C3 – 01 Review

For God’s sake, she’s a tsundere moe-character! What did he expect? That she behaves like a reasonable person?!

C3 has a hard time selling itself as it seems just like the standard-treatment you have seen countless times before. Guy living alone is suddenly forced to live with a girl and he has a childhood-friend. The story is about flashbacks and the main lesson of life that as long as you see the world as a fluffy place of happiness it IS a fluffy place of happiness.

Some guy living alone in a house residing on a spot with special spiritual energy gets a package from his special troublesome dad which contains an innocent naïve moe-like tsundere girl who has a curse that needs to be lifted by getting her to learn the lessons of living a good life according to the “Fluffy Cats and Rainbows”-manual. She starts to live with the dude which creates a lot of problems but luckily the dude has a caring childhood friend who at once becomes a sort-of rival for the mysterious girl so that she can spend her time being a tsundere. Besides that people are generally nice while the ocean is a dark place not liked by anyone.

Haha, Fiya and her sense of humour! She really knows how to make conversation a pleasant experience for everyone…

The episode features a very straight-forward story as it opens with a very blank main-character receiving a package which turns into a girl. In fact it felt so straight-forward that I imagined someone going through a checklist while writing the story for this, the check-list for cheesy shounen-series that is.
The story wants to be this tragic story about the redemption of this special girl with special abilities who can turn into a box (and other stuff). She’s cursed and it’s already made clear by Haruaki that this isn’t some sort evil spell but rather a kind of test. Fiya has to learn the meaning of life which includes happiness and love – but not death and war since bad things have nothing to do with life.
The series is very obvious in the way it makes some scenes comic-relief-scenes, others story-time and the rest the tragic moments of Fiya (she gets her own tune for being sad just so that the music alone can tell you how she feels in case you missed the mood-shift). All of that still feels very standard and with other series of this season (like the new HunterxHunter) I’m hard-pressed to see why I should bother watching this.
Fiya is just a tsundere-stock-character with all the moe-traits you can imagine (like being klutzy and silly) and a direct way of whining about everything while also having a standard-phrase (‘I curse you!’). Her charm is basically just being like you would picture a moe-character with very little to call her own, even her looks seem like a Konata-ripoff from Lucky Star.

It’s nice to know that this series treats common sense as trait that needs to be learned before it can be applied to reality…

Haruaka who is supposed to guide her to enlightenment becomes part of the story in a very direct way by getting a package from his troublesome father. Besides that he’s a very bland person, good-hearted and all that but nothing that would cause you to have any interest in him. But it is nice to see him staying clearheaded throughout the first episode and not have him freak out the whole time just to make him the straight guy for some lame fanservice-jokes.
And it’s that clear-headedness that’s apparent in the whole episode since it doesn’t get distracted that much already making its intentions clear with the essential information and the characterization. It may be not a very interesting picture this episode is painting but it’s painted in a very thorough manner. The characters receive their respective roles they have to play in the story and the direction of the story is made known. But I doubt that this series will take its story-progression very seriously and the amount of fanservice-jokes and slice-of-life will increase for the next episodes although it should include some shounen-elements as well since Fiya does have some special abilities.
But it will repeat itself with some running gags (I feel like it’s just this kind of show) with stuff like Fiya calling Konoha “cow-titted girl” and Konoha getting jealous when Haruaka and Fiya get close to each other, stuff like that. There are a bunch of jokes attached to the roles of each character and they will be shamelessly repeated until we as audience are sure to hate them (I already don’t like the phrase ‘ I curse you.’ at this point) and the episode really has a problem of telling me why it should interest me what happens next.

Do I like the first episode of this? No. Do I hate it? Not really, it does have its charm by being not too over-the-top. But there’s a lack of imagination and excitement in the way the story is presented that makes it hard for me to care for what happens. It does seem like it doesn’t bother to aim for anything else besides mediocrity.

Episode-Rating: 5,5/10


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  1. But… how about the unknown woman who’s smoking inside a taxi. She is definitely here to retrieve Fiya.


    • Well, she could be the first villain of the series, couldn’t she? I mean, this is a shounen-series after all and it needs someone evil to prove how good the good guys are. This isn’t a self-reflecting meditiation-lesson after all and it does seem strange how the whole shounen-aspect of it played no roles whatsoever in the first episode. It’s certainly a very “silent” way of starting the story.


  2. I’d have to agree with your review, and say that this is a fairly run of the mill series, meant to cater to those who already know they like the genre. That said, I’ll probably still watch it, I’m hoping to get more than I expect out of it, there is at least potential for some laughs, and I’d bank on this being one of those “guilty pleasure” animes that you’ll watch, but maybe not admit to. Two anime’s from last season (Mayo Chiki, and R-15) definitely had me interested, the former moreso, in what seemed like an on the surface complete trainwreck of a plot; I can see that from this hopefully. Can’t really call it optimism tho, lol, my expectations are low, so really I can only be pleasantly surprised.


    • Well, it could be better than Shakugan no Shana III 😉 , it does have that potential, especially since there are some similarities between the series when the shounen-aspects of this show start to kick in. But I assume Shana should have the flashier fights and the third season will be a “real tearjerker” anyway with the way the main-character gets treated by the plot (because the main-male of Shana becomes special all of a sudden, REALLY special, even more special than in the second season…). The only thing this series could make better than Shana would be in the characterization-department but I have little hope that this will happen…


  3. How come you guys are not reviewing this anymore? You guys stuck through Blood-C and Kamisama Hibino-doll for all the painful stuff. I was looking for this on Otakuness and got nothing past the first one – which should REALLY not be taken as a representative of this one, the next two are just plain freaky. Oh and to say nothing of that corny Op 🙂


    • Man, what about me suffering through Shana Soap-Opera III ^^ ? The way this series tries to be epic and philosophical is just gut-wrenching, I think.
      But actually I haven’t seen the second one of C3 yet. Well, I’m somehow reluctant to watch the second one because the first one wasn’t exactly ‘impressive’. I see the video-file and remember a dozen things which should be more exciting (and probably are). But if it’s bad enough I will try to bash it at some point surely.


      • I think drakecrus is right, the first episode wasn’t indicative of the series entirely, I haven’t gotten around to watching the 3rd ep yet, but I can say that the second changed the show from a campy slice of life in the first half to a kinda dark battle scene by the end of it. Still won’t call it a masterpiece but like I said in my first post lol, no expectations and I ended up being pleasantly surprised.


    • Well, I might “push” myself to watch ep 2 of this show tonight if Phi Brain does not kill me. =P

      The first ep of this show was too shocking that I had no clue if it was trying to take itself seriously or if it were a parody of sorts.


  4. Okay, now I’ve watched episode 2 and 3 which close off the introduction, I think. It was a 6,5, I would say. I mean, it was well-executed but nothing new. And overall I guess it depends on what it’s doing from now on because what the series needs most right now are deeper characters. Right now, they are too simple to be entertaining. But these episodes convinced me to follow the series. Well, I will wait for the next episode and then see whether I want to blog this series or not.


  5. i just watched episode 4 of this in raw version they start another epic fight right after episode 3 has finished


  6. Mindless anime. Seems like we got a lot of bloody anime this year.


  7. The series only begins to show any real potential 5 minutes from the end of episode 2 at which point the series starts getting interesting. Episode 3 starts with a massive fight that ends with serious harm to who attacked Fear. Next time you see Fear’s attacker, she’d bat shit crazy, carrying an axe, and has one less arm.


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