Blood-C Movie Out in June 2012

Why am I not shocked that we have to wait 9mths for the movie? =P

The one thing that the show did an excellent job of doing was making the viewers wait (or some may call it anticipation). Perhaps I am being unfair by slamming the wait, but I had hoped for the movie to be out sooner than mid next year. Personally, if it was not for the fact that I have put myself through watching the entire series and that the last episode was really good, I would not have bothered with the movie.

The approximate timing for the release of the Blood-C movie (which is a collaboration between Production I.G and CLAMP) was announced at the end of the last episode of the series and it is slated to be out in Japan’s Cinemas in June 2012.

All I am hoping for is that the movie would be as decent as the last episode of Blood-C and will present us with the answers to all the questions that we seek and not an ending that says “Suprise! To be continued in movie no.2 in 2013”.

So, this begs the question of…

How many of you are still going to be watching the Blood-C movie when it comes out?




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  1. i’m curious :3
    If the anime was such piece of sh*t the movie will probably be worse .–.


    • Lol, well… if the movie decides to be like the first 11 eps of the series then I might end up falling asleep while watching it. But… if the movie is similar to what we saw in ep 12 then it might not be that bad and might end up being rather decent.

      I guess only time will tell and we shall see how it is like in…9 months. Argh. What a wait. I am not sure if the impact of ep 12 which converted those people back to the series (such as I) will last 9 months since the impression of the first 11 eps were pretty bad.


  2. With any luck they’ll release an abridged version ova retelling of the series before the 9 months is up. I think episodes 1-10 can be summed up in a half hour, and I’m sure I wouldn’t mind seeing the rest of the hypothetical ova just being episode 12.

    I for one will watch the movie, but I won’t be looking forward to it with anticipation, it’ll be more along the lines of the top of my “anime I plan to watch list” once I see that its out. Wouldn’t it be ironic if there was some kind of significance to the 9 month (cough*pregnancy*cough ) time period between series lol.


    • “Wouldn’t it be ironic if there was some kind of significance to the 9 month ”

      LOL, Saya got raped by the dog and gave birth to a Elder Bairns of sorts. Maybe that is why she was lying there all dejected in the last scene. =P


      • lol, I guess I can’t blame Watanuki in dog from for humping some legs, after all, he’s been stuck in that shop of wishes forever.


  3. This series doesn’t beat blood+ by a long shot. I thought it was okay but what I think they are trying to do is go back to what they did in the Blood movie that came out back in 2000.


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