Hunter x Hunter 2011 – 01 Review

“Now Gon, promise me that the next thing you will catch is intelligence”

Episode 1 – Journey x And x Friends
My title for it: Start x Torturous x Journey

Oh god *puts face in my hands*

This episode was as bad (or maybe even worse) than I thought it would have turned out to be.


The episodes starts off with Gon catching the lord of the lake and winning the bet that he had made with his aunt – if he catches the fish, he would be able to take the exam. Gon then leaves the island and boards the ship meant to bring the examinees to the examination grounds.

On board the ship, Gon realises that a big storm is approaching and tells the Captain about it. His prediction turns out to be right and a storm hits the ship.

After taking a look at how the participants are holding up in the holding area, the Captain realises that only 3 people were unaffected by the storm and summons them to the Ship Bridge. He then goes on to ask them their names and what their reasons were for joining the exam. The captain then reveals the fact that he is hired each year to help trim down the batch of examinees. Everyone then explains their reasons for joining the exam.

Leorio then challenges Kurapica to a fight as Kurapica had continuously failed to listen to his warnings of addressing him with respect by calling him Leorio-san instead of Leorio.

During the fight, the storm gets worse and a crew memeber falls off the ship, Gon jumps in after him and Kurapica and Leorio manages to hold onto Gon thus saving both their lives.

The  episode ends with the three of them having been deemed worthy of the exam by the Captain.

“Give me a second, I need to concentrate to remember my name.”


(Please note that I have not read the manga and have only seen the original series)

ARGH! Okay, so it has been decided by this episode that this series is going to be more childish and annoying than the original series (which I shall call OS for short).

This first episode essentially rushes through all the character building parts and cramps the first 3 episodes of the original series in this first episode.

Even the lighting in the scenes show the difference in the approach

Gon and the group

The 2011 version of Gon is way more energetic, implusive and enthusiastic than the OS Gon. With OS Gon, he is shown to be capable of being serious and a deep thinker when he wants to be, but with this Gon, he comes across more stupid than innocent. For instance, I could not help but groan in pain when Gon had exclaimed this line in such a happy and enthusiastic voice: “Being a hunter is so great, he was willing to abandon his own kid!” (top left image)

What.The.Hell. This kid is dumb.

You compare that to what OS Gon had said in a serious and pensive tone in the original: “It’s a job worthy to continue even if it meant leaving his child. It must be a great job, to be a Hunter.” (top right image)

It is obvious what sort of show the script writer wanted this series to be like simply by looking at that scene. After all, this episode was written by Atsushi Maekawa who wrote the script for Digimon, Bakugan:Mechtanium Surge and Prince of Tennis. I hope that they will fire him and get a better writer or add another writer to the team.

Madhouse’s response to fans: *silence*

As I had mentioned above, the episode had cut away many scenes and rushed the beginning of the series to get to the Hunter Exam as soon as possible. This meant that many of the character building scenes that were in the OS were cut away and shortened which resulted in an atmosphere that was not as great as the OS. The whole meeting between Leorio and Gon in the OS had help in building Leorio’s character but in this episode, we lose all of that and instead only see Leorio as being a touchy-about-not-being-address-with-respect and a hot headed person.

As for Kurapica, I did not have too much issues with his character apart from the fact that he sounded too much like a girl. It sort of suits his personality but when I had first heard his voice, I thought it was a girl talking (then again, his Voice Actress is a girl). Another VA that I did not really like was the VA for Mito-san. She sounded like a grandmother rather than a lady in her 30s. (Maybe Mito-san is a secret chain smoker, thus the reason for that voice)

I have to say that I like this additional “habit” of Gon’s though I don’t know if it even serves a purpose.

The warming up of the captain to Gon was also terrible. That whole situation seem to only have one purpose and that is to establish how “strong” and “smart” Gon is and how great his Father was. Instead of letting the characters prove that fact for themselves through their actions, they decided to have the supporting cast voice it out blatantly. (i.e., the captain, the people on whale island etc.)

The Animation

The opening scene reminded me of Fairy Tail, Toriko, One Piece and many others, and that was the first thing that had left a bad taste in my mouth. It wouldn’t be so bad if that was the only time we would see it, but at the end of the episode, the narrator once again appears to get us “excited” over what would happen next. I am praying that this is not going to be permanent element of the series.

