Blood-C Review

Blood-C Series Review

So how does one start off reviewing one of the most talked about series of the Summer 2011 season for all the wrong reasons?

I guess one should do the opposite of what Blood-C did and simply get right to it.

Plot Summary:

Saya is a seemingly normal girl living with her father in a shrine. During the day she goes to school and spends time with her friends at a local cafe. But when night falls Saya is called upon to protect her village from strange monsters. – ANN

Genre: Action, Horror, Supernatural


The Reception:

If you don’t already know, Blood-C is part of the Blood Franchise that comprises of the anime series Blood+ and Blood: The Last Vampire. This original-story (always a concern) is written by the famous group CLAMP. Needless to say, it was one of the most anticipated series of the season.

(If you liked either of those Blood series, I suggest you try and distance yourself from thinking that this would be similar.)

As I have said before, this series is probably one of the most talked about series of the season. During the first part half of the season, people were speculating about the many ways this series could turn out (refusing to believe that the series could simply be bad) and types of possible plot twists that we might see. But soon after, many realise that this series may not have been what they had expected it to be. Instead of something “magnificent”, it simply turned into a series with one dragged out plot line with numerous teasers and blood. To say that least, frustration was running high for many.

However, despite how painful this series was to watch at times, I would still looked forward to reviewing this show each week simply because of how bad it was at times. I actually manage to find it entertaining to see how stupid some of the characters were and I, being a human, loved to complain about them.

The Plot:

The plot itself is filled it insurmountable (I may or may not be exaggerating) plot-holes that make little or close to no sense at all and to top it off, the pacing of this story was simply TERRIBLE.

The first episode of the series essentially repeats itself three times before moving on to progressing the plot a bit more with each passing episode. Every episode becomes a tease and it is not until the last 2 episodes where we finally start to learn more about the situation. If that is not bad enough, it is actually only in the very last episode where many things are revealed and explained to us. The worse part is that this twist was nothing original and unheard of, and it was definitely not worth the slow and long wait.

I would rant about the plot of this series but you are better off reading the reviews for each episode that I have written. (I don’t wish to torture myself with the pain of reliving every episode in my mind) One thing that you should remember is that this is undoubtedly a CLAMP series that has taken on elements of the Blood franchise and not the other way around.

The buildup for the series is like I have said, slow and tedious and really not worth the wait. I do not want to spoil the show for you because god knows, the show is not really worth watching once you actually know what is going to happen in it. There are some shows where knowing the ending doesn’t affect the show too greatly as it is the journey that actually makes the series and not that one revelation. Sadly, this is not one such series and knowing the outcome is essentially as good as having watched the whole series.

But, despite my complaints the series had a few upsides to it.

For instance, the plot continuously hinted at things quite nicely thus effectively building up the suspense and piquing the curiosity of the audience. Another thing that I like was the use of the Blood. At first I could not stop complaining about how over-the-top the amount of blood in each episode was, but if I were to give the writers the benefit of the doubt, it was a pretty smart idea to use the exaggerated amounts of blood to ensure that the theme/importance of “blood” stays top-of-mind for the audience as the writers continue to drop hints through the series. After all, everything in this series did tie back to its title (in a literal manner).

The atmosphere of the series was also pretty decent most of the time. However, liked I have said many times before, the execution could have easily been better.

The movie for Blood-C is expected to come out later this year and this made the series feel like an extended trailer that never end, especially since the last episode of the season seemed to be the only one the production company placed any real effort into and actually used it as a way to recover from the damage that may have been done by the rest of the series and make sure that people would be once again interested (or remain interested) in watching the movie.

The Characters:

Here comes the painful/worse part of the show.

This is a show that highly dependent on its characters supporting the plot and it is painful to see that all the characters were either annoying or ridiculous.

Our Main Character, The “Special” Saya

Saya is one special girl. She is probably the only main character that I can remember who is actually retarded. She is forever frustrating and no matter what the “plot twist” is there is no excuse for her inability to realise certain facts. The way in which she was so oblivious to everything around her was simply ridiculous and unbelievable. No matter how stupid a person is, I am sure that all humans are naturally program to questioned. Be it us questioning our existence or our surroundings, we are born as curious beings. Sure, one can always use the plot twist as an miracle excuse for many of those questionable attitudes, but it makes it no less annoying to watch.

If obliviousness were her only issue, that would have been not as bad. You couple that with the fact that she acts retarded on so many levels (i.e. her behaviour when it comes to “saving” people) and what you get is a big question of “who the hell thought up her character and what were they high on?” Like I had said above, you can excuse many of her odd behaviors by saying it makes sense because of the story, but that just means that the story is turned into an excuse for everything.

