Random Post: Gintama’s Gintoki Birthday!

I have recently decided to watch the Second Season of Gintama (I can’t believe it took me so long to get to watching it) and I’m loving it!

I was going to do a short post on how awesome the first couple of eps were and how much I was laughing and how glad I am that the show is back on air. But as you can see, I had decided against that due to pure laziness.

So instead, I have decided to post some images that I had found on the web and congratulate the Strawberry Parfait Sweets Loving Dead-fish-eyes Dude with this post. So here is my simple shout-out of a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY GINTOKI!” like a mad person and here are some pictures showing the extent others have gone through to celebrate the beloved character’s birthday:

Anyone know who this cosplayer is?

“What is it about October 10th, anyways? Not only was Naruto Uzumaki born today, but so was Gintama’s sweets-loving samurai Gintoki Sakata! That’s according to Shonen Jump editor Hisashi Sasaki, who recently annouced Gintoki’s b-day on his Twitter account. “ – (source)

Now if you have no clue who this character is or are thinking “WTH is a Gintoki or Gintama?”… No.. it is not about Golden Silver Balls nor some weird alien life form (I think). I highly recommend that you give this series a shot because it is really fun to watch this series.

Plot Summary “Twenty years ago Edo-period Japan suffered a great cultural shock—the aliens called Amanto invaded the earth, overpowered the nation’s government, and outlawed the carrying of swords by the once proud samurai. Moreover, the aliens took the people’s jobs and are currently running Japan as a sweatshop using the natives as laborers. In this strange new era are Gintoki Sakata, an eccentric samurai whose personal trademarks are his naturally permed silver hair, his love of anything sweet, and his addiction to Shonen Jump; Shinpachi Shimura, the teenaged heir of the Kakido-Ryu style; and Kagura, an incredibly strong alien girl from the powerful Yato clan. The trio are self-employed in an odd jobs shop called Yoruzuya Gin-chan, which offers to do almost anything for a price, from finding lost kittens to saving the world. Unfortunately, the jobs rarely go as planned, or pay enough to cover the pain and suffering the employees encounter—never mind their rent.” -ANN

The show is essentially a parody and the characters are highly entertaining to watch, not to mention the fact that they are so full of sh*t that it can’t be anything else but funny. The first season of the show consist of 201 episode (yes, it is quite a bit of episodes, but even then you can never get enough) and the second season of the show is currently airing.

I must say that this show is probably not for everyone because I know that even I myself took some time to get into the series and I know many others who have stopped watching as they did not find it all that great.

As for those of you who are watching the new season of Gintama, how great is it eh? =D



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  1. Hey wait…I could have sworn Gintama meant Silver Soul…or Silver ball–

    Anyways, I watch it every week. It…it defies all hilarity!!!


  2. You are right, it’s silver. Apparently my lack of knowledge on the Jap language is apparent. =P Shall make that change now! =D

    “Anyways, I watch it every week. It…it defies all hilarity!!!”

    YES IT DOES!!!! AWESOMENESS at it’s MAX! hahaha


  3. XD
    The show is literally full of shit ^^

    Still, it is indeed very entertaining, some episodes are weaker than others but overall it is a very good show.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet since it’s quite far through the second season but the crossover with Sket Dance was hilarious


    • I have yet to see the Sket Dance Cross-over yet. =D Can’t wait to see it! hehe.

      and yes… the show is full of shit and some episodes are not as awesome as others but even then, those mediocre episodes are still a lot better than most shows out there.


    • Weak episodes? What blasphemy are you spouting young lady lol 😀 😀 😀


    • “Weak episodes? What blasphemy are you spouting young lady lol 😀 😀 :D”

      Heyhey, we can’t be blinded by our love for the show my friend, we have to admit that not all episodes were as full of sh*t as some others. 😛 😀 heh

      On a diff note, I really want to try Strawberry Parfait.


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