Kimi to Boku – 02 Impression

Episode 02

There are just times where you have things that you want to get off your mind yet don’t want to sit down and spend a long time writing a review.

As such, I have decided to try something new (for this blog) and write Impressions which will be pretty much like a mini-Review. (But I have this feeling that it will end up being long enough to be a review)

And so this is how we ended up here with the second Kimi to Boku getting the honor of being my trial impression review.

Gee thanks, but I thought you were into guys?

In my opinion, this show has a fatal flaw and that is the lack of uniqueness. Most of the situations that have happened in this episode are really “been there, done that” sort of stories, and whilst it is hard to be unique when it comes to the slice-of-life genre (since everyone seem to have the same kind of message they would like to communicate about life), a refreshing way of conveying the same message is probably what I was hoping to see this show deliver. There were a few moments where I felt like the scenes and dialogue were very similar to Natsume Yuujinchou just that it was a worse version of the series. I am however a sucker for those philosophical opening sentence that reminisces the past as it makes everything seem so much more mellow and easier to relate to, so that was the highlight of the episode for me.

This episode essentially revolves around our Female Dude of the group called Shun who is suddenly being terrorized by a young girl for reasons unknown (though speculated through the episode). By the end of the episode, we find out that the reason behind why she was terrorizing Shun was because she did not ask for his help and she ends up complaining about him helping her etc etc. (Sigh, these days in life you can never do anything right). Of course, as with mot SoL series, we find out that she is actually really cares about what Shun did for her and the show ends on a happy and sentimental note.

I really did not like Masaki’s character. Children get on my nerves because they annoy the hell out of me with their ridiculous manners sometimes (especially when you are trying to enjoy your meal and a kid starts wailing non-stop whilst his/her mom sits back and looks at her child like he/she was the most brilliant thing in the world.) and girl in this episode just acted like a b*tch for an unknown and unjustified reason. Where are her manners? If I had done that as a child, I would have had my ass whooped for having no manners and respect.

(I am starting to get a feeling that this “impression” is going to turn into a proper review)

So back to the episode, this episode once again integrates the use of flashbacks to tell its story and inform us about the character’s past. I am just wondering if they plan on doing this for every episode and make it a “signature” of sorts and if they plan on introducing every character in the group one at a time before finally getting to the new comer (which I thought was the main point of the series). The flashbacks are a nice way to show us the characters past but the show is moving at a pace that is slower than what I would have liked, especially when the stories of both episodes aren’t that captivating to watch.

Also, this has been bugging me since the last episode but Shun is way too girly. I keep thinking that he is a she and that they should have just made him into a her.

Which brings me to the different random fixations that this show seem to have.

The first thing would be the fixation with guys. All the main characters are guys and it is not even an all-guys school. You would think that girls and guys never hang out together. =P

The second fixation is with roofs. I don’t know if it is a normal thing to hang out on the roofs and have your lunch in Japan (since it is a common enough occurrence in shows) but I know that from where I grew up, if you are on the roof, the first thing everyone thinks of is that you are going to jump off the building. (But I guess that is why all those shows have fences on the roof)

The last fixation is probably something everyone have already noticed – their fixation with random cats. I think it is kind of cute (in an awkward manner) to have the cats pop up on screen randomly and perhaps this will become another “signature style” of the show. But as it stands, I am taking way too much interest in the cats as oppose to the actual story being told.


The show suffers with the issue of having characters that are bland and a storyline that is nothing unique nor executed all that well. The show has plenty of hit and miss moments with it either being too boring to watch or entertaining enough to see some hope in the series. But one thing I can say for sure (more like demand) is that they should remove that terrible english song from the show. The OP and ED songs are actually nice to listen to but that english song… oh god. Not great.

Episode Rating: 6/10 – The series tends to be bland at times, just like the colour palette of the show.

How many cats did you count in this episode? (oh come on! Don’t deny it, I know you were counting as well 😉 I refuse to believe I am the only weird one around. )

I counted 13 (including the one during the mid-ep break) , I may have miscalculated but I am not interested enough to replay and count the cats. =P

What have I learned from this experience?

  1. I fail at writing a short impression. =_=”
  2. It says something about the show when the audience start to count the number of cats that appear on screen. Then again, it might be saying something about the type of audience that watch the show.
  3. I want to have lunch on a rooftop that is not dusty. (All the rooftops that I have been on are all dusty and dirty and I have heard that dirt does not taste all that great)
  4. I wouldn’t be surprise if Shun was a girl with a terminal disease. (I had to spice things up with the disease part)



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  1. I didn’t even know where the access for the roof was in my schools ^^

    And sadly I wasn’t even counting the cats, more like, complained on Twitter about how many there were.

    It’s too bad it’s that boring because it has a lot of potential, I’m going to stick around until they introduce that new character but if I’m still bored at that point I’m dropping it


    • “I didn’t even know where the access for the roof was in my schools ^^”

      I am sure it was locked. I know that my school’s access was caged off. (apparently they don’t trust doors all that much =P )

      “And sadly I wasn’t even counting the cats, more like, complained on Twitter about how many there were. ”

      Lol, I have no clue what the point of the cats were. I am tempted to read the manga to find out but the series is not exactly that exhilarating and I am not sure if the reading the manga would be worth it since I have such a huge backlog of stuff I wanna read.

      “I’m going to stick around until they introduce that new character”

      Judging by the last couple of eps, I would not be surprise if it would be another couple of eps before we see the new main character.


  2. I was a bit disappointed when they started the anime after Shun grew his hair out (it’s not as long in the manga as I recall) because I felt that they would skip a lot of the back story and basic set up. Fortunately, they’re using flashbacks for some of that, but somehow it just feels like something is missing or maybe because I thinking too much of the manga?


    • “Fortunately, they’re using flashbacks for some of that, but somehow it just feels like something is missing or maybe because I thinking too much of the manga?”

      I was feeling that way too! I came to the conclusion after a couple of hours that what this show is missing is personality. It badly lacks a personality, everything about this show seems like a bad remake of some other parts taken from another show and that is quite sad since the series does have potential.

      “(it’s not as long in the manga as I recall)”

      Yay! Go character designer’s fetish for longer hair =P


  3. Personally, I like the manga. I have yet to watch the anime, though. The manga itself is really laid back, slice-of-life kinda thing. To make an anime out of it, is kinda hard to pull off, imo, since the pacing is gonna be slow and all. Still, I’d give it a try but I got a feeling that I won’t like the anime as much as I like the manga.


  4. “Where are her manners? If I had done that as a child, I would have had my ass whooped for having no manners and respect.”

    Same. For being a high school student, this girl acted like a bratty five-year-old. The show is going to have to work really hard if it wants me to like her.


  5. @angle
    Well, I have heard that the manga is meant to be better. But yeah, give it a try since it is not terrible, it is simply not that good.

    I am hoping that the show is going to stick to its all male fixation and hopefully she will be a once off character.


  6. when will we see some guy on guy action? like sucking each other off or something?


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