The “Supporting Cast”

What the hell was wrong with everyone? It felt like because of how the plot is meant to play out, the writers decided to just let everything go and let the characters become as ridiculous as possible since it would not matter too much anyway. Like I had said, I don’t want to add any spoilers into this review so I shall try to convey my thoughts as brief a manner as I can. Some may appreciate the fact that the change in character personalities were inline with the twist. My patience however was already wearing thin by that point in the series and that simply was one thing that I could not accept.

The Dog

The cryptic messenger of the group. From start to finish, this dog drops cryptic hints that eludes people to the main plot. That does not sound too bad does it? But it is when his is the only character that continues to be cryptic even when the rest of the cast were starting to resolve the story for the series part of the show. Someone should have sent that dog a memo to let him know that he was lagging behind.


If you are under the mistaken impression that the main character was the only retarded one, please understand that almost everyone (minus the “villains”) were retarded in their own way be it small or big.

The Animation:

The first thing that everyone would realise is that CLAMP has definitely put their stamp on the character designs. The stylistic small heads long limbs character quirks of CLAMP are evident in their designs for Blood-C and most CLAMP fans would be happy to see this and this would have already been a foot into the hearts of their fan-base simply through theses designs. Character designs may not be everything, but no one wants to look at an ugly character. Then again, when it comes down to Ugly VS Stupidity, my morals come into question with this show. =P

The character designs for the Elder Bairns were pretty laughable at times with no clear style to them. All the designs seem epically different that you would not related one to another except for how ridiculous they look and the fact that they were all monsters. I felt that having some consistency in the design style really would have helped this show. (But this show has bigger issues to fry)

Another thing about this series is that the animators really do not hold back on the blood and take their series name a tad bit too literally. Episode after episode, our screens are filled with blood. I understand that it may have been used as a way to “trigger” the “blood” as being a hint but it ended up looking more foolish and unnecessary than smart.

This brings me to the point of the censorship. Halfway through the series, all the fight scenes were plague by ridiculous manners in which the gruesome scenes were censored. This issue would be one of the few positives of actually purchasing the DVD since that would be that you would be able to actually watch what happens instead of a white/black scene that leaves it up to your imagination instead.

The fight scenes were one thing that I would constantly complaint about. Until the last episode, most of Saya’s fights were won by a simple activate and thrust routine. It got old really quickly and I was hoping for some nice fighting choreography.

The Soundtrack:

The background music for this series was actually well picked. Without the music, I think that the show would have been a lot worse. The show may have been complain worthy but the reason why people continued to watch was either out of curiosity, because they love to diss things, or because the atmosphere of the show was decent enough to capture people’s interest. I believe that the soundtrack really played a big part in the atmosphere building.

As for the OP and ED songs. I don’t really care for them and find them to be sub-par in standard.

Even Saya understands that this show is not without its moments of frustration.


It was a series that was way more interesting to talk about than it was to actually watch but the fact that I still persisted and continued the series must stand for something. I won’t be running up to people telling them to watch it anytime soon, but I would recommend it to friends just to see what sort of reaction I would get out of them.

Honestly, if you were to simply watching all 12 Episodes in one sitting, it may not be as bad as it seems since the biggest issue of this series is its pacing which inadvertently meant that people were hoping that the revelations would be worth the wait. But if you are simply watching all 12 episodes in one shot, it probably entertain you well enough. It is definitely bloodier and gorier than the other Blood shows.

Series Rating: 6/10


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  1. ty for review…im on ep5 and i can’t stand it anymore.


    • LOL! =P

      I feel your pain. This show was really painful to watch each week but the last episode redeemed it slightly.

      I take it that you plan on dropping the series? Or are you going to push through and watch more?


  2. One thing I did not get – who made the wish with Watanuki? The dog was thrown in the last episode I suppose just to tie up a loose end. But was it Saya who wished for “remembering who she was”? Coz no one else was on her side here. And thank you for not making me drop this series – the fight scenes stopped being amusing after ep. 8 and it was just the theories on the reviews that made me get through it.


    • The whole wish thing is still not explained in full and you can blame the cryptic dog for that. =P Apparently Saya made 2 wishes not 1.

      As for the whole no one was on her side… well, she was *spoiler alert* an experiment after all and no one was on her side to begin with since they were all just hired actors. It was never really an issue of picking sides but rather the goals of the individual since from what we can see, they were all selfish in their reasons behind their actions.