The upside to the animation was the color palette, it had a slightly more earthier tone to it than what I had expected. The animation was also decent most of the time but does drop at certain points. There were moments when I went, “that’s nice” and then there were moments (like the scenes on board the ship) where I just could not help but sigh in sadness.

Let me explain what I mean by the ship scene. A storm had arrived and whilst the water is busy trashing against the ship, the ship itself is steady as a rock or simply tilted at a fixed angle or moving slightly up and down in a very steady manner. When the animators realise that they should make the situation look more realistic, they simply decided that they would move the framing of the animation around so that it will look like the ship was unstable instead of actually animating the ship to make it look like it was rocking back and forth in a realistic manner. The nice thing was when they made Kurapica’s vest fly into his face to show how strong the winds were. That was one of the very few nice touches in the animation that I had liked.

The music was another annoying thing. I had thought that the choice of atmosphere music was not too bad at the beginning of the episode when the scene was meant to be lighthearted (I don’t really like the OP too much), but when it got to the part where Gon jumped into the sea to rescue the crew member, I just wanted to cry. It was so “cartoonish” and the orchestra music made me imagine a bunch of guys riding horses or a ‘Tom and Jerry’ chasing scene.


I am hoping that the pacing for the series gets better when the exams starts since it is looking like they are pushing things forward so we would get to that point as soon as possible. I am also hoping that this episode was created to give all the HxH fans a fright, like a bad joke, and the next episode would be more serious and mature, because right now, I would much rather watch the old series instead of watching the next episode of this series.

Episode Rating: 6/10

If I were to look at it from an unbiased point of view, the first episode was not that bad but the show has put itself in such a situation where it is inevitably going to be compared to the original. Sadly, at this point in time, the original is leaps and bounds better than this.



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  1. I’ll give an opinion, as someone who never saw the original series, or read the manga. Honestly it was better than I expected it to be. After watching the first five minutes I had made up my mind that this show was going to probably be a bit too childish in its format, and while I’m fine with that from time to time, this show wasn’t standing out. I think what changed my mind, was the dynamic between the 3 main characters, and like I said that could just be spill over from the original, and I wouldn’t know it. What this really reminds me of, is the original dragonball series, where Goku was a completely clueless but still endearing kid, that was entertaining to watch. To reference it back to dbz, it also seems like they’re taking the same approach that was given to dbz kai; updating the visuals, and picking up the pace. The impression I get from your review is that the original Hunter series was toned down and probably more thoughtfully done, which I would hope to see as well.
    I said that it was a better overall episode than what the first few minutes led me to believe, but the jury is still out on whether or not I’ll keep up with this show as something I want to watch, or if its just the next show on the streaming site I use when I have nothing better to see.


    • do u know some sites where I can watch the new season of hunter x hunter?? pls reply :)))


      • I would try first as the quality on what it shows is generally consistent. If its not on there then I used to use zomganime before they took down their site, look for their facebook page and it should have some links to other good sites


  2. Dude this was unbelievably close to the manga and cut the bullshit from the original anime, which really sucked and added too much filler that changed the characters personalities entirely. The original series acts like Gon isn’t a 12 year old kid, This series does. Gon is naive, childish and most of all innocent. The main theme of the manga is Gon’s loss of childish innocence. The original series was strongly lacking in direction and completely changed the manga art style. This is much more close. The removal of the Kaito back story isn’t a removal at all simply a relocation. It has been announced that in order to lessen the gap between his appaerance and reappearance the Kaito flash back will happen later.


    • That’s why it sucked, it was too close to the manga. Rushed plots work for a manga not an anime. The anime should not be a simple copy of the manga. This series feels like it’s rushing to cover all the main bases of the story as fast as possible: “Quick! Get through the Hunter Arc! DONE! Ok now do the Ryodan arc! DONE! Next up Ant Arc! GOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!!” *face palm*

      There are different kinds of filler and character building filler is a GOOD thing. Personally i hate most filler episodes that are unrelated to the main plot like the one’s in shows such as DBZ or Naruto, but when they mix a little bit of character development filler in with the main storyline it makes for a stronger and more emotionally mature show.

      If i wanted a replica of the manga I’d just read the manga.


