst watching the show and simply enjoy it for what it is (which is pretty much nothing until the last ep) all in one sitting, it might be semi-decent. The atmosphere and tension in the show is relatively decent and if we were to overlook the pacing of the show, the plot itself is partially interesting. (I know I am not convincing anyone with my choice of half-assed words.)

(I know that I am missing quite a few points in this review but hey, it is not even 8am yet and I honestly don’t think that this show requires me to tell you guys that there are issues with it.)

Episode Rating: 8/10
I enjoyed the action and revelations despite how lame some of the execution of it was.

So, it has been fun reviewing this series for you guys and I hope you had fun reading the combine reviews between M0rg0th and I. We will probably be reviewing the movie when it comes out. =)

-ra out!

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  1. Well first off i thought the series had a good pace very suspense-full and at the end left me with the “aah i see what you were going for ” kind of feeling. Sooo yea hope for a sequel or movie or whatever.


  2. i cant believe how they just killed of those hot twins. F’in plot. Why them, kill “Saya” instead. A shame to “Blood+”


  3. b+ is a shit last vampire is the best then blood-c…


  4. @anonymous

    I can understand the suspenseful moments of the show but I think that the animators would have done a lot better if this series were an OVA instead because this episode just goes to show that the atmosphere can be even better when the production team actually give a crap about the series and don’t drag things out to be longer than necessary. =P


    Well, everyone has been ranting about killing Saya off. But I think that the animators want to do that the same way they want to do everything else – by teasing us slowly. Since this series cost Saya an eye, the movie will probably cost her and arm and after 10 movies we might finally have a half-dead Saya on our hands. =P


    Well, it helps to not think about Blood-C being part of the Blood Franchise. =/


  5. I’ll be honest, I knew this series had some kind of potential based off of the character material, and I think a lot of that kept my expectations for this show higher than they should have been. It was by far not the worst anime I’ve seen, but as you mentioned in the review, there wasn’t enough material for them to stretch it out over 12 episodes.

    I’ll also say that while it wasn’t blatantly obvious from the start that Fumito was the villain, and that her “father” was a monster, the show dropped hints within the first few episodes. Those hints became more pronounced with the introduction of the guimave, and that pretty much gave it away for me. Her having breakfast at that shop everyday with her special blend coffee was a nice touch that foreshadowed the twist, without calling too much attention to itself. If the first slow 10 episodes had any redeeming qualities, it’s that they gave the viewer enough information to put some of the pieces together before the grand finale.

    Last thought, the gore and action in this episode was insane, I also cringed when that monster split the twin in half. It was nice that we got to see what Saya was really supposed to be like, and while he cheery demeanor at the start of the show was refreshing, it really did get old as it made her a horrible warrior. During every episode with a fight scene where other people were involved, I found myself asking why she was just standing around so long and letting it happen; at least this time she managed to save her ‘teacher’ temporarily.

    All in all, it was a good ending, to a laggy series. Clamp played it smart from a marketing standpoint, they ended the series on a high note, and it was so grand that that is the impression most people are going to take away from the series as there is little reason to go back and rewatch any of the episodes prior….. and now I want to watch the followup movie.


  6. @vishous

    Clamp played it smart from a marketing standpoint


    I would surely agree with you. I am actually half wondering if this was all a devious plot by CLAMP from the start, but when you think about it, this series had lost many viewers due to the way the show had played out. Sure, it may have redeemed itself, but my thoughts on that is that whilst everyone is not excited to see the movie, I doubt many would have *not* seen the movie after having put themselves through 13 episodes of whatever *this* is meant to be. =P

    I’ll also say that while it wasn’t blatantly obvious from the start that Fumito was the villain, and that her “father” was a monster, the show dropped hints within the first few episodes.

    I actually can appreciate the hints that were drop and then emphasized on in the later parts of the series but I don’t think that it is enough to substantiate the tediousness of the show. Like you had agreed on, not enough material for 12 eps.

    Last thought, the gore and action in this episode was insane

    Yupp, Definitely insane in a nice and welcoming manner.

    at least this time she managed to save her ‘teacher’ temporarily.

    Heh, it is quite sad that Saya saves nothing. But since she does not seem to care, who are we to care.


    Really? You liked Blood-C more than Blood+? You are right that Saya’s character in Blood+ was not the most fantastic thing alive but I think that Blood+ was leaps and bounds better when it came to plot and characters. I do agree that Saya in this last ep was pretty insane and I started to warm up to her, but I still could not get her stupidity out of my mind.

    Was there any other reason apart from Saya as to why you liked Blood-C more than Blood+? It is always interesting to hear different views. =)


  7. yes i like blood-c more than b+ because saya the only one who can kill the demons! and this is the right thing! saya is not human! its a demon..
    demons kill demons…
    and i like saya have no idiot friends… this saya more similar to last vampire saya…
    and there is only 12 episode.. story is much better…
    more blood 🙂 more brutality 🙂
    i liked the place: town, more tradicional japanese… but not really
    saya finally drink blood…

    negative thing in blood+: there is david san and idiot kai shooting demons? and kill them? what a piece of*it… i protect you saya wahhh all i want to help you.. bahh what a lame… and riku too..
    saya: no comment…
    more than 50 episode? bahh
    i like a 12 episode or max 26 but the best is movie lenght
    the only good main cast is haji, maybe…


  8. ahh i forgot this things:

    like: blood-c: saya not kill demons too easily saya suffering more than b+ saya.. she get cuts and lost much of blood…then drink blood…
    she can’t save humans from demon 🙂 i like to see humans getting eated 🙂 more violence… more realism..

    hate: b+ saya: kill demons easily? and she did not suffering really?
    nobody get really harmed… saya is like a superhero supaaman…


  9. well…. was i ryt??,,, it kind of did have a decent ending,,, that keeps u wanting for more,,, coz it ended with saya getting half of her face blown off,,, LOL xD (sorry i found it funny)

    ,,,and yay!! cute dog is back,,, 😀 i just hope they make a movie or an OVA for this one,,,,

    and it better not be just a bad dream.. like, if they make a second season then suddenly she wakes up and it was all just a dream,,,,xD that would be shite for my brain,,,, (^-^)


  10. lol COOL,,,xD thanks,,


  11. did you even understand the series??
    the reason he made that island was for him to keep breeding elder barens for saya to feed on them since she cant eat humans (since she’s bound by a seal to not eat or harm them) thus he boils her hatred so she could kill the elders barens and eat, he feeds her drugged coffee so he could spend time with her, didnt you listen to the twins complaints on how they are still playing their roles when it was past their contracts it was because he was hoping she would forget the past and continue living the fabricated world so she could survive and he could spend more time with her, he new she never had a family or friends so he made her one and gosh!! you talk nonsense when you havent even understand the plot INCREDIBLE!


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