      “the fight scenes stopped being amusing after ep. 8″

      I know what you mean. =_=” I got so bored of the activate and slash style of fighting.


  3. is there anther part to this anime??
    i heard that they will make a movie about it


  4. This series isn’t for the faint of heart people…


  5. Oh yeah, just saying that the reason why the monsters were weird looking was that a majority of them were based off of Yokai, you know, the Japanese Folklore stuff. I’d do have to say though that the Blood + series had better characters and plot but Blood C beat it when it came to battle sequences/violence/and character design (though most likely because Blood + was created far before -C and animation wasn’t at its best then). Seriously, I went on youtube to compare them and the Blood+ fights were actually pretty boring, even the final battle was boring between her and Diva. Plus Saya not being able to save people during the series is just the superhero syndrome, that whatever the cost (be it a human life), they don’t want to reveal their actual identity to the public (which was why Saya would always kill stuff during the night in secluded spots). I guess the last thing was that yeah, the show pacing was slow along with the Slice of Life was TOO Slice of Life, but that was the goal the producers wanted to take, they wanted to point out that Saya is an ORDINARY girl during the day doing ordinary things. I mean for god sakes she lives in the freaking country! I don’t think they would have showed the cast going to an arcade or someplace fun, so they have their excuse for living a dull life, especially since if you look at it, a majority of us who watch this show or any of show for that matter, pretty much have dull lives. We can’t be mad at Saya for being so boring because our lives would be boring if it were broadcasted on TV (I mean right now all I do is take online summer classes at college, work, and probably talk to my friends, but that’s it). And lets just say at night I’m forced to kill demons, I wouldn’t want that to be going around to the public because all of the weird looks I get or unwanted attention. When I see my friends being killed, of course I would go all supervampire mode and butcher the living shit out of the monsters, but if its just normal people…I mean I would be sad but I don’t share a personal emotional connection to them (hence why Saya fails at saving the public and why she only started to become serious when her “friends” were killed)…IDK, I’m just going on because I liked this series and I’m just defending the points that people are raging over. I liked it the way it was, but If something were to be fixed, I would say that they needed to have taken out eps 2 and 3 (being how useless they were) and inserted two extra “Plot Relevant” eps after ep 6…and put more effort in the battle animations before ep 12.


  6. I did not see why everyone hated the series so much but i did watch the whole thing today so that might be why. The show cant compare to the other anime i watched today from start to finish witch was Steins Gate but i can’t say it was horrible either. When i look back i can see how i would hate to wait a week for watch each episode when nothing really happened.


  7. It’s a really good serie, but what i hate, is that almost all classmates of Saya got killed.


  8. I can understand why so many people seem to dislike Blood C, but I think they’re seeing it from a completely different angle than the creators intended. It’s very symbolic–almost abstract. The whole point of the series is showing Saya struggling to retain her instinct to protect/love of life even though her entire world is being torn apart in the most horrific way possible. It functions differently from a traditional story, but it has breathtaking beauty from an artistic standpoint.


  9. What the heck happened to Haji and Kai and the others!!!


  10. I think I’m missing the point here, I mean … is that serie some point in Saya’s life, her past her future … we all know Saya, yet I don’t recognise the story here … I kept wondering why they called the main character ‘ Saya ‘ if it has nothing to do with the last vampire story.
    I’m quite sure I’m missing something … I did only watch the anime till 4th episode …. and I still didn’t have a clue to what was happening … lol.


  11. this was the worst anime I’ve ever seen. it could never compare to blood +


  12. I’ve just finished watching Blood+ and I can sadly say it’s not the amazing anime you all like to make it out to be, All the problems I had with it are similar to the opinions of this review for Blood-C.

    In Blood: The Last Vampire, Saya was a pretty badass character, albeit silent and mysterious. Here, they seemed to want to go for a vunerable relate-able character, but they instead turned her into an incompetent, useless, aggravating, cowardly bitch of a main protagonist who instead of using her blood to kill Chiropterans one third of the series, cowers in fear and says “I can’t!” as her family and friends are potentially going to get killed by them, even though she easily killed one in the first fucking episode! Dreadfully-written… Absolutely dreadful. And if she’s not being a cowering retard who can’t put 2 and 2 together, she’s a Mary Sue. And if she’s not a Mary Sue, she’s relying on her boyfriend Doumeki- whoops, I mean Hagi, to save her lazy arse just for the sake of shoujo fanservice to trick female audiences into thinking the show is good as they watch him carry her bridal-style.