      • I totally agree with you. This series is rush rush rush. How fast can I possible finish this series and how much can I cut cut cut. I’ve read the manga but it didn’t feel so childish as this anime. The feel of each character has changed dramatically because of the script.I dunno. I feel like they are lacking any depth to them because of the childish anime.


  3. I wouldn’t say unbelievably close, they did alter things to suit the flow but at a price. I agree it has Horrible pacing even though its a lot closer to the manga despite completely lacking the sensation from it; especially since two of the most dramatic scenes in this episode was changed from the manga. I would like to point out Gon was supposed to say “Being a hunter is so great, he was willing to abandon his own kid!” ambitiously. But i understand why you thought it looked stupid because they changed Mito’s reaction who was suppose to cry out tearfully “you are indeed his son!” in both disgust and disbelief. That was suppose to be a tear jerking contrast!! However i was slightly amused by the thumb kiss scene between Gon and Mito which was only mentioned about in the manga later on. But then i was disappointed again when they completely destroyed yoshihiro tagashi’s show and not tell method. As gon was looking across the ocean, the captain was suppose to stare silently as GING’s image slowly emerges from his mind shadowing gon’s back. It was suppose to be a mesmerizing scene!! Clearly the director has not feel for things. I can only imagine what they could possibly do to the york shin arc since its dark and full of drama.


  4. Nice review on the first episode. I’m going to follow you now 🙂


  5. Hey man, I disagree with you about the pacing of the episode. If you read the first chapter of the manga you’ll see that they are exactly the same. What they are trying to do in this version of the anime is a version really equal to the manga. All those things that the 1999 series had were fillers! I think that they’ve done a great job about that. and about the childish gon, i think they’ll have time to work on his development.


    • When i said pacing i meant they rushed into the hunter exam removing kaito, king of the forest, gon’s interaction with animals and made up a filler character called katsuo. Because of that the first episode feels like onepiece!


  6. There is a certain ‘kiddish-ness’ element to the new anime. Perhaps they are trying to cater to the younger market. Lets PRAY and HOPE the anime does take a more serious tone soon. HxH have been one of my favourite anime when I was young and I really hope they do not produce it like a kid friendly version =(


  7. As for me who has only seen a few episodes of the OS, and never really did read the manga.
    I say the first episode of the remake, although a bit too obvious that it was rushed, was neatly done. The art was better, I like their new voices, and of course, better animation.
    But I agree that it was a little childish.. and someone here said that it was closer to the manga. For me, following the manga is better coz it’s the original story. Changing the story is like an insult for the manga artist.


    • Have to totally disagree on the voices, for me most of the ones from the OS were better, i can deal with kurapica and hisoka but other than that i prefer the older ones.

      The problem also is even though the overall story is closer to the manga the feeling is lost and is actually better followed by the OS.


  8. T-ara is the best

    they left out many important details , e.g Gon meeting with Kite which is the reason why Gon know that his father is still alive n is a Hunter .

    stupid addition like Gon touching his nose to smell the air is unnecessary and kind of annoying.

    just hope they rush things, so to reach the Ant Arc quickly

    basically , I think they should have just continue instead of restarting cause I really see no point at all . 😦


  9. They can’t just continue at this point. It’s been 10 years already. Let’s face it once an anime has gone over 5 years you can pretty much guarantee it’s done for. The only way to seriously continue an anime with that much time is to reboot it. Not to mention this opens up next generations willing to watch it and continue.

    I’m willing to give it 13 episodes before judging it too harshly. I figure around a season is a good way to judge how it continues. Since it’s got enough material to last it for a very long time such as other ongoing series (bleach, naruto, one piece/etc) i think that’s a fair judgement of how it will play out.


  10. As a fellow fan of the original series, I can understand why this could upset you. However, I thought that this start allowed new viewers more uhm,’breathing space’ before the show gets into the whole shebang. I found that the first few parts of the first adaptation was rather long and dragged a bit and the atmosphere was immediately taking on a more serious and darker tone.

    While I miss the character development, there’s 45+ episodes that will allow the anime to go back to that material. It’s too early for this new adaptation to prove anything but I do think it shows promise. I did have the same problems with Mito and Kurapika’s voice actors though!


