Towa no Quon – 02 Review

No wonder that brat became so depressive, he walks through the streets and constantly has to listen to flowers asking him to kill them. That begs only for one question: What the hell is wrong with ‘Mother Nature’?

The second movie of Towa no Quon has come out and tries one more time to tell you that you should cherish your environment and be against cybernetic implants! As the Q-Men and the Robocops assemble to solve a mysterious series of murders and suicides things take a turn for the worse as drugs and the search for love come into play. Also, you may not believe it but this movie will convince you that flowers are really dangerous. Because they need love and you (yes, you!) probably don’t give them enough of it (shame on you!). And they will have their revenge, perhaps not in this movie but somewhere somehow they will get it, believe me…

People die and sometimes they weren’t quite part of the vote that decided this. It’s one of these times when a lot of people go crazy for no reason killing themselves, killing others, killing bacteria, killing oxygen, killing… whatever. Anyway, two of the elite-cyborgs are supposed to investigate the murders because obviously something is wrong here, really wrong and ‘Forget it, Jake, this is Chinatown.’ is no excuse this time. While they’re investigating they find drawings of flowers at each site of a murder which leads them to believe that the culprits were drugged using the depicted flowers.
Meanwhile the Q-Men go about their usual business of searching new mutants and one of them is a sulky brat who can talk to plants. The ‘not mute but nearly so’-girl meets him by chance and with the intention to help him make friends leads him to the Q-Men’s headquarters (which is a giant garden, entertainment park, whatever). But some brats there make fun of him which convinces him that he has to destroy humankind. So he sulks with a disastrous side-effect, the Cyborgs assemble, the Q-Men assemble, some fighting happens, the sulky brat dies which saddens Quon. And the cyborgs let Quon go.
Ah and Proust plays a role in the movie and you know what, ignore it, simply read ‘In Search of Lost Time‘. It’s great. And a better way to spend your time than watching this movie, believe me.

Wow, that must be it, Sherlock Holmes! It’s probably all just a freaky twitter/facebook-related trend that prompts murderers and suicides to draw this picture…

When you see two of the characters standing at a murder-scene trying to figure out what about it seems conspicuously like a hint you just know that it’s a ‘whodunit’-story. And indeed there’s much going on here with a kind of forced mystery-vibe that tries to make it a secret who ultimately the bad dude is who needs to get his ass spanked. But the thing is, after the credits begin to roll I doubt you will think of this as a ‘whodunit’-story simply because it isn’t one – even if the script seemingly likes to believe the opposite.
It doesn’t work, it simply fails to make the investigation engaging or interesting. And the worst thing is that the whole script is stupid. If you’re ignoring that this is an intelligent story you basically know already after twenty minutes who the “bad” guy is (yes, it’s ‘one of those’ who actually is good). The movie spends far too much time pondering in these pseudo-investigation-scenes. There’s a hint that connects all the crime-scenes and it’s that the culprits always draw a picture of flowers with their blood – and it’s huge, it covers a whole wall of an average flat. You don’t need much of a brain to figure out the connection using these pictures but that doesn’t get you closer to the culprit. So in the second half the cyborgs have this huge leap of logic where they think that the reason why the culprits drew these flowers was because they were drugged because of the influence of the flowers they had drawn. But the Q-Men find the culprit even faster… Because he has a ‘sweet smell’…
You know how plot-points can get obnoxious? When I have to hear them repeated a dozen times during a single movie. And another reason is when it’s not subtle and when someone stops a dialogue just to mention that he smells a ‘sweet smell’, they might as well fast-forward to the discovery of the culprit. Because when following the story closely means that I know more than the protagonists than the movie did something really wrong. And so stupidly paced and structured as this mystery-part of the movie was, it was clear that the resulting finale seemed to happen so easily that it was questionable what the whole build-up was for.

Cup-Ramen, he’s talking about frigging Cup-Ramen! If he considers that an invention that only comes around every thousand years he either was unconvincingly sarcastic or really goddamn stupid…

But before I talk about the finale I want to talk about the characters. The characterizations basically stayed the same with exception of the ‘Singing Girl’ with the ability to cure death or something. Summary of her development: She isn’t mute – just nearly so. Okay, I do understand that after being mute for years her mouth won’t become a fountain of words to be admired but what this development does show is that it wasn’t a good idea at all to make her mute without giving her some kind of replacement for her lack of communication. This girl has no presence at all and when she doesn’t say anything, I won’t even notice when she’s there so when she reluctantly starts to speak now, it’s a little improvement that overall doesn’t change the impression that she might as well be still mute. I guess, they want to make it a sort of triumph to let her become self-confident but seriously the journey to this development is just boring. The rest is still in the ‘Like hell we would already develop now…!’-state and the previews give me the hope that something significant happens next episode but well, it remains to be seen how this will turn out to be.
So back to the story that sort of just trotted along for some time and then all of a sudden following the ‘sweet smell’ the culprit is revealed and it’s a sulky brat. Those make always nice generic villains in a shounen-series, right? So it’s this brat with a plant-complex who asks some serious questions about life, love and all the other existentialistic bullshit he can come up with and that drives him seemingly to make out of random mutants ticking time-bombs. And he uses flowers and you know what’s funny? This movie wants to tell you that flowers are fucking dangerous because you can make drugs out of them and stuff. Jesus, compared to an opium-flower a hungry white shark is little kitty ready to tease you a bit. Flowers are the shit that should rob you of your peaceful sleep, you know. And concerning flowers there’s also another stupid message in this movie: Seemingly plants would rather die than grow – without love. I don’t know what kind of bullshit this kid heard when he talked to the plants but it surely wasn’t this. He makes it sound as if the plants should be thankful that humanity takes care of them and that we should feel ashamed of not calling every little fungus ‘My precious…!’ in Gollum-style. Let’s face it: That kid was fucked up and it isn’t very convincing to let a character who’s fucked up utter the message of the movie. It also doesn’t help when the message is stupid.

It’s a slight improvement over the first movie in terms of entertainment but Towa no Quon still has a shallow story with rather uninteresting characters. One of the main-problems that makes it even more difficult to just accept its mediocrity is the way the storytelling fails at building up in this movie. In the end what’s left is a chaotic mess of undeveloped ideas like the Proust-references that seem unrelated and unnecessary to the generic shounen-plot at the heart of the movie.

Episode-Rating: 5,5/10

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  1. I’m disappointed by the dull character designs.


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