Maken-ki – 01 Review

But he dreamt of it to be like this, that bastard! I tell you, the final plot-twist of this series will be that it’s just a stupid dream of the main-character…

Well, it tries, okay? It tries really hard to be crappy so we should at least acknowledge the effort of the series in that regard, right? So Maken-ki is a crappy series you definitely don’t want to see. If you’ve already seen it and want to read what my opinion about it is… Sorry, there will be no surprises, I have the same opinion as you: it’s bad, objectively bad. And if you read this to find out whether it’s worth watching the series – don’t! It’s not worth it! You will lose your faith in humanity watching this! If this is what humanity calls anime-entertainment, you will think, then I can goddamn live without animes! Maken-ki indeed is the boogeyman of animes that shows us how low people can sink for the sake of creating a fanservice-series…

So we have this reheated turd of a main-character meeting up with his childhood-friend to attend a girls-school with a handful of boys where he meets his fiancee which he didn’t know of. He’s also confronted with his strange destiny to beat the shit out of the ultimate evil but a pretentious tsundere didn’t read the script right and thinks she has to fight against him or something but she’s stopped by his pervertedness which she confuses with charm. Therefore the idiot ends up living together with these three girls. And it’s not funny… not one bit.

What do you, the reader of this blog, think of this picture? As for me, I think of heroin-addicts and the bad influence of stupidity on imagination…

Series like Maken-ki face one big problem and it’s a simple one – which doesn’t mean that it’s easy to avoid. The problem is that a series like Maken-ki has no story.
You may point at the screen and say “Uh, something happens, right? So it has a story…”. But let’s be honest: Should we call that stupidity a story? Some random guy ends up being in a school that largely consists of girls and he also ends up living together with a few girls. That’s just stupid.
It has no story. When you finish this episode and don’t say ‘What the hell have I just seen…?’ – you probably didn’t look at the screen. It already starts with this atrocious scene of a random girl walking through Bunny-Wonderland as if it’s a dream of a heroin-addict. And the music! It’s this sappy, sentimental melody that made me think how the hell they expected to stir any emotions in me when I have no frigging idea what the hell is going on. You have to understand, it’s just a random girl walking through a crazy colour-saturated landscape drawn by a drug-addict by the looks of it. When the first few minutes of a series are spent like this I seriously doubt the existence of reason in it.
But then the plot starts and it’s the story of a girl who visits her childhood-friend after some years as he goes to the same school as she from this year on. And you know what? It’s not an idea you use as the starting-point; it’s stupidly being derivative and just copying what another series of that genre did before. In a school-test it’s called cheating to simply copy what the person next to you is writing and this series seriously thinks to impress me with this kind of non-existing concept. And that’s what this series does: it’s just copying what other series did before. A squirrel could come up with a better story-idea than this crap. And if you’re saying that it’s entertaining enough for short-lived fun, well… you’re wrong. It’s crap, deal with it.
There’s simply no redeeming factor about this show as the fights are flashy to look at but have boring fighting animations that skip any real action in place of simply drowning the screen in colours and noise. And the characters are all melonheads, every time someone starts speaking I got this itchy feeling of telling them to shut up. The dialogue is a grating experience that consists either of someone telling the obvious or simply someone being stupid. And the humour is naturally just this line-up of jokes thinking it’s funny to be perverted scum. Who the hell deemed it funny to let every boy be a sort of lecherous existence of shamefulness? The jokes get so low as to just let you see panties far too often. How the hell am I supposed to react to that? It’s not funny, I simply don’t care about such crap. Fanservice is fine and all as long as it has a purpose. This is just a stupid tune set to repeat endlessly.

Wow, the series has a fit of reason and realizes that the story simply makes no sense…

And when you arrive at the end of the episode and you think about what this series did, you get this list:
The main-character:
– Got a fiancée out of nowhere
– Got a childhood-friend
– Got special powers
– Got a tsundere-protégé showing interest in him because of that
You look at this and ask yourself: So where does the creators own ideas come into play? Nowhere! It’s just another boring fanservice-fest of showing you how crappy stereotypes of that genre are! Guys who write such series should search themselves another job. Everybody would appreciate that, seriously. There’s simply nothing worth watching about this series. Well, except if you want to appreciate the series airing all its dirty laundry at once in the first episode. Sure, the series is stupid but at least it wields its stupidity like a sledgehammer.

The series starts with the intention to be crap and it doesn’t try to be anything else but crap. The brains of the series went down the toilet when it was decided what to do with this series and what its story should be like. But not only that it’s stupid crap, it’s also shamelessly copying stereotypes of the shounen-genre in the most unimaginative manner thinkable. It won’t get better, so if you think about watching this series – don’t. It’s better for every participant that this series is simply ignored. (But if you’re a heroin-addict why not give it a try? At least you’ll be in the same mindset as the creators of this show, I assume.)

Episode-Rating: 1,5/10

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  1. You took this words right out my mouth. this is crap


  2. harsh but true lol, I was hoping for something at least as at the same quality, plot-wise as Freezing from a few seasons back, if it was gonna be a big breasted free for all anyway.


  3. If this will turn up to be anything like the manga then it will get better.


  4. I’ll tell you how it is, It’s just a terrible anime using perversion central, parodying other ecchi anime, and showing pure example of sexual discrimination as in girls dominating boys. On top of that, making the guys perverted and making most of the girls’ breast measurements exaggeratingly big leaves a geniunely bad taste in my mouth.


  5. I agree with fool on that one. Maken Ki is one of the worst anime that I’ve ever seen. If you value you imagination and otaku status, stay away from it at all times.


  6. Maken Ki is hereby to be publicly executed and I’ll publicly execute those who dare who are against it. Either you surrender to these terms due to poor ratings or face the consquences. In other words, Maken ki along with those who sided with that nonsensical show shall be sentence to immediate death if they go any further.


  7. I got through three REALLY (and I mean REALLY REALLY) painful episodes before I decided to drop this series. Your review hit it dead on.


  8. yeah really…what the hell was that…i love your review a 1000%., am sick and tired of these kind of anime with no reality, story, or even imagination in them. this is shit and more over the fact that you have the skill to animate doesn’t mean u should. after my animation degree… i will show these guys watch a real anime should leave behind in the viewer’s mind. shit…




  10. Also what I’m worried about is that this is the beginning of a new trend in Harem or even anime as a whole and soon it will corrupted anime completely thus ruining it forever… and THAT is what scares me the most.


  11. The girls are good fapping material but everything else is crap


    • I think in the 21st century there’s no need to fap to something dull and stupid like this series. Also, the chara-designs in this case are simply uninspired and merely yawn-worthy. And the fanservice in this is just lazy and tiresome.

      Basically… this series is shit. As for fapping… try Hentai-stuff, Or just normal porn. It’s the internet after all. Or better yet: get your enjoyment from finding a meaningful, fulfilling relationship, that involves fucking, with someone else 😉 .


  12. Perfect review. This is ,without a doubt, the worst anime ever.


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