  11. @Thiago Corrêa

    “Hey man, I disagree with you about the pacing of the episode. If you read the first chapter of the manga you’ll see that they are exactly the same.”

    I will probably read the manga (when I find the time) to see how close this series is to the manga and how far the OS was to the manga.


    “Not to mention this opens up next generations willing to watch it and continue.”

    You are right about this and this is probably what they plan on doing with the series to expand its market. Hopefully the show will manage to find the sweet balance between being too serious and childish.

    @Elriond, Mira

    I agree that this series needs time to set the tone since it is going to be a relatively long series anyway.


    “I did have the same problems with Mito and Kurapika’s voice actors though!”

    I know! Kurapica did not get on my nerves as much as Mito’s VA’s. =_=” Mito sounds way too old for her age. =P

    @T-ara is the best

    “they left out many important details , e.g Gon meeting with Kite which is the reason why Gon know that his father is still alive n is a Hunter .”

    I know! Well, I am hoping that that will appear somewhere soon, perhaps in a flashback or something but at this stage, it is probably not too big a detail since there were many ways Gon could have known his dad was a Hunter and probably alive. =/

    Oh well, childish or not, I shall still be watching the series to see how it all turns out. I guess it is like how some of you said, it is a too soon to judge the series as a whole.


  12. i exactly agree about the fast pacing of the first episode … the 1st episode itself rushed too much and most of the details from the OS has been spilled ,.. and what makes me more upset was the characters attitude is different from the original story.. what i saw during those OS the characters personality and attitude are more admirable as they express good moral lessons. i highly Anticipate that the story itself will still somehow related from the previous story, moreover i saw someone mentioned earlier about the chief captain stared at gon while gon was predicting about the coming storm. the chief look gon as if it is just nothing in concern.. unlike what i saw from the OS the chief captain look`s at gon slowly and saw the shadow of his father right next to him.. however we should be patient and look forward for the upcoming episodes before we state something that might offend others.. it is not easy to predict things which will come to pass i hope they could produce and write the story more passionate and in details.. so that they can compensate some of the viewers disappointment from how they r much expecting about the episode


  13. this “childish” show has 5-9 year olds eaten and a bunch of cops having their 10 fingers ripped off and eaten by some guy, and gon…you’ll see how innocent he’ll be.. 🙂


    • I think that no one is really too concerned about whether the content is childish at this point in time but rather how the delivery seems to tend towards a more “childish” approach as compared to the OS. =)


  14. by the way most of the material from the OS’s first 3 eps are fillers, and kite will be shown as a flashback during the hunter exam so they can “lessen the gap” between the times he shows up


  15. “Being a hunter is so great, he was willing to abandon his own kid!” (top left image)

    What.The.Hell. This kid is dumb.

    After reading this, I realized that your review is not worth reading at all. Did you actually read the manga? Also, comparing the two anime series without taking into account the manga version makes this a flawed review because the anime versions are the director’s INTERPRETATION of the manga.

    I would like to point out that GON is not your typical DUMB, shounen hero. For me, when he says that line, it clearly struck me that this BOY is NOT a normal boy at all. A normal kid will resent his father for abandoning him but no! Gon doesn’t hate his father and in fact, going out to SEE FOR HIMSELF what’s so fascinating about being a Hunter for his father to leave him.

    He comes up as a mature and perceptive person for his AGE. It also highlights that he is an EXTREMELY CURIOUS kid (w/c will be said/realize by other characters later on) that may lead to his downfall and/or what makes him dangerous.


    • I just saw that you clearly said that you didn’t read the manga at all. It will be pointless to justify that this version (remake) grasp the characters’ personalities much better than the original series.

      Those who read the manga are happy that this version trashed the “character development” you (anime-only fans) are so into. The OS actually ruins their core traits and what makes them great.


      • Well, I can tell that the people who have read the manga seem to really like the direction of the series thus far which is why I want to read the manga to find out why this is the case (when I can find the free time to do so =_=”).

        Also, I am curious, seeing as to how you have read the manga, did you enjoy the original series?


      • Stick to the manga then. I expect my anime’s to have a degree of character development and not rush through things as quickly as possble. The voice acting and musical scores aren’t as good either. This version is going to suck compared to the original. Oh, and i couldn’t care less if it’s closer to the “canon” or not.