    Then there’s the issue with the English dub, which may not be important to you weaboos and dub haters, but since I only like to read subtitles when I’m reading a manga (which isn’t often), can only enjoy anime in the language I actually speak (hence why I enjoyed shows on Toonami and Anime Central so much, it’s more accessible to the viewer that way IMO), the dub is crucial. Holy shit, it’s bad. You have a few great voice actors, and then you get Crispin Freeman to voice 3 prominent characters and additional characters with the subtlety of a brick to the face by a chimpanzee with lethargy. Then they have the indignity to give the foreign characters accents, but the Japanese and Americans American accents? How unprofessional can you be?! You’re only supposed to give people accents if the story takes place in a country where English is the main fucking language! Because it makes sense that way! That’s why it works so well in Hellsing Ultimate! Fuck me, they even have a Scotsman to play as father Anderson! But hearing a Japanese character speak fluent English while featuring a french man and a Jamaican with their own respective accents… Dreadful. And they couldn’t even be arsed to do the previews at the end of each episode, so that’s all in Japanese. Were they poor or something? Did they spend their budget on weed instead?

    The animation was meh, which is disappointing considering it’s from Production IG, one of my favourite studios. They’ve worked on some of my all-time favourite animes, and the fight scenes in Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit are some of the greatest I’ve ever seen in any anime. Blood+ is visually okay, but not as good as it could have been. You can tell they were working on better shows at the time.

    So overall, Blood+ is overrated, over-saturated with fangirls who say it’s good just because Doumeki- I mean Hagi’s in it, has some annoying characters, and was generally disappointing. It wasn’t all bad, and there were things the show did right, as well as its greatest strength being the sound design (not counting the putrid voice acting, everything else from the sound effects to the brilliant music score and the songs to the beautiful opening sequences). It’s just not as good as I’d hoped it would be. Seeing this review doesn’t make me any more hopeful about moving onto Blood-C, because the flaws it mentions about Saya sound exactly like my opinions on the pathetic excuse for a main character in Blood+. How could they fuck up a spin-off to a great short film twice in a row?


    • Blood+ isn’t anything like Blood-C. The former is a good series in my opinion, not great, but overall a really entertaining bit of fiction. Blood-C meanwhile is the blandest and most boring piece-of-shit-storytelling imaginable. Blood-C’s grotesquely gore-heavy in the blandest way imaginable as there’s NO tangible drama for most of the season. And when, finally, the story starts to take shape it’s hard to even give a shit at that point. Blood-C is a fucking mess.


  13. I get that Blood has a huge part in the blood series and don’t get me wrong I can handle blood, but the deaths in this anime…not even attack on titan was this brutal. I’m sorry but these deaths were just -shivers- to intense, they were taken to far, and the manner in which people died makes me want the creators of this anime to get a mental health screening. There’s just a certain line with Gore that you don’t cross and they did. It’s really bad when the audience watchs it and have to stop and throw up or try not to when they see the cringe worthy death scenes. This would have been a good anime may but they need to chill out my personal rating 3/10 since I could hold my lunch down through certain scenes.


  14. I went into this show with hopes, it started out interesting. Every episode got progressively worse and worse and worse until it hit the last episode, where it went from worse to complete and absolute trainwreck in the span of 7 minutes. THEN it went from complete and absolute trainwreck to complete and total disgrace of media with the next four. It’s like they planned to leave dozens of plot holes unanswered and thought it was perfectly ok. It’s like they planned to have boring, horribly written characters and thought it was ok. It’s like they planned to have copious amounts of gore on a level of pointlessness only comprable to a show like Superjail, and thought it was ok. I can handle any amount of gore and gruesome violence, but there was no point to any of it happening other than them just wanting to show people being horribly mutilated in various LULZY ways. What meaning did any of it have? I’ll let you know when the creators figure out the answer to it. That, along with the boring characters, poorly and barely written plot, and pacing to numb the mind to any investment, 2/10. Only a generous 2 because the animation was pretty good, and the music was passable, if not repetitive.There’s bad shows out there, but this one hit an all time low for bad phoned-in productions.


  15. Bengewatchergirl

    Benge watched all day, seen all the anime, and the movie. I liked the art and it was very bloody, very gorey, and emotional, I wish she had some romance, it was cool how they were interested in her and stuff, but. I don’t know it left me with a I need to see her happy, and not fake happy mood. If they do make another movie or something I hope they add that. I’m sad that it ended and it left me wanting more. I rate it a 3 star.


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