Maji de Watashi ni Koi de Watashai! – 01 Review

So, they think it’s love for sale… Doesn’t that make him kind of a  hooker?

One of the new series that everyone with a sense of quality will regret to have watched. It’s bad and it’s ridiculous. Teenager settling their conflicts by violence, a male character having a harem without any effort and one-dimensional characters without any depth. This series has everything to offer no series should have.

Class F and Class S have one big problem: Love. It’s always a problem and there’s only one way to solve it – they have to beat the crap out of each other! And that’s pretty much what they do the entire episode only to let the war end undecided despite one side winning the battle. The battle is won but the war is far from over and therefore the series continues its great philosophy of solving all sorts of issues by beating the crap out of each other!

Yeah, why not drag on this atrocious tragedy for a little longer?

Sometimes you see a series which is just unbelievably stupid – this is one of them.
Where to start? So, this series is about a wuss loving a transsexual woman who happens to be the strongest person on earth and she demands from him to be an advisor to the prime minister because nobody stays prime minister long enough in Japan to enter a relationship with someone because of that. But Yamato is an idiot concerning love and therefore he aims to be a genius battle-tactician despite wanting to be a politician. And his way of getting her to see him as a man is by beating the crap out of her using his minions in the most peaceful way imaginable to settle conflicts – by fighting. This school is full of weird people who just spend their time beating the crap out of each other and there are a lot of them! In this episode two classes alone can lead 1500 persons into battle, with one of the classes being a really small one also.
But you shouldn’t expect the fights to be exciting animation-wise, for starters physics are for cowards as fighters the stronger they are just ignore them. It’s not realistic and it doesn’t care about realism it’s more about exaggeration and over-the-top-thinking. The fighting sequences also include a lot of lazy animation where the no-name-characters get ‘slaughtered’ on a massive scale with rather vague movements by the strong fighters who, like I said, regard physics as something only applying to cowards and weaklings. And when the thing gets really ugly and you have fighters who are the worst shit under the sun or something then they toss around a bunch of ridiculous names for techniques that should be considered magic practically.

Thank God that the school’s curriculum doesn’t include anything done by humanity beyond the 13th century…

It is kinda fun to see these ridiculous over-the-top-battles but in the end it’s just that. Besides the fun of seeing these teenagers play ‘Shogun II: Total War’ without death there’s simply nothing to this series. The love-sub-plot is just preposterous and so utterly unbelievable that the main-drive of the actual story is just a bad joke. And the characters are rather simply and have no depth – at all! The humour is also bad which meant that the only times when I laughed during the episode it was because the scenes were just bad. This series definitely has the potential to be so bad that it’s good again.

Let’s be frank: It’s crap. But it’s hilarious to watch this over-the-top crap if one likes to laugh about bad animes. There’s simply nothing about this series to take serious and the fun you get is short-lived/banal or of the mocking sort. But I do ask myself what kind of drugs one has to take to decide that this story warrants an anime.

Episode-Rating: 4/10


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  1. There was no story to begin with: it did about what I expected it to do. And that was to be average. Too many characters, absolutely no story, and a very non-existent soundtrack at times. I only remember the fights, which, personally, was the only thing that did right–but it only did a few right.


    • Well, it has a story but I think this is one of the series that tried to appeal to the audience by throwing it into the action. I expect next week’s episode to be the real start of the series. But what we did see of the story in this week’s episode was simply bad and I don’t think it will get better.
      I agree with you that the fights were the best part but even those were simply lazy at times like when I had to see countless times how no-name-characters can get slaughtered en masse. I hate it when shounen-series do this… It’s like battles are fought with individuals only which makes the whole concept of having a battle quite useless.


  2. Why is everyone getting confused with this anime?
    If you wanted to understand it better you must have read the Visual Novel first
    The Kawakami war is actually in the latter part of the VN


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