    • Did you actually read the manga?

      I did not read the manga and if you read the beginning of the review that I had written, I had made it a point to sate that I have not read the manga as I had realised that this was an important thing. This was what I had wrote:

      “(Please note that I have not read the manga and have only seen the original series)”

      I understand that my review is flawed from the point of not having read the manga. However, as for interpretations, I just felt that the delivery in the Original Series was darker and more serious than the delivery in this first episode. Sure, a series is an interpretation of the original manga, but like I had said, I have not read the manga and can only go on what I felt of this episode as compared to the original and decide on which I had enjoyed watching more. (Even comparing series is unfair but then it is like I had said, inevitable) After all, whatever version it is, I feel that the most important thing is the amount of entertainment you get out of watching a show.

      For me, when he says that line, it clearly struck me that this BOY is NOT a normal boy at all.

      I understand that, but the reason why I had felt that way was simply due to the amount of enthusiasm in his voice when exclaiming that fact and that is why I also made it a point to state the way* Gon had said that sentence. The original one had put that point across while showing Gon as a deep thinker through the atmosphere in that scene and by phrasing in this way:

      “It’s a job worthy to continue even if it meant leaving his child. It must be a great job, to be a Hunter.”

      He comes up as a mature and perceptive person for his AGE.

      Honestly, most of what we know from Gon is from the rest of the series or in the manga etc. not from the first episode. We will definitely see Gon’s mature side as the series progresses but I am simply worried about how it is executed rather than what the characters are meant to become.

      But like some others have said, it really is too early to judge a series based off one episode.

      After reading this, I realized that your review is not worth reading at all

      I am sorry you feel that way but it was nice hearing your comment and thoughts on the series anyway. =)

      *”Gon had exclaimed this line in such a happy and enthusiastic voice:”


  16. There were a lot of changes from the manga – especially from what happens in chapter 1 – but I agree about what Gon said about his father abandoning him. That line has always been the one that shows his strange maturity – along with revealing he knows his mother has been lying to him.

    On the other hand, Leorio is presented much more like he was in the manga. If anything, he’s more likeable because he doesn’t rant about wanting money.


  17. @shareme:

    Also, comparing the two anime series without taking into account the manga version makes this a flawed review

    First of all, I want to note here that the reviews of this blog aren’t all-knowing completionist analyses, these are just opinions trying to show our readers what we think about each particular anime. For example I found the first episode of this new HunterxHunter to be so mediocre that I didn’t quite understand what the hell the whole fuss was all about. But naturally there’s a reason why the manga-series is so popular, it’s just that the first episode made it for me hard to see the quality of this series the fans of the franchise speak of. I didn’t watch the original anime series nor read the manga so all I know is based on what I saw in the first episode of this new series and I doubt that this makes my opinion a flawed one, it just gives me a different point of view concerning what happens in this series.

    A normal kid will resent his father for abandoning him but no! […] He comes up as a mature and perceptive person for his AGE.

    I don’t quite see what about not behaving like a normal kid warrants describing him as mature automatically. Later plot-points in the manga-series may show that better but this particular point seemed just irrationally enthusiastic to me. Nobody likes to be abandoned by a person you love and therefore from the information I get from this episode Gon’s reaction simply doesn’t seem plausible to me.

    It also highlights that he is an EXTREMELY CURIOUS kid (w/c will be said/realize by other characters later on) that may lead to his downfall and/or what makes him dangerous.

    Now that’s just an observation made about the manga 😉 . This episode seemed to me to be more involved in showing his enthusiasm and optimism; curiosity isn’t a trait I would attribute to Gon at this point. As far as I understood it his drive is his unshakeable faith in his dad and that being a hunter is worth all the things he left behind and therefore it’s a good idea for Gon to do the same thing. But then I could imagine that there’s a discovery-part attached to the whole Hunter-thing explaining why curiosity plays a role in his characterization but all that got buried in this episode by making it seem like the Hunters are basically just a bunch of strong people killing stuff that’s evil.


  18. kaito is gonna be back later on (after hunter exam, I think this is flashback), if you follow the jump press release.

    and dont call the 99 fuji the original, everyone knows that the 99 version had a lot of fatal mistakes. a lot of people watch 4 episodes of filler, its not really true to the manga. if you read the manga, its just right episode 1 is chapter 1 & 2 nothing more nothing less.

    if you dont understand more, try to think why greed island has become an ova, its to correct some mistakes of the former.


    • “and dont call the 99 fuji the original”

      Alright, I shall not call it the original but I shall call it the 99 series. =)
      Don’t take the word original so seriously though, I am simply saying that anime came first (and if you are going to argue the fact that the manga is the original, then I have nothing to say to that except that the mediums are different and that is why i said original series and not original hxh or original story). =)

      Anyway, it would be good to see Kaito back whenever he does show up.


  19. The new ending theme is really great!


  20. I LIKED IT. I loved the original anime. I love the manga. This new version promises to follow the manga. So far, I liked the first episode. I also refuse to judge pacing and “childishness” until I have seen more episodes. Because if this follows the manga, despite the fact that it is different from the original anime, I don’t see how it’s going to be “childish.”


    • Well, for me its disappointing .. this series in no way compared to 1999 series.. (this 2011-one sucks).
      I pointed out some reasons:

      1. Gon’s personality so childish ( actually the whole 2 episodes are so), this is very bad if its continue this way through all coming episodes

      2. Many Good stuffs was cut off

      3. All events were running just trying to catch up

      4. Repeating something that was Good is Bad idea.. (don’t do it)

      5. do I mentioned that the intro songs really sucks..

      before its suitable for 13+ years .. but now its not recommended for 13+ 😉

      this is the only anime I watched since long time ago.. I hope it gets like the old series..

      thats all..

      and thx for ur review ..

      by the way do wanna know how I come to here .. I googled for “hunter x hunter 2011 so childish” 😉


      have a nice day


      • “I googled for “hunter x hunter 2011 so childish”

        Lol! =P Thanks for letting know how to reached this page. hahaha… Well, you are right about the intro song, it is not as good as the ’99 series’ one but it does suit the ’11 series though. =/ I am not sure if that is a good thing. =P


  21. 6. and the narrator at the end of each episode, just like somebody telling you a story before being asleep 🙂

    7. every week = 1 episode, so 62 episodes(99 one) will be finished in 31 episode(2011 one) so 31 / 4 = ~ 8 months..

    no more reasons


    there is one reason why to watch this series

    1. After waiting that long time, don’t give up.. watching anime better than reading manga ..

    starting from the beginning is a new hope to reach the end be cool


  22. sekundescorridor

    I’ve read the review and some i like and some don’t. But we have different point of views so i respect that.

    The thing about gon being “childish” in the remake is normal for a kid his age to be that way and also it is like in the manga. But when Gon said “Being a hunter is so great, he was willing to abandon his own kid!” with that face, it’s natural to go say “This kid is dumb.” And even if you compare it to the manga version, Gon has a serious/mature face when he said the line “Hunter, it must be an incredible work to do that for it.”.

    Also the nose thingy when sensing danger is a crap thing to do. In the manga he didn’t even climb the top most place to know the weather. Gon just listened to the waves and the seagull’s cries. And when the captain looks at gon, he see’s the shadow of Ging. That is the coolest thing to do.

    We can’t actually compare the versions coz the remake only just began. Hope that it will surpass our expectations and will make Hunter X Hunter great again.


  23. ‘madhouse’ HXH2011> MEGA SUCKS compared to the original one and manga version. they SKIPPED A LOT of scenes, Eliminating EPIC KAZE NO UTA ost and backsound T_T omg HXH without kaze no uta is just too much. DON’T watch it if u didnt watched the original =( MUSIC,ILLUST, ALL SUCKS!

    there’s no need for reboot in the first place. and a ‘FAIL’ reboot like this? omg…

    don’t say that we just have to enjoy this, not compare this and that, how can ‘true HXH fans’ enjoying a fail like this omg.


  24. So I see that you’re already a TROLL since episode 1 ARMOND WHITE OF ANIME REVIEW.


  25. The OS was terrible in my opinion. The 2011 series is much more canon.

    The core of Gon’s personality is that he’s a kid whose boundless determination can get past anything.
    The OS completely throws this out the window. HunterXHunter is suppose to be a cheerful and adventurous series, and the OS makes it far too dark.

    I’ve been following the manga as I watched each episode and I am LOVING the way they do all the scenes (excluding the filler recap episodes).

    When it needs to be dark or serious, the 2011 series meetings my expectations as well. The meeting with Mike, Killua’s family pet is a wonderful example. Gon shows he’s also capable of taking something seriously too when Gotoh put a lot of pressure on them with the coin game.

    One big difference that shows the 2011 is better (at least for the die-hard HxH fans), is that they DID NOT omit the Kastro fight.
    Kastro’s fight, oh god, I could not believe they left that out in the OS, an excellent fight and crucial to emphasizing why honing your personal specialty is important – Shows the OS had pathetic writing back then. They actually have their head in the game with the 2011 series. 🙂

    Mr. Reviewer, while you may think all series should be a little more “mature” and dark, but there’s one thing you missed that’s important to how an anime should be done.

    That’s source material.
    An anime based on a manga is made for its fans more then anything else. So, staying to the creator’s themes and plot is more important then anything else, and I think the 2011 series is going a wonderful job of it.

    I hope they never listen to people in your mindset. It would ruin this lovely adventure series.


    • Wrong.. read the fucking manga in JAPANESE before you even voice your worthless opinion. Hunter X Hunter is NOT a childish cheerful manga in any way at all. Yoshihiro Togashi did not intend this manga to be cheerful and is one of his more serious works. This anime does not even stick to the original plot of the manga in the first place, especially with dialogue. Gon may be physically a child but mentally he is already extremely mature and gets serious very quickly. Of course Gon has some funny childish parts in the manga but it does not take away from his true character of being a SERIOUS hunter. This anime completely ruins how serious Gon can get which is going to make the chimera ant arc just worthless to even watch. READ THE MANGA IN JAPANESE FIRST. (Cant read in Japanese? Don’t even try and have an opinion on the subject). All true Hunter X Hunter fans know that this anime was created for children in japan so they can make money off card games and toys. Most anime’s will go through this just to make money such as one piece who has increasingly become more and more childish introducing funny gadgets that they can make into real life toys and sell. (Also introducing a TON of characters to make into model figures to sell). The world of a hunter is DARK AND DANGEROUS and the original Hunter X Hunter anime set that tone absolutely perfectly. Yoshihiro Togashi is crying in his sleep right now because he needs the money yet he has no way of stopping this terrible anime.


  26. I watched this anime over a decade ago and loved every bit of it and watched the original one just last week and still loving it. I haven’t got the chance to watch an entire episode of the new one but from what I’ve seen, I’m not liking it. Sorry. But I will stay positive because I really want to see the chimera ant arc.


  27. i undestand how you feel completely. i have watched HxH 1999 version long time ago and it’s because of that version that i like HxH anime more than manga. manga is good, but 99anime version is just so right. i agree with you there that 11version is similar to those of one piece which is sad. ost sometimes doesn’t fit the serious atmosphere and is too cartoonish. the effects are good but still i just love the classic one.



    I Love it…


  29. Tch…nostalgia freaks only obsessed w/ the 1999 version..


  30. Ok coming from a person who has read all the manga in japanese and watched all the old episodes… THIS IS ABSOLUTE TRASH. Gon is not supposed to be so childish.. He of course has his funny, childish parts but this anime absolutely ruined the image of Gon being a serious hunter and a deep thinker when it comes down to it.


  31. Hi to every body, it’s my first visit of this web site; this
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  32. For me, definitely, this remake is totally better.
    However, I find the currently airing arc (these whatever ant/bug) kinda boring. The story seems getting slower. The fight scenes are also not as exciting as the other episodes, because i find the narrator destroying the excitement. Why do the narrator explains everything, from the emotions of the characters to the explanation of a characters power. I wanted the smooth and continuous story and action it had with the first episodes. And the hxh 2011 creator should also let the fans think, imagine and feel for the characters on their own.


  33. Omg the first 3 episode are like raping the old anime.

    I will give it a try but changing so much is stupid.
    The voice of some actors are not how there personality is.

    Also i miss the old house in the tree and some of the line the say dont match the manga.

    So far i give it a 7 out of 10 to the old anime and a 8 out of 10 to the manga.

    So over all a 7.5.

    But yea some anime rape with filler but i never had the feeling the old anime had a filler.


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